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Journal Em Emalb's Journal: minicom is kicking my ass... 4

Hey, any of youse guys use minicom?

It's kickin my ass. I've got a cisco 2851 router I'm tryin to configurate on a wee bit.

The baud rate settings are 115200 on the router, and even when I set them to that in minicom it chokes like I'm force-feeding it Anna Nicole's bloated corpse.

Any ideas?

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minicom is kicking my ass...

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  • if unixy, have you tried tip/cu?
  • 9600 baud, 8N1, no hardware flow control.

    Learn to love it.
    • by Em Emalb (452530)
      correct. Except I'm an impatient fucker and the very first thing I did was change it on the router to 115200. (I was upgrading the IOS)

      I'm ass deep in all things Cisco, so I know this man :)
      • by AntiFreeze (31247) *
        If you're still having problems with minicom, let me know.

        The most common problem with minicom is having it use the proper serial port :)

        If you're on a linux box, chances are you want to be using /dev/ttyS0, but minicom likes to default to /dev/ttyS1 just to fuck with you.

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