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Comment A much more efficient air conditioner, too? (Score 1) 101 101

Is this not just a change in power input but a substantially more energy efficient air conditioner, too?

I've seen small A/C systems for cars and marine applications that can run off DC power, but they're usually pretty small which helps cut the overall power consumption. In marine applications they also have the advantage of being able to use sea water to move the heat versus a fan and coils in open air.

One of Sharp's smallest split system units has 8500 BTU of cooling with an EER of 13 which is roughly 650 watts. That's about 14 amps @ 48v, 27 @ 24, and a battery sucking 54 amps at 12v (run with welding cable).

8500 BTU might cool a room reasonably well, but its not going to provide whole-house cooling, either, and would require a pretty large battery array to run off battery. It might make sense for some kind of supplemental cooling setup where it ran direct off solar panels.

Comment Re:Well, sure, but... (Score 1) 221 221

That's cute. You think that actual benefits of GMOs mean anything to the people listening to all the FUD that gets spread about them.

And you think that hiding the foods' provenance is the way to make people stop believing the FUD? That's very interesting.

Because when someone tells me I'm not allowed to know something about a product I'm buying, it immediately endears me to the company hiding the information.

Comment Re:Or... just hear me out here... (Score 3, Informative) 1046 1046

At a shotgun range I've been to, they have a duck tower about 150 yards behind the clubhouse. It's surrounded by a fairly thick stand of tall trees, but a couple of the stations result in shooters shot trajectory going through the "hole" in the trees and raining down on the front porch of the clubhouse.

I've been standing there and gotten "hit" -- it actually feels no different than if you through a handful of coarse sand into the air and let it fall on you, actually less since you really only feel a small number of pellets because of dispersion.

Shooters are restricted to target loads of #7.5 shot or smaller, so its very light shot. So light that on their "hard" sporting clays course it's very difficult to hit the distant crossing and away clays in any wind. The #7.5 shot has so little inertia that it just gets blown off target.

Many pheasant hunters I've known have stories about getting hit with shot from people on the other side of a field or road hunting on roads adjacent to the field they were hunting on. It's like coarse sand, and pheasant hunting uses much heavier shot than target shot.

Comment Re:Not that impresssed (Score -1, Troll) 62 62

So, it's a remote exploit in that you can do it if you're within Wi-Fi range (and the gun has it's Wi-Fi turned on)

"Hello, Mr Zimmerman, I'm Brad from XYZ Firearms Corp and I'd like to walk you through a software update for your Smart SniperTM Rifle today that will make it much safer to use as well as 75% more accurate in hitting targets with black skin. There will be no charge for this update, but I'll need you to temporarily enable WiFi during this procedure."

I bet you'd get very high levels of compliance from owners of "Smart SniperTM Rifles" in many areas of the US.

Comment Kentucky Man (Score 3, Funny) 1046 1046

There has to be a better way to take down drones. Firing a shotgun in your backyard into the air is going to be some kind of misdemeanor, even in Kentucky. Something like "discharge of a firearm inside city limits" or something.

Can someone please start 3D-printing some silent drone-killing weapons? It would be so much more satisfying than clay pigeons and my neighbors cats. (Note to neighbor: I'm kidding. That wasn't me.)

Comment Re:Is it going to matter much? (Score 1) 162 162

I might expect some cost reductions because the increased durability will lessen the amount of excess memories needed for remapping when cells go bad. And don't larger drives use NAND chips in parallel for speed? If you can simplify packaging by using a single chip you might cut costs there, too.

If its as supercalifragilisticexpialidocious as they say it is, you might also expect enterprise adoption to increase, lowering the cost of NAND by cutting demand or resulting in more reliable NAND.

It's also hard to know what kind of process improvements may take place over time.

Either way, I think cheap, durable and fast-or-faster-than-flash storage is pretty exciting, so I guess I'm willing to be optimistic. Storage is so expensive and so relatively slow that something that pushes the envelope on speed and cost just seems to have a lot of potential.

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