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I remember, back in the early 80s, some friends and I pooled our allowance, bought an Atari joystick, then tried to make an adapter for the 9-pin Apple IIe joystick connector- not realizing the reason the Apple joysticks were so damn expensive was because they were analog.

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by drinkypoo (#48194205) Attached to: 3D-Printed Gun Earns Man Two Years In Japanese Prison

You are an idiot if you think that the North Vietnamese citizenry defeated the US war machine without serious superpower backing of their own.

Who says that American insurgents couldn't get some backing? The proliferation of weapons across the country is meant to make taking the citizenry expensive, not impossible. But people want to claim otherwise to support the assertion that taking away the guns makes sense if the purpose of the second amendment is a hedge against tyranny.

I don't think the founders ever foresaw the development of world-destroying weapons. But then, I doubt they would have seen wisdom in their construction.

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by drinkypoo (#48194183) Attached to: Debian's Systemd Adoption Inspires Threat of Fork

I just gave you an example, and you ask for examples? What are you, stupid?

Your problem was not a problem with init. Systemd will not solve the problem where you need NFS to boot, and NFS shits itself because it is shit.

Give us an actual example where init itself caused you a problem, or admit that you're just making shit up so that you can justify new and shiny. You're calling me stupid for insisting that you provide an actual example of a failure of init when what you provided was an example of a failure of the networking setup which could have also occurred with systemd if you misconfigured it. Now, provide an actual example of a failure of init, or if this was somehow init's fault (did it really start two init scripts at once all on its lonesome, or did the first script exit before it was done?) then explain that, and don't just describe a problem with scripts (which could also happen by misconfiguring a unit file) or with a daemon. From your description, it sounds a lot more to me like a problem with your distribution's network setup system, whatever that looks like.

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by drinkypoo (#48194131) Attached to: Manga Images Depicting Children Lead to Conviction in UK

That word isn't child, it isn't anime, it isn't pornography. It is computer.

And anyone who thinks about it for a moment and doesn't see this for what this is, class warfare

the majority of the world is walking around with computers in their pockets, there is no class warfare here, unless you had a point but were very far from it in your comment

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I have to wonder how the judge draws the line between something like this conviction and, say, the Simpsons Movie, where Bart is rocking some full frontal on the big screen.

There's a difference, for sure -- one is funny and clearly a cartoon, whereas one sounds like it's purposefully sexualizing children.

right, but when people propose to ban virtual child porn because they argue that it promotes child abuse, they have to propose banning depictions like the one you mention, because that depiction could be used by someone for sexual gratification, and/or it could arouse those desires in them. Sure, it's a crude representation, but there are cruder ones on cave walls that we seem to be able to recognize.

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They want something different than the common-carriers rules, because it is "not like the phone system which used only one application."

Right, but that's actually a lie. It is exactly like the phone system which used only one application. In the case of the phone system that application was transmission of sound, and in the case of the internet system that application is transmission of packets. If you argue that these packets' different nature makes them fundamentally different applications, then you must also argue that carrying data on a modem call over the phone system is a fundamentally different application, and then you cannot state that the phone system used only one application. In fact, it had two, and yet they were treated exactly identically. That is, in fact, a strong argument in favor of net neutrality.

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The constitution is crystal clear about many things that the judges, in explicit violation of their oaths, have made mean something else entirely. Previous poster is quite correct. The experiment failed.

The experiment by a bunch of white male land owners, most of them slave owners, succeeded brilliantly. Its goal was to determine whether it was possible to use jingoism (nee patriotism) and bullshit to fool the subjects of rule into believing that they hold the reins of power. Guess who still runs the country? A bunch of white male land owners, who are now actually in charge of something superior to slavery for their purposes: corporatism. They buy the laws, and we follow the laws. They've criminalized homelessness, and used the government to buy over 25% of the nation's land for the purposes of their exploitation in the form of the Bureau of Land Management. Rather than homesteading it and handing it to private citizens, homesteading was suspended so that this land could be raped wholesale. It's allegedly held in our interest, but those who've tried to (for example) use some of it to build a thermal-solar plant found that it was only available for mining coal, drilling oil, running cattle on land which was deliberately deforested for that purpose and therefore preventing it from becoming reforested, and the like.

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