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Comment Re:Seriously?? (Score 1) 74

Seriously, if they ever want to make it the year of Linux on the desktop they would adopt RDP as the protocol (as in compatible with mstsc.exe). It'd be a massive potential userbase of people running windows who could be immediate users of free software. I could see virtual desktops as a mass-market business, not the niche corporate Citrix/TS/VDI thing it is now.

I always wonder why I don't make my own dekstop a VM and quit customizing or even caring if the actual machines I connect from do anything other than run the remote access client well.

Comment Re:Already??? (Score 1) 359

what made her think that she's right for this job?

You could make an argument that nobody is "right" for this job and that the best possible qualification is somebody with excellent executive (the adjective, not the position) functioning skills and management ability. The President doesn't actually do very much but make decisions and usually based on information provided by extremely qualified specialists with decades of experience.

The biggest inherent skills a President probably needs are, sadly, personal charisma and political intelligence.

Comment Re:Re-entry aiming (Score 1) 209

There's a very slim chance that there may be an extremely secret cabal of very high level DPRK leadership that have some kind of "we're gonna die anyway" plan for deposing Fearless Leader in the event he goes all the way off the reservation and starts a war with a major power like the US.

But...Kim Jong-Un executed a whole bunch of very senior guys not long after he took power, including guys who had been close to his father for decades and he also is fond of shuffling top generals from time to time. All of this is designed to put the "fear of Juche" into his senior leadership and make any kind of coup plan impossible to organize.

Plus it's such a shit-ass backwards place to live that you just know the good perks (like eating, heat in the winter, and other luxuries) are doled out to anyone willing to squeal anything remotely like a coup attempt and I'm sure they all squeal on each all the time in a desperate attempt to keep their positions and perks.

It may be debatable how long the DPRK army is able and willing to fight. Fuel shortages could be a problem and their army is hardly positively motivated to stay in the fight, especially if they had to face something like sustained heavy air campaigns involving carpet, thermobaric or firebombing. Cut supply lines, morale, etc. may cause them to collapse early. Or given the last 50 years available, they may be so deeply dug in that they are able to ride it out for months.

Comment Re:The basic question is answered...but still... (Score 1) 529

Parapsychologists fall into 2 categories: suckers and people out to fleece suckers

Don't fall into trap many pseudoskeptics fall into of simply parrotting anything your favorite aging TV magicians post on facebook. There's been a big change in the field of parapsychology ever since a psi effect was proven to exist. The research being done now is ridiculously rigorous, thanks to the positive effects of decades of ridicule. I don't really have an interest either way, but I was surprised to learn this recently.

Guys like this are being taken very seriously:


This move towards better design of para studies and stricter peer review criteria was covered in Steve Volk's 2011 book, Fringeology.

Comment Re: What a bunch of stupid fucks... (Score 1) 202

someone as 'progressive' as you shouldn't be homophobic. check your privilege shitlord.

I'm all in favor of the men's rights movement having a big gay orgy in Roosh V's mom's basement. Nothing homophobic about that. Anything that keeps them occupied. Idle hands are the devil's workshop and all that, you know?

Comment Re:Worse when it's icky and weird but not illegal (Score 1) 129

The story raises so many interesting questions, especially since you're so conservative yourself. The main one being, was it even "gay fetish sex photos"? What, you saw a dick and you thought "gay"? And then from there you had this whole reaction about how dare he be gay when he lives a conservative lifestyle with a wife? From there you immediately assumed his wife didn't know? That he was a hypocrite? And 20 years later you still don't understand what an asshole you were being?

I can only surmise that two men sharing sexually explicit photos of themselves somehow qualifies as having at the very least a strong undertone of homosexuality.

I don't know what world you live in, but surely 20 years ago, there were very few conservative religious institutions that were openly supportive of poly-amorous marriages, especially those which involved bisexual or homosexual relationships.

I think assuming that he was engaged in a secretive, homosexually-oriented relationship in contradiction to his stated religious beliefs and in contradiction to his marriage vows isn't exactly going out on a limb with my own personal biases.

Of course, if you're inclined you can choose to believe some counterfactual argument that exchanging photos of one's genitalia with a member of the same sex isn't homosexual behavior on any level, that his wife knew of and approved of this, and that he belonged to a Christian religious denomination that approved of poly-amorous marital relations involving sexual behavior with a member of the same sex. Hell, you might even throw in the idea that his employer endorsed using his work email account for this, since it's about as likely to be true as any of the other counterfactual arguments.

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