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Comment Re:Figure out how to keep the NSA out. (Score 1) 73

End to end encryption is fundamentally incompatible with historical archives. Copyright and DRM will eventually lead to some, easily duplicable works of art being lost forever because the servers are shutdown and encryption keys not released.

E2E encryption is the same - it working is *fundamentally* about the death of archival.

Comment Re:BSD is looking better all the time (Score 1) 747


You're saying this: /etc/init.d/servicename stop

is harder to parse then this (correct because you also managed to mispell the command invocation):
systemctl stop servicename

The problem with people who hate systemd is that all of them only manage to come up with, at best, utterly petty complaints like this and "binary logs" (guess my syslog-ng configuration doesn't exist).

Comment This is the noose Uber hangs itself by... (Score 2) 31

The self-driving car is very much going to project that sinks Uber. It's an enterprise so far outside their core business, with such a sheer volume of money required to bring to fruition, and they're just not going to get there. Moreover, it's not at all clear that their financials support being able to back a project like this if it doesn't bring quick and immediate success.

Google are probably the current leaders in this field. And to their credit, there's a logical value there - Google's business is, essentially, AI - which is what the problem boils down to (and integrates nicely with the rest of their search business - object identification, categorization etc.).

When investors start wanting to cash out, Uber is going to wind up sliced and diced and a lot less valuable then it looked on paper due to projects like this which they can't possibly fulfill.

Comment Re:Garbage what? (Score 3, Insightful) 71

The oceans produce 70% of the oxygen on this planet. A huge portion of those "worrying about their next meal" depend on ocean ecosystems for that meal. And most of that plastic is produced by the first world, not the third.

And you know, they're also capable of speaking for themselves. You, a first-worlder, have food security. So what's your excuse for not using your privilege and means to do something about this problem?

Comment Re:Article summary (Score 5, Insightful) 396

Quite possibly it'll be the ultimate thing which buries the company though. Toxic workplaces tend to be very good at ultimately pursuing bad ideas that sink them, because they eventually drive away anyone who might have the drive to try and fix or oppose them. Drone delivery might be the first sign of that with Amazon. Plus - we haven't seen the fallout of a genuine crash in cloud hosting yet, and there's a lot of business being built on the idea that Amazon will always exist. Inject some genuine uncertainty and you have to wonder if they're in a position to deal with that.

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