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Comment: Re:Old Guys? (Score 1) 229

by Greyfox (#48664641) Attached to: The Slow Death of Voice Mail
I listen to the ones who are from someone I actually want to talk to, the rest of them I just delete. If I'm listening to them without the visual voicemail interface, I just hit 7 about 4 seconds into the voice mail, otherwise I look at the caller ID on the VVS and hit the delete button. My phone is not someone else's tool for forcing me to talk to them. I get 3-4 calls a day from very low quality technical recruiters. I get a call every couple of months from someone I might actually want to talk to.

The only people who call me at work are IT people in response to online tickets. Then I get an E-mail from the phone system that they called me and I have to look them up and send them an E-Mail politely reminding them that, as I explained in my ticket, IT doesn't seem to be capable of installing a phone at my desk and that they're better off emailing me. Not to mention the fact that all my voicemails go to a null number and the size of that mailbox will eventually crash the corporate phone system. I also sit in a location they are incapable of finding or accessing if they do actually find it. I mostly just submit tickets for the comedy value, once or twice a week. I'm over 40, so I suppose they were probably talking about me.

Comment: Yeah, so far... (Score 1) 429

by Greyfox (#48656357) Attached to: How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years
A king who's been dead for 5000 years from Egypt is out in front in this race. We still know THAT guy's name! This guy, I have to scroll back up to the top of the article to remember this one. Sounds like he wouldn't mind having 10000 slaves build him a pyramid, but might be having some trouble motivating them to. His efforts, of course, will be as useless as that dead king's. People have been trying to cheat death as long as there have been people, and all those people are dead. At each point along that time line, they've always used the most modern technologies money could buy. Didn't matter. Dead, every one of 'em. I'm not a bettin' man. Well, actually, I am. And I'll put my chips on Death every time. Will this time be any different? Obviously HGH and The Paleo Diet are WAY more advanced than the humors and mercury the last guy shot himself full of. Oh... heh heh heh, sorry, sometimes I kill myself...

Here's an idea, why not try actually living for a while instead of cowering in fear of the reaper? Why waste your entire life living in fear of something you can't do anything about? Just take what you have, squeeze everything you can out of it and laugh in Death's face when he comes for you.

Comment: They Offer "Corrections" On Youtube (Score 1) 37

by Greyfox (#48647231) Attached to: Google+ Will Make Your Videos Look Better
They always say my videos are shaky, and that's because my videos ARE shaky and are supposed to be. The camera's sitting on my head, not a stable platform. If I preview the corrections they suggest, they're moderately less shaky and are also blurry. I think I'll stick with the uncorrected video.

Comment: I'm Using C++ (Score 1) 417

by Greyfox (#48644185) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is an Open Source<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.NET Up To the Job?
I'd been on Java for a while but started moving back toward C++ a couple years ago. Between boost, the Eigen math library and the new C++11 standard features, I haven't had to code my own utility libraries unless I want to. I've also started playing around with Qt as an easy-to-use and modern GUI library. The majority of my development has been on Linux, and these tools get me where I need to be.

i think you'll find you're wrong about the C standard library being "nothing compared to what's out there". If it seems that way, you probably haven't learned enough about the C standard library. The C standard library provides an API to all your system resources. You can take full control of the hardware with the library. Things you never thought to ask if you could do. Most programmers, in my experience, never get much past the system("rm ...") stage. I've been doing maintenance programming for 25 years now and every fucking C program I've ever had to maintain has had one of those somewhere in the code. It makes me wish I could reach back in time through my monitor to slap someone.

Comment: Re:No, They Haven't Called Me (Score 1) 245

by Greyfox (#48641579) Attached to: 65,000 Complaints Later, Microsoft Files Suit Against Tech Support Scammers
Or, you know, hypothetical kid could do it from his cell phone when it happens, which would be a number that's in my contacts list. That would probably also be the only way emergency personnel could get the number, since no one memorizes numbers anymore. They just select a person from their contacts list. Anyway, rejected calls go directly to voicemail, so I can decide later if they're important or not. I can also turn it off if I'm expecting a call that's from someone who's not in my contacts.

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