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Comment: Re:how to delineate software patents? (Score -1) 147

by The End Of Days (#44363083) Attached to: Nobelist Gary Becker Calls For an End To Software Patents

It's a simple, although logic-free, line of reasoning

Software is easy to copy, therefore the entitlement generation and their antecedents in thought process from prior generations feel like they should be allowed to take whatever they want for free. The justification for this desire is that their personal greed is more compelling than the greed of others.

At least this is what I've gathered from seriously querying various Slashdotters over the last 10 years. Every single answer led to that justification. Those with a modicum of cleverness dressed it up in the "benefit to society" clothing, and those who didn't really pay attention to what they were saying touted it as "innovation." That last one always makes me laugh - clearly it's the height of innovation to take something someone else made without recompense.

Comment: Re:Fun times if you don't control your net account (Score 0) 311

by The End Of Days (#44353201) Attached to: British Prime Minister Promises Default On Porn Blocking

It's a real shame people have to be competitive. Life would be so much better if those of us who are productive in more than a "stock-the-cooler, flip-the-burger, greet-people-at-walmart" sense were forced to provide a comfortable lifestyle for everyone else. After all, being entertained is the most important thing after whining about how it's not fair that you somehow have to be competitive.

Comment: First Poop (Score -1, Troll) 48

I don't have any particular reason to shit on this, since I think it's pretty cool, but I want to be a Slashdot hipster so I hate this and the people who made it are stupid and this is nothing new and I'm sure someone here made this back in 1996 but kept it quiet because they aren't an attention whore.

Comment: Re:Thanks Obama! (Score 1) 275

All the fools who offered mortgages on houses no one needed to people who couldn't afford them wrecked the economy. That was started long before Bush. It came on top of the recession caused by the collapse of the dotcom bubble, which people hasten to forget was an artifact of St Bill "do-no-wrong" Clinton.

Bush did a horrible job, no doubt... but you're ignorant if you think he singlehandedly wrecked the economy.

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