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Comment: Re:KDBus - another systemd brick on the wall (Score 1) 232

by Electricity Likes Me (#49567761) Attached to: Linux 4.1 Bringing Many Changes, But No KDBUS

Actually the thing journalctl does really well is the ability to log onto a machine and run journalctl -f and get every log the machine is running on the local console immediately. It's a boon when you're doing remote logging because you don't get stuck with issues like buffering causing your logs to come in big unwieldy bursts.

Comment: Re:wikipedia is self-correcting (Score 1) 186

by Electricity Likes Me (#49489733) Attached to: How Many Hoaxes Are On Wikipedia? No One Knows

But it uses all of them, which makes it easier to spot errors, discrepancies, and agendas, which can then be the focus of additional investigation.

Poor soul thinks that Wikipedia editors actually "investigate" content with the intent of spotting errors, discrepancies, and agendas. News flash: most Wikipedia editors "challenge" content with the intent of inserting their own agendas. Period.

As opposed to people who complain about wikipedia can can't possibly have agendas?

Color me skeptical when various political factions are consistently complaining that "the media" is against them.

Comment: Re:Systemic and widespread? (Score 2) 489

by Electricity Likes Me (#49438455) Attached to: The Courage of Bystanders Who Press "Record"

Body cameras would go a long way to providing hard, tangible evidence that would let us get rid of the "few bad cops". Because trying to have the police self-police based on heresay absolutely does not work (high school is a sad prototype for life: everyone knew who the bully was, but guess what's always worse and dangerous: being the guy who tries to call him out on it).

On top of that, all trials of them show that the actual rate of false allegations against police plummets when they're used - it's a win-win.

Comment: Re:Technology can indeed fail (Score 1) 460

by Electricity Likes Me (#49428195) Attached to: Planes Without Pilots

Two places: people's lives aren't in danger with centrifuges. Them breaking is the same as any other mechanical stoppage of a plant. The choice of operating system, as a result, for the types of PLC controllers which are used, is quite different and subject to different selection requirements then an aircraft's flight systems.

Comment: Re:Sensors wrong (Score 1) 460

by Electricity Likes Me (#49423349) Attached to: Planes Without Pilots

A pilot has no way to know wind speed from being in the plane you realize. An autopilot would be able to infer it from GPS data alone since an apparent 0 ground-speed would not be showing loss of altitude or command-authority over the control surfaces. In practice a plane would be able to use dopper-radar to get a read on wind-speeds as well, and also sample the directions to infer the situation.

A pilot in a plane with 0 visibility (likely, if you had a complex situation arising) is more blind then a computer.

Comment: Re:Sensors wrong (Score 1) 460

by Electricity Likes Me (#49423317) Attached to: Planes Without Pilots

This is an important point: flying is so far outside watching for lions on the African planes that almost everything your instincts tell you to do is wrong. It's why pilots have checklists to start with - because in pretty much every situation that arises, the absolute worst thing you can do is start going with "what it feels like".

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