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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Hello Foto.... [UPDATED] 339 339

Yesh... I actually have something to show you.

Rules: Don't give anything away, people... not even in AC... Yet. Once I draw out the list, feel free to give hints (or drop false hints to confuse). This will probably happen the monday after Easter. That's when I'll stop accepting photos and we'll get underway...

But do feel free to comment, like "doesn't #44's second pic look just like Jim Caviezel aka Jesus?!?").

Anywho, first page is thumbnails (yeah, they are huge, but that's the best I can do with the time I had). Clicking on said link will take you to a page filled with all their pics. These aren't the "Full Size" you guys gave me. I shrunk them into something more viewable, but they are still big enough to get all the details.

I'm interested in hearing if you guys experience any latency on the site. It seems to be even faster than the old server. I'm quite impressed! :-D

Oh, and for more community fun, go over to johndiii's journal and talk about where your alias came from.

I'm still accepting pics. Now that you see them, you can tell we are all geeks, not models... so those of you that are shy and stuff can come forward. No point in waiting. josh _at_ with "slashdot" or "photo contest" in the subject and your slashdot nick in the body.

Update: What kinda dumbass forgets the link?.... err... I mean the link? D'oh. Good thing I wanted to check the server load when I got home. Thanks to AC and others for pointing it out. Didn't mean to me mean... sorry!
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Hello Foto.... [UPDATED]

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