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by Greyfox (#47718087) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'
Well anyone on QT can just pick a new renderer. Assuming we want to throw our fortunes in with QT. More people seem to be going that way. I'm pretty much writing off Gnome/GTK/Unity. I run Enlightenment right now. It doesn't look like ass, has focus follows mouse and has the concept of running more than one app (or multiple instances of one app) at one time. Rather than ramming some concept of how someone else thinks I should work, it lets me work the way I want to work. This is a very simple concept which if you don't embrace will relegate you to the status of also-ran. Gnome/GTK/Unity chose that status for themselves. So did Windows 8. Hopefully the next thing that comes along won't make the same mistake.

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I just started maintaining an old Linux X11 app. A REALLY old app. Some of the function declarations still use K&R. It's all Motif and XT. Looking at it with an eye to modernizing it, well... I guess QT won. Problem is, if I go QT, I pretty much have to drink all the QT kool-aid, since they seem to have tried to re-implement the entire C standard library under their API. Other than that, the field's pretty much right where I left it back in the mid '90's, last time I really looked at X11 programming in a big way. Actually back then GTK and gtkmm were at least looking like promising competitors to QT. Looking around at an even lower level, I can find a rant from Rasterman about imlib being faster than Xrender, and pretty much everyone deciding that OpenGL was a better way to go than Xrender anyway. That's pretty much everything, since 1995.

I think if you want the desktop it's going to take another linux-kernel-level effort around the GUI. The question is do we keep trying to put more band-aids on X11 or do we design something from the ground up that everyone can agree on?

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I do know sexual tension when I see it. I appreciate you trying to get my attention but if you have the hots for me just come out and say it. I don't swing for the same team, but I'd be happy to take a picture of me with my shirt off so you can have a hot fantasy while staring at my prodigious man boobs.

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They just really don't want to do that and are going to stall as long as they can get away with it. Most of them are probably running no form of IDS, have no personnel capable of actually detecting a breach, have no security policy beyond poorly-enforced DOD mandates (Which effectively boils down to "Change your password every 90 days") and really don't want to be distracted from collecting their fat government checks every month by anything resembling actual work.

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Having to maintain a bad programmer's code is bad in any language. If the programmer is breaking the problem down, reducing coupling, and writing unit tests for his class APIs then maintaining his code will be easy. If he's writing a ton of spaghetti code where ever class inherits from every other class and nothing is documented or tested, you're going to have a bad time. The difference between C++ and Java or Ruby is that you're more likely to discover you have a problem at compile time with C++. Your java code will probably quietly sit on a web server somewhere, quietly shitting exceptions into a log file no one looks at for a decade.

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Who hasn't asked Siri that. It's in a ton of "Stupid Siri Tricks" youtube videos. If you ask Siri after a recent software update, she says "I used to know the answer for that." Stupid reporting like this is why we can't have nice things.

My favorite response she had for that question was "What, again?"

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