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Comment Re:Learning to program by Googling + Trial & E (Score 1) 606

This is why so much poor software exists in the world. I can only imagine what nightmare code is being generated by such efforts. Yes, anyone can code, just as anyone can build a house. Whether or not the house collapses immediately, whether it has any real value, or by any other measure still depends on the skill of the builder, just as in software.

I dunno. I started programming in C on my Commodore Amiga many many years ago. Bought a book, not much different than Googling nowadays. Eventually learned data structures and algorithms.

There is code of mine that was started in 1998 and I have not touched since about 2002 that is still running on the internet. It has never crashed, it has never acted poorly, it has always done what it is supposed to do. The source code was distributed and some really nasty hackers did their best to make it choke but the "best" they could do was DDoS it. One DDoS attack took out all of San Diego. Another DDoS attack took down all of Arizona and stepped out of the IRC business for a while.

My code still ran perfectly fine and still does to this day despite no updates for well over a decade.

Comment Re: 92B (Score 1) 64

Nope the tax evasion is illegal

Nonsense. It is fully legal. Please quote which law, and in which way this is illegal. If it is illegal, why are companies like Microsoft and Google not prosecuted. The tax authorities are actually quite fond of prosecuting illegal tax evasion. Please don't make up your own fact just to make reality fit your emotions.

considered a plague upon the earth

Sigh. Why don't you just move to North Korea immediately. Then you will not be plagued with companies or even the concept of having a job.

Comment Re:Poor example (Score 1) 437

The whole situation is stupid. You go when it is your turn unless someone is entering the intersection faster than you are. Even then, you should be close to halfway across before you yield to the other person moving out of sequence. Anything else is madness.

If you yield to the slightest of motions, you will never go. If you go when someone else is going more aggressively than you, there will be an accident. The only solution is to assert that it is your turn to go by entering the intersection. If an accident happens despite all of that, then it is clearly the other person's fault and the accident was going to happen anyway.

Comment Re:Mirrored drones = deadly disco balls? (Score 1) 125

The mirror coating is barely reflective to a laser, and will burn off just about as quickly as the camouflage coating which you propose. What is needed to have any real effect is an ablative laser coating which continues to be reflective as it is burned away. AFAIK no such material exists as of yet, in spite of being prophesied in roll-playing games (i.e. Battletech.)

Hm. It seems to me that the ideal way to handle this is to have the material ablate in such a manner that it leaves a cloud of particles hanging in the air, forcing the laser to burn through the cloud as well.

Comment Re:Thank You All (Score 1) 198

Since I am certain you will not see my previous response to another poster, I think it would be wise for me to paraphrase the poster's response and my response for you:

Enterprise Architect should not be logging on with administrative credentials. An Enterprise Architect has two arms, Sysems/Networks Administrators and Information Assurance. Systems/Networks give you reports and implements what you want. Information Assurance validates (amongst other things). You need to do nothing in that arena.

Comment Re:Architect != sysadmin (Score 1) 198

The role that everyone seems to be ignoring here is IA. Information Assurance should be the read only underlings that validate things are the way the EA thinks they are.

In summary: The Enterprise Architect needs no accounts other than that required to log on to their workstation. The System and Network Administrator personnel implement what they are told. The Information Assurance personnel guarantee to the Enterprise Architect that what was told the System Administrators was properly implemented.

Comment Re: 92B (Score 1) 64

Sorry no it is illegal they are bleeding economies out of sheer greed

Nonsense. Greed is perfectly legal. The fact that you don't like it doesn't make it illegal. In fact, you say so your self:

they have paid their lobbyists to create via corrupt politicians

If a company is following the law, no matter how that law came about, then the company is not doing anything illegal. Again, the fact that you don't like it doesn't make it illegal.

To my own comment: A company is required, by regulation, to maximize profit for share holders. If a company has the ability to legally move their money around to minimize taxation then they are required to do so.

Comment Re: Mission accomplished (Score 1) 396

Sigh. When someone has something to say about your superstitious beliefs, it doesn't automatically mean they are making stuff up: you could start here..

Now, in fairness, in 2014, German CO2 emissions fell quite significantly, but that is very, very hard to tie to energiwende, since the entire CO2 emission drop can be explained by a dramatic reduction in energy consumption in 2014. Now, this energy consumption reduction can be tied directly to a mild winter, so 2014 is, most likely, an anomaly. You can read more about that in this very eco-friendly publication. It's cool to see how they wriggle and worm to try not to put the "blame" of the 2014 CO2 emission reduction on the lower energy consumption.

There are other articles covering some of this also.

Currently, most renewable alternatives are, as the Tesla home batteries, woefully inadequate for the task at hand, at least in large parts of the world. Oh, and the Tesla home battery stuff is a sad, sad, sad joke.

Comment Re:Brought about by the internet? (Score 2) 725

The intent of Nazis was to deprive them of their ability to influence society, then of citizenship, then of property, then to be deported, then... "oh, hell, why are we going through all this hassle? We know how we want jews, so let's go right to the end of it: the final solution!"

One thing that has always bothered me about that whole mess: Why bother with Zyklon B at all?

Why not just have a trap door open up that tosses them directly into the incinerator while they were alive? I would guess psychology...

It still utterly blows me away to this day that people did this to other people and that people now are not afraid of setting up similar controls because they think something like the Holocaust could never happen again. It can. It shouldn't. Think people. Think.

Comment Re:Small correction (Score 1) 121

And the most important thing : the whole state of Israel has been taken by force in 1948 !

Why would you defend such a country ?

All countries were made through force. Do you think the Russians lived in Russia since the dawn of time? Do you think the Chinese lived in China since the dawn of time? The only thing unique about Israel is that it was carved out by a third party for them.

Personally, I would nuke the whole area for all of them being jackasses. The Israeli leadership for allowing settling land and bulldozing houses and the Palestinian leadership for never being amenable to any rational agreement and being committed to keeping the Palestinians miserable.

I would be for taking all of the leaders from both sides and publicly executing them but the rot and corruption is too deep. Start with a clean slate and nuke it all. Of course, announce beforehand so reasonable people can leave the area forever.

Comment Re:This is Stupid (Score 1) 576

Just once I wish we'd wage a war on Cancer or Drunk Driving, ya know?

Erm, there has been a war on Drunk Driving... or have you not been paying attention for the last 20+ years? More lives have been destroyed by this war than have been saved, but whatever. Being practical is never the right answer.

Comment Re:Christie is ideal (Score 1) 576

I want Visas available for all the jobs we need doing. Right now we can't get american's to pick food and until we have robots doing it we need people to do it. We should have a visa just for this purpose and have people get it legally. They should come here legally, work here legally and NOT be exploited by farmers, factories etc.

You clearly do not understand the issue here. The reason that illegal immigrants can find work is because they work without the protections afforded to the American worker. This makes the immigrants cheaper to hire. This means the farmers and factories are in fact exploiting the immigrants. Without the economic incentive, there would be fewer illegal immigrants.

To word it in another manner, it is the ability to exploit the illegal immigrant that makes the illegal immigrant valuable. Americans would do the work but the farmers and factories do not want the baggage that comes with American workers (Social Security, payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, potential lawsuits, etc). Understand?

Comment Re:Yes? And? (Score 1) 269

He needs to fly to Sweeden and take care of his personal business, you know: "man up".

The chances of him being extradited to the U.S. are slim to none at this point.

I care not even the slightest about this character but even I wouldn't be turning myself over to Sweden. I have absolutely zero doubt he will end up in Guantanamo or worse either before he arrives in Sweden or afterwards with an apology by some official saying how they regret that the mistake made in paperwork allowed a European to hop onto an American plane accidentally and they take full responsibility for the error (which means nothing in this day and age). Of course, the deeply heartfelt apology will be of little use to the person being tortured, possibly to death.

When they want you, they WILL get you. Hell, they were considering storming the fucking embassy for him against all procedures and protocols. Oy.

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