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Like the last left-leaning government that did more damage to the nation's healthcare, social security, employee protection, financial market regulation and other sectors than the previous conservative government could've ever dreamed during its 16 years of majority?

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by lennier1 (#47118277) Attached to: Microsoft Demos Real-Time Translation Over Skype

Even with languages that share a common ancestry, these programs still have trouble when it comes to context, as shown in the following screenshot on the same topic.

In this case the software tried to translate "move", which the original text uses in the context of "cancel the lease on your apartment and move to a different address" (German word would be "umziehen") and instead picks the German word "verschieben", which is the translation in the context of "grab and item and push it until it's no longer in spot A but in spot B".
Unless the software can actually factor in the context (as Google's search algorithm often tries to do), Murphy's Law will still have a field day with words that can translate into several different and distinct ones in the other language.

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by lennier1 (#46807915) Attached to: Joss Whedon Releases New Film On Demand

Won't work in this case, but thanks for the good intention.

Unlike regular Vimeo, where it's easy to work around the basic methods, the VOD site loads parts of the video in 40 MB or so pieces, tries to stitch them together again and in my case it failed miserably at doing so (despite a proven and more than sufficient downlink),

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Unless you actually know what was going on, shove your assumptions where the sun don't shine.

This was the first bad HD streaming experience in years and the connection has performed without problems throughout the long easter weekend as well (over here that was an extended weekend from Friday to Monday). HD streams by other sites didn't cause any problems either, the problem was reproducible across tabs and browsers and using the web developer tools you could practically watch the stream arrive too late, piece by piece and with not nearly enough overlap to provide seamless playback.

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