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Journal: Toilet Paper VS Wipes

Journal by FredFredrickson
Something I've always wondered- it seems that people grow up in different camps: People who are OK with DRY toilet paper, and people who require wipes.

Growing up in my family, I believed it to be a common occurance that people use baby-wipes to clean their behinds. My parents had always kept them around because the alternative just didn't seem appealing. Only after visiting various other houses have I realized that toilet paper was common, and wet wipes were unheard of.

Now before you stop reading, thinking "what a princess wiping his butt in gold," bare with me for a second. If you found poop on any surface in your house, how would you clean it off? Would you just pick it up and go on with life? Would you wipe off that brown and oh-so-lovable smear with a paper towel? Would we stop there? No, we would most definitely get something wet to really clean it off. We know that just wiping with paper isn't going to clean it off, because paper is dry. We need water for that real cleaning action. Why would we treat our backends with any less dignity?

So, what's the dealeo here? Which do you prefer?

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