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Comment: And here I am about to ditch Chrome... (Score 2) 41

by Electricity Likes Me (#49804933) Attached to: Google Chrome Tops 1 Billion Users

And here I am about to ditch Chrome for Firefox because the 4+gb of memory usage on desktop with a bunch of inactive tabs open is meaning I can't really do work properly anymore because my machine is liable to lock up from running out of memory. And this isn't hundreds of tabs - it's like, 30-40 tops.

Comment: Re:Except you didn't, therefore (Score 1) 150

Also every single place with a complicated password policy ends up with users choosing the most similar types of simple password that are allowed. They then write them down because they can't remember them. You can always tell when some jackass has got in charge of password security because a long keyphrase like "Goats jumping over the martian plains!" gets rejected, but "abc123!@#" gets accepted because it has a number in it.

Comment: Re:Idiots (Score 2) 221

Also every wireless signalling system I've ever seen for data tends to introduce a ton more latency with all the processing necessary for high throughput than any wired equivalents. This is even becoming a problem with high speed ethernet since past 10Gbps it's essentially RF modulation schemes again.

Comment: Re:Kickstarter (Score 1) 227

Can you elaborate on why this is fucked up and why valve's sounds better? Genuinely curious.

A history of actually shipping the stuff they talk about... And lots of shipping Linux games.

HL3 is any day now...

Seriously? I have a DK2 sitting on my desk right now. I was plaing Elite Dangerous with it a couple of hours ago.

Comment: Re:sampling bias (Score 1) 405

No I'm pretty comfortable saying the Baby Boomers are uniquely the worst and Gen X is just the children who never had a chance to learn better.

Once they die and Gen X has it's tantrum over all the aged-care benefits they're not going to get because of the screwed up workforce dynamics the Baby Boomers led to, all of sudden all the usual castigators of the young will switch their tune to be all about socialism and welfare.

Comment: Re:Technology, same effort, more productivity (Score 1) 405

The latest generation works harder, for longer hours, ...

Not according to what my grandparents have told me.

Your grandparents lived in a time when you got a job, held it for the rest of your life if you wanted to, and from that earned an income to support a stay-at-home spouse and multiple children.

Comment: Re:sampling bias (Score 1) 405

Old people are different than young people. Naturally, each group believes that the differences in question make them superior to the other group.

True in many ways....HOWEVER,

Everything else you wrote from this point on is exactly the same thing that was, has and will be said for thousands of years prior and henceforth.

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