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Comment: Re:So It's Come to This (Score 1) 75

by FatdogHaiku (#47520821) Attached to: Verizon's Offer: Let Us Track You, Get Free Stuff

I really don't care if they track my device but give me free stuff. My hamster has nothing to hide.

Sure, that's fine until GPS is refined enough to determine if it is in fact an ass hamster... if so, then your advertising content is going to undergo a transformation. Also, PETA may call... The "ethical treatment of animals" ones, not the "eating tasty animals" ones... hamsters are not considered tasty... ass hamsters even less so... NOT saying yours is in fact an ass hamster... but is his phone on vibrate?

Comment: Re:I hope this surprises no one,.. (Score 1) 68

You would buy and use food prep equipment without cleaning it? I wouldn't even do that with a yard sale coffee cup that looked spotless. Even brand new food prep equipment has instructions to say wash before use. If restaurant "B" obtains something from defunct restaurant "A" and then deploys it without cleaning it, the equipment seller is not to blame... same as if new equipment were involved and the contaminant was industrial oil. The party using the item is responsible for the cleanliness of the item, ask a health inspector...
Data is a different story, with different liabilities that would get sorted on a case by case basis.

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Well, for the whole space mining thing to work you have to be able to drop a payload accurately. Most of the stuff that we could refine in space and land softly would have to be a high value/kilo ratio items... everything else has to be splashdown city. If we can do it with an Apollo Capsule we should be able to do it with a chunk of iron we processed after catching and mining it's momma. And if we can find a place to drop it safely (not counting birds, sea life and all the other stuff we ignore to make a buck) then someone could also drop it unsafely... on purpose.

Space Police is going to be a growth industry. And it will try to stay on top of things so that people don't get outside the system, until they actually leave the solar system. In all cases, people are people, and they will take their bullshit "I have a right to tell you all what to do because of {someCrap}" story across the universe if they can.

If there is extraterrestrial intelligent life watching us now, they are gonna shoot us in the head the minute we leave our solar system.

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Seems to me they would have to pay import tarrifs to bring the resources back planetside....

.Letting someone have the high ground with big rocks at their disposal could have some interesting dynamics.

They impose a 50% tariff, so you drop it on their head.
"We collected 32 tons of almost pure iron today, your percentage will be arriving in 3, 2, 1..."

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I don't think the people spending massive amounts of time and money to impose their moral opinions on us through law get it... I understand the intent, but it didn't work. Deciding what consenting adults can do with each other or what bonds they chose to form is none of their business. Deciding what forms of recreation adults chose is none of their business (other than to tax it, that started right before the whiskey rebellion and will never stop). There is a large block of people who consider it their god given right to tell others what to do (in a god fearing manner). Then there is another block of people that just want to tell you what to do just because they think they should. In no case will we ever be free of this...

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