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Comment: Re:Militia, then vs now (Score 1) 1568

by Phisbut (#46779567) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment
Exactly. Let's not forget the second amendment calls for the need of a well regulated militia. It says so right there, in clear words, in the original text, that the right to bear arms has to come with regulation. It's those who want to buy all sorts of weapons without any regulation that are butchering the constitution.

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by Phisbut (#46660433) Attached to: 60 Minutes Dubbed Engines Noise Over Tesla Model S

It's the (computer) mice clicks that always get me. Anyone actually have a mouse that loudly clunks in the way shown on virtually every television show, news show, etc? Even better when the visuals show they're using a laptop's touchpad...

Didn't Windows at some point actually have a clicking sound come out of the speakers when you clicked to select something? Such a sound would still play with a touchpad. Now that was a real annoyance.

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by Phisbut (#43117687) Attached to: In Wake of Poor Reviews, Amazon Yanks <em>SimCity</em> Download
You need to actually read the reviews for those 5-star ratings. They're clearly ironic 5-stars :

You'd think I'd be mega unhappy like everyone else at the constant waiting and lack of actually being able to play a game I purchased. Well, you'd be wrong. The hours upon hours since launch that I haven't been able to log in, whether it be sitting in queues, or server busy messages, or just plain old not working screens, I've managed to do a heap of things that I never do when I'm locked in my man cave playing video games. I've washed the dishes, the laundry, changed the oil in the car, mopped the floors, dusted, did a spot of gardening, greeted my children who I hadn't really seen since Christmas, walked the dog, asked how my wife's day has been and listened to the entire response, restocked the groceries and many more things! My family has never been happier that they've got a father and husband again.

So you stare at this window right, and then you watch a timer tick. You're nonchalant about it at first, get a bit excited at 20 minutes, more excited at 10. At 5 minutes your heart races, and then tick tock tick tock the second wind down, 4, 3, 2, 1, BAM! "Your server is still experiencing very high volumes..." Like Russian Roulette, slot machines and slicing your wrists all in one! Highly recommended!

I really don't understand the negative reviews for this. I've never seen another game emulate the experience of sitting at a loading or queue screen quite like this.

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The part that's relevant to most of us is that while Google Play is poised to surpass iTunes in catalog size, it brings in 1/4 the revenue.

Not the sort of stat that puts a smile on my face.

You're comparing apples and oranges. The Apple app store and the Google Play store will never have a vaild comparison for revenue generated, because some decisions are not up to neither Apple nor Google. An earlier post mentionned how Rovio and EA were overrepresented in the top sellers, and they are probably responsible for most of the revenue generated in the Apple app store. Heck, just Angry Birds, including all its remakes, probably makes a significant share of that revenue.

Rovio is itself responsible for a huge part of the difference between the revenues on Apple app store and Google Play. Why? Angry Birds, priced at $0.99 on the Apple app store, is free on Google Play. The exact same game, being downloaded millions upon millions of times on both platforms, generate infinitely more revenue on the Apple app store for the simple reason that they're giving away the game for free on Google Play.

They probably have good reasons to do that. They might have considered that people on Android are cheapstakes and wouldn't pay a dollar for a game and they prefer to be ad-based. Or maybe they figured they'd make more from in-game ads on Android than with an ad-free purchase, while on iOS the game is different. Either way, we can't compare $$$ from the Apple app store and Google Play, because they are not the same, and often times, the same company will sell the same game very differently on both stores.

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by Phisbut (#42474765) Attached to: Canada To Stop Producing Pennies In 2013

Damn straight! As an American expat in Canada, I truly truly hate returning to the states and getting a wallet full of ones. Having $1 and $2 coins makes money so much easier to deal with. I say let's go the next step now: throw out the nickel and quarter, and give us a $.50 piece.

We already do have a $0.50 piece. It's been minted since 1870 and still is, but for some reason, people hoard them instead of spending them.


Wrong Number: Why Phone Companies Overcharge For Data 105

Posted by timothy
from the now-tell-me-something-I-don't-know dept.
MrSeb writes "A recent study (PDF) conducted by UCLA professor Chunyi Peng shows that carriers generally count data usage correctly, but those customers who commonly use their device in areas with weak signal strength or to stream audio or video are often overcharged. Peng and three other researchers used data gleaned from an app installed on Android smartphones on two different carriers. The issue appears to be in how the system is set up to count data usage. Under the current scenario, data is charged as it is sent from the carrier's network to the end user. What does not exist is a system to confirm whether the packets are received, and thus preventing charges for unreceived data. Peng demonstrated this in two extreme circumstances. In one case, 450 megabytes of data was charged to an account where not a single bit of it had been received. On the flipside, Peng's group was able to construct an app which disguised data transfers as DNS requests, which are not counted by the carriers as data usage. Here they were able to transfer 200 megabytes of data without being charged. Overall, the average overcharge is about 5-7% for most users. While that does not seem like much, with unlimited plans gone and data caps in style that could pose potential problems for some heavy data users. Could you be going over your data allotment based on data you never received? It's quite possible."

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by Phisbut (#40614503) Attached to: Is It Time To End Our Love Affair With the QWERTY Keyboard?

As a Belgian, I abandoned azerty. Qwerty is indeed better for programming. And azerty is for the French language. The Dutch language, spoken by most Belgians, has absolutely no need for a q in the center row. I really don't understand how azerty ever ended up being used in Flanders.

As a French Canadian, I use a QWERTY keyboard since that's the north-american standard. It's probably because of the habit, but the few times I've had to use AZERTY, even to type French text, I absolutely hated it and I can't understand its logic. I can't imagine what it would be like to program with that.

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by Phisbut (#40100657) Attached to: Ten Cops Can't Recover Police Chief's Son's iPhone

Wow. Really? Theft is very easy to put a value on. It's a phone worth a few hundred dollars, or a car worth a few thousand/tens of thousands, etc. We're not talking about rape/murder/violence being quantified into a dollar amount here - those are crimes worth going after without regard to cost, and the bulk of society agrees on that.

You can't really know the real value of what you're going to find until you actually find it. Thieves rarely steal exactly one item then retire from the thieving business. Chances are this guy either already stole other stuff, or will steal again in the future. If the cops recover the $200 phone and at the same time find thousands of dollars worth of other stolen goods, then all of a sudden, your waste of money just became profitable from your own calculations. And if catching the guy merely prevents him from stealing again, then we all end up better off in the end. Removing a thief from circulation, how much is that worth to society?

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by Phisbut (#39526527) Attached to: Canada To Stop Making Pennies

And yes, this would force me to use a card, because there's no way "rounding to the nearest $0.05" will work out in my favour.

So what you're saying is that for something that has cost $0.99$, which once 13% sales tax is added (e.g. in Ontario), the merchant will up the price to $1.00 just to make sure he can rip you off of 2 cents, or that something which now costs $2.00 will be priced $2.02? Stores won't change their pricing scheme and everything will keep ending in .99 where it currently ends in .99 and everything will have nice (before taxes) rounded prices where they currently already have nice (before taxes) rounded tax.

Bitching about merchants who will rip you off for all of 2 cents because of this, without considering all the logistics they would have to go through just to do that reeks of tin-foil hatism from conspiracy theorists.

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