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Comment: Re:Haven't seen that here - anything on SO? Repro? (Score 1) 6 6

Not sure I can duplicate, due to the other strangeness I'm dealing with (It's a cross-database query and the other database doesn't have a primary key, just sets of fields with unique constraints). It may have also been a Select Distinct that I thought I had applied but didn't; the one row that was duplicating did have two in the parent table.

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Journal: Strange SQL Server 2014 behavior 6 6

I have a Select Statement that returns 4 rows. When used in a stored procedure as input to an Insert Into, though, it was returning five rows. I commented out SET NOCOUNT ON; which is added by the SQL 2014 template. It then returned 4 rows. To test that was what was really going on, I uncommented out SET NOCOUNT ON; and it is now returning 4 rows properly.

I made no other changes.

Anybody else ever run into anything like this??

Comment: Re:The enemy of my enemy != my friend (Score 1) 86 86

I would first think about simply black mailing them.

Blackmail is illegal. One crime at a time. Releasing this data, done well, won't lead back to you. Blackmail is only useful if you get paid, and that creates a trail. You know they can scan and record the serials in 1 million in small non-sequential bills in a pretty short period these days, right?

Comment: Re:Holy crap ... (Score 2) 86 86

I am not surprised they'd backdoor it frankly. If all of my customers were professional liars known for running false flags etc, I'd have to think seriously about inserting water marks and backdoors too. If nothing else so I had some way prove whatever gets done with those tools was not done by me.

Here's the problem with doing business with criminals, whether they're ordinarily-labeled "criminals" or intelligence agencies or whatever: if they're incompetent, you don't want to do business with them because of all the ways in which they can implicate you. But if they're competent, you don't want to do business with them because of all the ways in which they could take advantage of you. If they're incompetent, then they ought to be little danger to you, so you don't need that kind of protection. If they're competent, then they can and will do anything to you, and they're probably smart enough to have some third party check your work and look for back doors... and when they find them, your ass is grass.

These guys will be lucky if they get to go on drawing breath.

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