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Comment Empowerment. (Score 1) 391

The problem usually comes down to personal empowerment. Perks such as free food and other niceties while are perks comparing one company to an other. But the real issue is allowing employees to have control of their work and their careers.
People have different motivations. Sometimes it is just financial substantial raise, enough to change their quality of life. Sometimes it may just be less of a raise and changes in title where they may have will have more say in how things are done.
Promotions need to mean different responsibilities, responsibilities that are more unique to the organization, not just adding more work, or attending more meetings.
An environment needs to be made, so someone can feel comfortable expressing their ideas and know that they are considered fairly.

Comment Re:I've had this as a plug-in. (Score 1) 190

...except that google gets to decide which adverts are played and which aren't.

I'm betting Google's own dancing monkeys will be as annoying as ever.

That's my worry - remember, Google already implemented a workaround for their own Flash ads, auto-converting them into a form which conveniently happens to be immune to this filter. Get back to me when they've bundled an ad-blocker. What they have here is basically a rival ad blocker - which really isn't something any of us should cheer, even if it does happen to knock out some irritating ads for the time being. (Equally, of course, the new ad-blocking facility for Mobile Safari in iOS 9 which just happens to push more ad-funded sites into adopting iOS apps as a format because Apple iAds just happen to bypass that filtering is a little concerning too.) "Big company kneecaps competition." Just like when Microsoft "helpfully" gave away IE for free in order to kill off Netscape and grab a stranglehold of the web browser market, this may not be anything to applaud long-term.

Comment Re:Douchebag Editors (Score 1) 291

" "Historic central/eastern Pacific outbreak- 3 major hurricanes at once for the first time on record!""

Yep, ON RECORD. But since the records barely go back more than 120 years, and the sats needed to spot storms that form so far from any habitable area have only been in geostationary orbit for about 50 years, the record is extremely short and says NOTHING about global warming.

Comment Re:really... (Score 1) 609

I really don't get that statement as well.
If it was received by some supernatural source, from an all powerful and all knowing being... Why would it feel bound to use newly generated paper. If it was all knowing, it would create the book outside of space time, when it felt making it a book it would.

That is the problem trying to compare Science with the Supernatural. If you have an effect said to be created from a source that cannot be measured so, your attempt to measure probably will not come with good results.

Now if you look at the article in terms of more of a scientific point of view other than a way to bash a religion. But the fact that they probably used an old empty book create it, or the fact the much if Islam is from Christianity and Jewish religions as well, you may expect it was parts to be already written.

Comment Re:Actually, the common saying... (Score 2) 338

My experience was quite the opposite.
Before plug and play you had to adjust the dip switches on the cards. Then they worked extreamly well. After plug and play we needed more complex drivers that caused bugs and random failures over time.
What made it worse were all the hardware companies who bent backwards to make win-hardware where they took such functionality away and relied on windows to do all the work.

After windows was released I needed to switch to an external modem just to have it work reliability.

Comment Re:Use-case? (Score 1) 162

The direction that a project is going, is further away than where you want it to go.

Lets consider Android vs. GNU/Linux (Now I personally hate calling Linux "GNU/Linux", but I need to differentiate it ). They both use the Linux kernel, but the rest of the Operating systems are very different.
Android was forked so it can better suit a mobile system market. GNU/Linux was more towards the server and workstation.
As Android uses more direct frame-buffer technology, GNU/Linux focuses around X windows.
Android doesn't need to detect every piece of hardware, GNU/Linux does.
Android expect more gestures for its control, GNU/Linux is more keyboard and mouse.

Now on the BSD level. That is mostly server vs server, so the needs are not as large. However there is a fair amount of discussion on how defaults should be setup, what type of hardware should be supported, as moving to a virtual environments how many tasks needed to be running optimally....

Comment Re:couldn't hurt (Score 2) 264

When they moved off hieroglyphs, I expect the reasoning was more political than an actual analysis of the benefits of changing.
You know that getting taken over by Rome stuff. Having the population and demographics shifts where people from other cultures gets integrated in the culture where some of their ideals and values get moved in.
Now there was probably some level of communication loss by leaving the hieroglyphs, that its alternatives never really did pick up. Now as time goes on perhaps we should allow some changes, and get out of Victorian values in literacy.

What is now proved was once only imagin'd. -- William Blake