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Comment: No (Score 5, Interesting) 284

by Frosty Piss (#47895095) Attached to: California Declares Carpooling Via Ride-Share Services Illegal

I know everyone is all over Uber and and the other one because the cars are "nicer" and the service "better" than cabs. But I have a basic problem with Uber and Lift, and that is in the fakery of their liability claims. The facts are ( as presented in MANY news stories) if you get injured in an Uber or Lift car, those CORPORATE entities will deny virtually all liability. So you go after the driver, right? But guess what? He's not insured for paying passengers. SHELL GAME.

Comment: COBOL and FORTRAN (Score 4, Insightful) 380

by Frosty Piss (#47862197) Attached to: Unpopular Programming Languages That Are Still Lucrative

The story implies that COBOL is an ancient outdated language. But this is not true. COBOL serves a specific niche and does so quite well, and indeed like C and FORTRAN has been enhanced through the ages. Sure, you can't really code a bleeding edge website with COBOL (and FORTRAN), but that's not what they are for.

Comment: Huh? Really? (Score 0) 115

by Frosty Piss (#47855271) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Robotics or Electronic Kits For Wounded Veterans?

Why would they require anything different than any other electronics "discovery" kit? I mean, are we talking about guys with no hands so the kit needs to be prosthetic friendly? Or maybe it needs to be a kit that can not be used to make an IED?

Serious question, what does PTSD or whatever have anything to do with this question?

Anyway, it's a sad sad thing that HeathKit no longer exists...

Comment: Re: Or so they say... (Score 2) 142

by Frosty Piss (#47853025) Attached to: Feds Say NSA "Bogeyman" Did Not Find Silk Road's Servers

Jury Nullification

The reality is that this almost never happens. And it will not happen in this case, where the "defendant" is not only accused of being a drug kingpin, but also of putting out "hits" on people he didn't like. He's not going to look good to a jury. Say what you will about drug laws, but this guy "allegedly" took substantial steps to murder people.

Comment: Au contraire - INDEED (Score 4, Insightful) 129

by Frosty Piss (#47822081) Attached to: The Frustrations of Supporting Users In Remote Offices

What a useless and whinging article! You find remote support frustrating?

It's more than that. these "support" people find their "users" objectionable - the people for whom they serve and the reason they have a job.

Many if not most people use computers for a varying scale of applications. Most of these people are not "computer professionals". If you are in "support", your job is to "support" these people. If you can't handle that, it's time for a new job.

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