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by GeckoFood (#44463191) Attached to: [w00t] RHCSA cert

Well done...

Thanks. I have been cramming for weeks.

I couldn't, any more. My RH days are back in 2001...

Red Hat's definitely a different animal now, though the core should be familiar. The parts that make the exam hard are the parts that Red Hat in particular cares about but are generally not emphasized in other distros. And those parts are definitely post-2001.

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by GeckoFood (#42812217) Attached to: [misc] Still here

Thanks. I still am here, and I still read most of your frequent posts (though sometimes I don't quite understand what you post). I have been meaning to ask you: how in the world do you find the stuff you post (in particular the links)? Sometimes you post things that really startle me and I can't figure out if you're on some mailing list or if you just know where to find stuff...

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It has been close to a year since I have bothered to post anything on here. I still read almost daily, and once in a great while I find something on here that entices me to comment though it's rare. Anymore the room is quiet, with the occasional political post or the intermittent technical post.

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