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Comment Yeah, So... (Score 3, Interesting) 246 246

It'd be nice if Google could detect and downrank these sites. They should probably also do that for any site that gives you a significantly different page if it detects the google webcrawler versus any other agent. And as long as I'm asking, also pages that require Javascript to render. Downrank the lot because clicking on them is just a waste of my time anyway.

Comment No, That Can't Be Right (Score 1) 60 60

I'm SURE that if we just make the office environment JUST A LITTLE more uselessly distracting, employee efficiency will improve dramatically! I'll just sign everyone up for IT downtime and maintenance notifications for every location the company has on the planet, with no way to unsubscribe!

Comment Re:There's no There there. (Score 1) 241 241

Yeah, that's a great idea. Think I'll trade my spot at the bottom of this gravity well for a different spot at the bottom of a significantly crappier gravity well. You might think "No problem! We'll do it as a penal colony! After they clean the joint up -- kill all the Mars spiders and Mars snakes, us civilized folks will move in!" Wrong! Those prisoners are the base of the hugely profitable prison industry and if you send 'em all off-planet, you greatly increase overall costs while losing all the extra profits from the massive recidivism rates. Nope, I was the first one to want to get off-planet as a kid, but until they come up with an idea that doesn't involve moving to some other shithole of a planet, I'm staying put!

Comment Meh (Score 1) 351 351

1. Only to the extent you allow it. With a few simple steps, you can live a practically ad-free existence. If you can't be arsed, you get what you get.

2. Don't pretend you don't get something for your attention. To be effective, advertising must keep you at least mildly amused for some amount of time. Take for example, GoPro or Red Bull's ads. Not familiar with them? Go ahead and google them. I'll wait. Aaah! Almost got you! See 1. Anywhoo, some guy with their logos plastered all over him doing some amazing wingsuit stunt is both reasonably effective advertising and pretty damn entertaining. Clearly those companies think it's effective enough to keep funding it. Hell, I'd say both companies are probably better media companies than they are at making their respective products.

Comment Sweet! (Score 2) 49 49

I recently determined that the problem with our ERP software is that it's not getting laid enough. Nothing makes it more difficult to concentrate on processing all those transactions than being all pent up like that. So on the minus side there's going to be more competition for Charlene in Marketing (And you KNOW the ERP software is a much smoother talker than you are) but on the plus side, we should start seeing a couple hundred thousand extra transactions per second as soon as this software gets installed!

Comment Re:The obvious test case for ludicrous copyright (Score 5, Funny) 178 178

Damn straight! 200 years from now NPR will be playing classical rap music. The commentator will come on and be all like "That was Puff Daddy's 'Kill a Ho'... in D Minor. Coming up after the break will be Snoop Dog's 'All my Bitches,' in C. This was a very influential work at the time, in which Snoop Dog asserted that all the bitches were, in fact, his. Many other rappers at the time tried to get the bitches back, but their efforts were, ultimately, fruitless."

I predict that "Happy Birthday" will still be under copyright at the time.

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