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Comment Re:Heinlein quote. (Score 1) 378

... (Also, I need to google to search the web for CAT scans of Heinlein's head.)

Don't bother, they aren't very good. Robert's cat was lazy and only did scans on Mondays...
and he hated Mondays so the resulting scans were always low quality...
It should be noted that Robert's cat died of a lasagna overdose shortly after Robert was abducted by Lazarus Long in the spring of 1988.

Comment Re:Hello, Echo! (Score 1) 131

Echo... echo...

"Thank you", Google. If you do this, do not forget to implement the shibboleet escape option. It's bad enough that people don't make simple typos anymore but "autocomplete" to completely different words than they intended to type. Or that first level support only scans for keywords and answers with unfitting FAQ responses. I'll blacklist everyone whom I catch sending me autoreplies. I will not be autoreplied to!

We at Google understand your concern and a customer service representative will be available soon to help you adjust to changes in our services.
CSR reply alert 22327

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