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Comment Re:"Action" cheaper than "Inaction" is a surprise? (Score 2) 196

We are doing next to nothing. We are certainly not doing nearly what is necessary to prevent the problem. It's like bailing flood water with a drinking glass down the kitchen drain and saying you're "doing something" about the flood.

Comment Re:Nukes (Score 3, Interesting) 196

That list is clearly bogus. For example it lists Onagawa. The plant did shut down a couple times due to earthquakes but those shutdowns went by the book and so can't properly be considered nuclear incidents at all.

Of the ones that don't represent things going exactly as expected, or non nuclear incidents at a nuclear plant (a fire in an administrative building, REALLY?), most are industrial accidents that released no radiation into the environment (because the safety systems worked as designed).

For all the FUD, TMI released less radiation than a typical coal plant does in normal operation.

Comment Re:A free search engine (Score 1) 150

You're using the over-simplified definition of monopoly they teach in grade school. It's a question of market power. Yes, there are other search engines, but there is one that is big enough for long enough that it's name is regularly verbed as a synonym of searching.

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