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by insanecarbonbasedlif (#47524949) Attached to: Chronicle: New girl on the block oddity.

I hope i am not making judgement calls in the JE. I just wanted to convey my state of mind.

No, didn't sound judgmental to me, just wanted to offer my view of how diverse the mores of American Evangelical Fundamentalists can be (my view from having been in a fundamentalist community for a long time).

I would have expected a high correlation between the the Conservative Dress bucket and Non-Believers bucket.

I think there is a correlation so your expectation is justified, but there are all sorts of surprises from individual sects.

I also wonder about that cursing thing. She was scared of me thinking i might curse her. Where did that even come from?

That is very strange, who knows whether it was just childish imagination, doctrine or culture from the home or the church, or what?

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by RailGunner (#47522953) Attached to: Godwin would be ... something something something
Nope. Just here to note that your idiocy is on another level these days -- which for you, is really saying something. It's past the point of you just naturally being a little slow on the upkeep, it's degenerated to the point where you really have to try to be as willfully ignorant as you are. I'm just here to applaud your effort, it takes a lot to remain so oblivious to overwhelming facts that shatter your world view. Your psyche must be hanging on by a thread, when it finally shatters it'll be amusing to watch.

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Congratulations, AC, you're written what may possibly be the dumbest post in slashdot history -- and considering the general idiocy of the lefty trolls around here, that's really saying something.

A Christian who "takes the Gospel more seriously than anything else" would interpret those words as never responding to aggression with violence or legal defense. The latter implies you wouldn't even go after government who is violating the Constitution.


Just because Christians are commanded to not respond to violence with violence does not mean that we cannot seek a peaceful, legal remedy. Christians are not commanded to be doormats, AC. Seeking legal (or criminal charges) against someone is vastly different from smacking some dude back.

In other words, a true Christian would not be bothered by the evils of the Progressives, the federal government, etc. Those are merely Kingdoms of Man.

Wrong again. Christians are called to be defenders of innocent life, and for true justice to be merited on earth. Take abortion -- you're making the statement that Christians shouldn't care about abortion because it's part of a Kingdom of Man. Well, if Christians are called to be the Light of the World, how can we stand idly by while innocents are getting slaughtered by the millions?

not being political and telling people how the president is a rodeo clown (that's judging, against what Jesus taught)

What Jesus was talking about was not discerning whether or not an action is sinful, we can judge that all day. Jesus would not object to any Christian saying homosexual contact is sinful. Jesus would strongly object to the Fred Phelps crowd saying all homosexuals are going to Hell. THAT'S WHAT JESUS MEANT WHEN HE SAID DO NOT JUDGE. He meant that He, and only He, through God the Father, is the Judge of Humanity that decides our ultimate fate - Heaven or Hell.

You know, AC, you should really have logged in. You should own your idiocy in this post.

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