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Comment Re:Isn't a VPN provider an ISP? (Score 1) 115

Good luck with that? My VPN endpoint is in another country as is the company. They're going to have to do a ridiculous amount of enforcement and blocking, much of which would wind up contravening WTO treaties, to actually limit it.

Of course the fact you need this service is still ridiculous.

Comment Re:Swarm, not sphere. (Score 1) 339

It is however a threshold situation. The tools and technology to build a solar panel to sustain us like that would make it cheaper to build the next one. Once we can do it once, economic growth would dictate that we pretty obviously should build another to get the most out of the investment. Repeat to the logical conclusion...

Comment Re:Swarm, not sphere. (Score 1) 339

It could also simply be *not a dyson sphere*. A matroshka brain would actually be somewhat more consistent - clouds of thinly spread dust, punctuated by a few planets or planet remnants in the process of being disassembled.

Seeing as how the star is never completely occulted, but the predicted object sizes for some scenarios have to be substantially larger then the star, then it would be somewhat more consistent.

Comment Re:Lots of other possibilities (Score 3, Informative) 339

Except if this were the case we would see diffraction spectra from the edge of the occluding object. We would also be able to find the object and measure it directly: in the attached paper they do a detailed follow up where no such occluding objects are discovered.

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