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Comment: Re: Ecch ... (Score 1) 68

by BronsCon (#47967243) Attached to: Google Partners With HTC For Latest Nexus Tablet
That's great if you only want to sync a few files to a few specific locations, but it's nice to be able to fully manage the device, which Air Droid lets you do. Perhaps a combination of the two methods would provide the best of both worlds?

Thanks for the tip, though, I was not aware of Bittorrent Sync!

Comment: Re:Only cost them 25 percent of customer bills? (Score 5, Interesting) 236

by BronsCon (#47962511) Attached to: Small Restaurant Out-Maneuvers Yelp In Reviews War
It's worse than that! The company I work for has one negative review on Yelp, but several positive reviews "pending" that they won't publish unless we pay them! And the negative review was over the fact that they didn't yet have a quote from us for custom work for which they hadn't provided us the requested details.

Looking at the page now, it does look like they published two of the positive reviews, but there are still a handful held in limbo. How long between the authoring and publishing of the negative review, though? No time at all.

Comment: Re:And there's the reason why... (Score 1) 223

by BronsCon (#47956023) Attached to: Google's Doubleclick Ad Servers Exposed Millions of Computers To Malware
Then we agree, if I didn't need it before today, I don't need it now. At least, as far as content on a website is concerned.

Until organizations that provide the paid services I rely on start cramming ads down my throat, I don't think it'll be an issue. Once they start that, we're all fucked, anyway.

Comment: Re:Memory doesn't cost that much. (Score 1) 251

by BronsCon (#47955559) Attached to: Why the iPhone 6 Has the Same Base Memory As the iPhone 5
No, in general, they don't. Very few Apple customers are satisfied, and that's exactly what Apple wants; a satisfied user doesn't upgrade. I say this as someone who's quite satisfied with my HTC One (M7, not the M8 that came out this year) and iPad Air, but becoming less and less satisfied with my 2011 (e.g. aging hardware) 17" MBP, but sticking with it because I'd be less satisfied with a smaller display and I'm not yet so dissatisfied with it the switch back to a PC.

To put that into perspective for you, I wanted the M8 when it came out, but the M7 still satisfies my needs; I can't justify the upgrade, so I don't spend the money; if I weren't still satisfied with the M7, I'd have the M8 and HTC would have made more money. Likewise, I'm satisfied with the iPad Air, which is probably good as it's the newest model, but I'll likely remain satisfied with it for as long as it can run the newest version of iOS (or at least the version required for the apps I use), so Apple won't get any more of my money, which they want, there. As for my MBP? Well, Apple could have my money, but they quit making what I want in a laptop, so I simply remain unsatisfied.

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