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Comment: Re:Used to love those (Score 1) 80

This one sticks out in my mind: I was exploring a strange planet and noticed a shiny object on the sand. Should I leave it or pick it up? I chose to pick it up. The result was: you have found a [something] solar collector that has been lying in the desert for 50 years. You are instantly vaporized.

Comment: Re:Mozilla needs better management. (Score 2) 181

I haven't had Firefox crash on MacOS or Linux in ages, and I use it all day every day. For me, it seems a lot more reliable than it used to be.

I'm not going to say I agree with all of Mozilla's decisions, but implying they lack "adult supervision" shows you know nothing about how they work. They are a very dedicated - if sometimes misguided - group. As for Mozilla Foundation, I couldn't tell you.

Comment: Re:Uh, simple (Score 1) 246

by whereiswaldo (#48365069) Attached to: The Strangeness of the Mars One Project

We got lucky with the last meteor strike in Russia. It came from one direction we weren't looking in - the direction of the Sun. Had the asteroid been of extinction-level size, we'd be history since we had no idea it was coming.
You need to balance the odds of something happening against the impact if it does happen: A miniscule chance of an extinction event matched against the annihilation of all life on Earth means it should be a high priority for our species to take steps to avoid that disaster. If we fail, we won't get a second chance.
I agree that defending Earth against an asteroid is a reasonable idea, but that will only help against objects small enough for us to handle with our current technology and also those we can detect in time to take action against.

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