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Comment who thought of one spot for one outlet? (Score 1) 554

Did they really think this through considering an employee is expected to be at work for 8+ hours and won't need all 8 to charge the car? Two spots would be better or even 4. Provide the charger with a charge cable/plug for each spot/vehicle and a first come first serve(FIFO) mechanism of charging each vehicle.

There could also be mechanisms for sensing a vehicle in the charge spots(capacitive loops) and sensing when getting unplugged before fully charged to prevent others from unplugging someone's car to get theirs to the top of the FIFO. Something like requiring a RFID tag pairing when starting a charge and another pairing hit of the RFID tag when unplugged before fully charged.

One charge plug per parking spot was not a good plan.


Comment the real question might be which AC frequency (Score 1, Informative) 597

With homes having high load devices with large motors(washing machines, compressors in heat pumps, etc) and the large resistive loads like electric heaters, stoves, etc DC just is not the answer. Even with DC there would be a need for DC-DC converters which work by converting to AC... So given how easy it is to move AC voltages around and up/down I would think the question would be how do we optimize the losses in conversions. Maybe we need 5KHz instead of 50/60Hz.

Comment Re:Most IP cameras (Score 1) 263

I wonder if the IP cams which use someones cloud for the images have such a URL for getting the current or latest JPEG image? If they do then you could use such a cam since it would be pushing out the images. BTW, once a cam pushes out an image, there is a TCP/IP connection between the camera and service server so they can command the camera to do things without initially knowing your cameras IP or having to come into your network from 'outside'.


Comment Re:Canon Powershot + CHDK + RPi (Score 1) 263

that's what I was thinking except for the rPi, use a WiFi enabled SD card like EyeFi to offload the pictures. The rPi might be cheaper but would require a bit more geekery but with the added ability to do more. The WiFi SD solution should be just a bit of server code to pull in the pictures. There would have to be a network and WiFi already there.


Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 263

what about a low end( by todays standard ) digital camera like a Cannon which can have installed new firmware on the SD card for timed pictures and use one of those wifi enabled SD cards?

CHDK is the firmware:

SD WiFi card(Eyefi):

if EyeFi won't let you send to your own web server then just put a script on your web server to go get the latest picture from the EyeFi site.

That should cover it except for some kind of mount which would have to hang from the ceiling and could have a standard tripod screw mount on it. Heck, CDHK probably lets you flip the picture so you can just suspend a tripod from the ceiling with the camera attached. You'll also want to find a compatible Cannon camera which can take external power.


Comment all about roman numerals and moving to Linux (Score 1) 171

They'll quickly star the marketing machine calling it Windows X and then they'll start calling it X Windows as they move to the Linux kernel.
They can also start calling all computers running Windows X/X Windows, X Boxes. So really, using 10 just makes everything fit with marketing better since the Windows brand is so last century.


Comment Re:Well, that took a while (Score 1) 184

From what I could find that would only be for Android phones so how useful is that. Not much IMO.

Here's something interesting:
why did microsoft port office to apples ios ipad before android


Comment Re:Well, that took a while (Score 1) 184

that's why we are not hearing about and Android version. How does that saying go, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."? To Microsoft, Apple is the lesser of two evils and by making these PR statements the new CEO can look like he's now a new player while Bill Gates is behind him pulling his strings to do everything they can to try and save Windows. I doubt we'll see an Android version before the Microsoft Surface version if at all.


Comment Re:Done over 50 years ago (Score 2) 262

It was also done more recently as the late 1990s when the Rosen brothers created Rosen Motors and built a turbine and flywheel based system for cars. When they could not get any old school auto companies to buy into it they folded the company. I believe Capstone Turbines is the only remaining element of the company. It was created to make the compact turbines used in their auto system.


Comment Re:Cost of electric vs gas, and range (Score 1) 810

As more and more EV's hit the roads, watch the car rental business start expanding as they offer quick and easy rental plans for EV owners. Right now, their primary businesses is travelers but their is nothing stopping them from leveraging their parking lots to charge EV's and rent out vehicles for the occasional "long" distance trip.


Comment prices will go down when? (Score 1) 115

When precious metals are replaced? Really? And just how long do they think fuel cells have been around and very expensive too? FYI, fuel cells have been around for many decades and have been in use for about the same period. Mostly by the space, aerospace and defense industries. TFA seems to throw out the concept of a quick reduction in price when it's an old/mature industry and technology already.

It made me wonder if another Bush wasn't in office somewhere pushing this hydrogen stuff again as a distraction to the growing BEV market. Like George and Dick did back when HEVs(hybrids) were hitting the market.


Comment Re:talk about R&D gone wild (Score 1) 206

anyone would have come up with that given just a bit of time. Personally, I didn't have a problem with how the OS/2 task list popped up on key stroke command and still think it's a waste of time/space showing the tasks at the bottom or top of the screen. If you recall, OS/2 3 had a task launcher at the bottom of the desktop. It wasn't docked to the screen edge but it wasn't bad with with little drawers which popped up/out to show more options.

I really think Microsoft was using PR instead of real research when they came up with the 95 desktop UI. At the time, OS/2's Workplace Shell was an amazing object oriented desktop with independent folder color settings, folder background settings, developer inheritance so all the bells/whistles you expect from a folder would be part of a new folder which might have a split view. I just recall how many times Microsoft claimed lots of money was spent on research when nearly everything they ended up with was sub standard from what others had already done. Unfortunately I don't think we'll ever get to where OS/2 or NEXT was 20 years ago.


Comment talk about R&D gone wild (Score -1, Troll) 206

$100 million and what does it look like? Oh wait, this is the same company which hired researchers to give us Linux facts, came up with and stuck with Windows 95 when OS/2 was NextStep were out there. And who can forget Windows Vista.

I wonder how the next CEO would feel about this kind of profit wasting?


Comment Re:Ethanol is a crock nobody wants (Score 5, Insightful) 330

Exactly and the E10 used can, by law, only be corn based ethanol. So those crying of other ethanol producers being hard is 100% propaganda. The whole ethanol thing was generated by the corn farmers lobby and it had nothing to do with environmental or geo-political oil industry factors.

I'm hoping ethanol gets dumped.


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