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Comment: Re:Militia, then vs now (Score 1) 1574

by FatdogHaiku (#46793015) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

Now, whether the militia is the intent of the second amendment is a question that we have been asking for a long time now. The wording of the second amendment is not particularly clear on that.

The framers of The Constitution had just finished overthrowing the lawful government of the land because it no longer represented their interests or rights. They did so using things like rifled gun bores (state of the art weapons at the time), guerrilla tactics, and other general treasonous actions. They knew damn well that the issue would come up again, and that is why they worded the 2nd Amendment in such a way as to avoid words like "army". The "Continental Army" was founded in 1775 ( and The Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787, and went into effect on March 4, 1789 ( The framers of The Constitution had LOTS of time to word the document in order to restrict or disarm the general population, but did not. Then, the taxes levied to help pay for the war caused another revolt ( The Whiskey Rebellion and still law makers failed to restrict the rights of the people. There may have been other prior legislation but I'm pretty sure that armed rebellion was finally outlawed by Title 18 in 1948... damned commie menace...

Of all the phrases they could chose (and these were some seriously wordy dudes) they chose "...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

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by FatdogHaiku (#46783567) Attached to: Click Like? You May Have Given Up the Right To Sue
Oh come on, He's a vampire! Making someone undead is the opposite of killing them, right?
Mr. Chocula, is it not true that on the night of April 15 you did not, not kill the plaintiff?
It is true that that is not true!
But it IS true that you sucked the life force out of them!
No! It was April 15 and they had been bled dry already!

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The option to disobey is that whole "free will" thing. If you create creatures that love you automatically then you have a puppy mill. By introducing free will your creations can grow and decide if they will love you or not. And the burn in hell threat really is not in the bible as most people have had it beaten into their heads (thank Dante and power hungry preachers for that). Much of the Bible is about manipulating and controlling the masses, and yes access to information does mess with that. But if God is love then his message will get through to anyone willing to receive it. Please note that being a messenger is not always a sweet gig.

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Agreed. I have a magnifying glass that will heat a soldering iron... In fact a little tip for you is if you EVER see a rear projection TV sitting on the curb, GET THE LENSES!!!
I can also use a manual mill, lathe, drill press (all of those used to run on belts from water wheels, they are that old). People solid in science or engineering often have a grasp of the history of technology, having a grasp of historical technique is way more valuable. Problem solving is great but remembering HOW it was solved in the past is infinitely better. If you are serious, find old books and protect and store them... I wish I still owned the encyclopedia set I had in 1965... it had everything from gear cutting details to gun cotton recipes...

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by FatdogHaiku (#46735273) Attached to: Racing To Contain Ebola

USians is just not catching on.

Can we just be NANCs, rhymes with yanks,

and acronym's for North American Non-Canadian?

It would need to be NANCOM for North American Non-Canadian Or Mexican. Of course, for Mexican citizens living in the USA it would have to be NANCCRM for North American Non-Canadian Currently Relocated Mexican...

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by FatdogHaiku (#46721591) Attached to: Stephen Colbert To Be Letterman's Successor

Also, he's the only guy that: a. does the liberal/liberation spin that IS silicon valley b. actually talks about tech like DRONES, along with BEARS. c. has writers that are very, very tech savvy, much like the Simpsons and Futurama d. Michael Stipe and Patrick Steward as continuing guests. That is /.... but Need I say more?

no sharks with lasers, I don't know...
Well, it is true he was effective against the laser bears!

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I'm liking Zorin myself. I've loaded on a couple USB sticks to show it around and the useability tests pretty good with the XP crowd. It has an older LITE version for people with old laptops, netbooks, etc.. I have half a dozen XP machines that I'm going to scrub, load with Zorin, and then donate to people that can't afford a new machine. This is great because those old boxes were going to the recycling center and now maybe someone will get some use out of them.

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As a counterpoint to this argument, consider the X-Planes of the 50's and 60's; these were all done precisely that way: by attracting the best and brightest to remote locations, cut off from population centers and given a remit to do the best they could. Think the Bell-X1, for example, or Lookheed's A-12 (which became the SR-71).

Many of the people involved were in the military and had no say in where they were posted. Qualified employees of military hardware contractors would also be hard pressed to refuse a job on a top secret project... and if they did it's a small pool of people and word gets around if you are not a team player. If you are a bad fit at Lockheed then GD, Hughes, Northrop, Raytheon, et al., would also question your viability. In the end I doubt many people had to be "attracted", they were just sent.

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All yeast dies off from alcohol at some level. If this is a serious commercial adjustment to the organism then I would be working on increasing alcohol tolerance.

I would be wanting to make it make a biofuel better than alcohol. If you're gonna think about gene-tampering, think big.

What if they could make a beer that was so strong it caused you to think you were going somewhere when you were just sitting in your living room? That could save a bunch of carbon.... wait, how much carbon in a beer belch? Munroe!!!

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