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Comment: Re:No need for a conspiracy (Score 1) 281

People complained that Apple was just trying to force people to upgrade.

People will complain that the sun is too yellow. You can not please everyone; although you CAN please the majority of rational people. Denying people security updates (to buggy software) without also accepting "upgrades" that cause massive slowdowns and reduced usefulness is not reasonable or rational.

Because it was obviously phrased as a complaint.

Which exact words of the factual statement made it obvious to a native speaker that it was a complaint. misunderstand the nuances, but it was a sarcastic and bitter complaint..

Whoah! Now I can understand the tone of plain text message easily being misunderstood but this is... way out there. I am suspecting your are putting your own biases into the words that I spoke. Please explain how you get sarcastic bitterness out of my words. The complaint part, I could, in theory, see. The sarcastic and bitter part? Just wow. I even specifically stated that I exclusively use unlocked international versions of phones with custom ROMs now so how could I possibly be bitter about the lameness of American carriers... especially since I am not even using them, I am overseas and have been for a long time.

Well yes, I suppose I am derailing your argument.

You have not addressed a single one of my points, much less refuted them. Permit me to restate them:

Fact: My experience with iPhones prior to the 4 indicate that there was significant slowness introduced with newer versions of iOS without significant new resource intensive features being added.
Proposition: It was intentional. It is irrelevant if it was through "laziness" or maliciousness.
Rebuttal: None. You did not directly address it at ALL except by claiming that I am whining sarcastically and bitterly about my experiences. Definitely not a rebuttal.

Fact: Android phones do not receive updates from American Carriers who control the ROM files on the phones that they sell.
Proposition: This reduces or eliminates any potential desire for Google to try and slow down older phones through update mechanism.
Rebuttal: None. You did not directly address it at ALL except by claiming that I am whining sarcastically and bitterly about my experiences. Again, definitely not a rebuttal.

That's the terminology we're using for when you show that someone's argument is full of shit? "derailing"? Ok, then yeah, that's what I'm doing.

Actually, you are not even close to doing it. Furthermore, derailing an argument means turning it (the argument) into uselessness because you can't stay on on the points. Arguments can be "won" that way, just as they can be won through logical fallacies. That does not mean you are right or correct.

Have a nice day. :)

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It's no win

You forget option (d) Offer security updates for "older" (a year is older) iOS devices without the new features and tell them to buy a new phone if they want the new features. There is no obligation whatsoever to offer new features on old phones. I am unsure why you would even assume that to be the case. You bought the device with the feature set that it has and the transaction is complete. Deal with it.

In support of my point, you go complain, "You certainly do not have to worry..."

Why would you assume that was a complaint? It was a statement of fact. I buy unlocked international phones exclusively and run custom "ROM" files on them. None of what I was discussing affects me in any way. As a matter of fact, what I was discussing is EXACTLY why I buy what I buy and run what I run.

So you're complaining that Apple is providing updates for old phones, and complaining that Android is not providing updates for old phones.

Again, I am not complaining. I am discussing. Can I not present what I see without it being seen as a complaint or are you accusing me of complaining as a lame effort to derail my argument?

And then you're linking this to a whole capitalism/communism debate that feels out of place.

So you deny that there might be motivations based on Capitalistic ideals to make older model phones less useful? Really? And you reject my rejection of Communistic ideals as a solution? Odd, it seems that the entire premise of the article is that there might actually be Capitalistic motivations for phone manufacturers to make older phones less responsive. Of course, the article then goes on to denigrate such motivations, but it is actually discussed... so how is my discussion of it out of place?

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Begone foul coward. I specifically said my first iPhone was not a 1st gen and that my second phone was a 3GS. It was a long time ago and I incorrectly correctly called the 3 the 2 when in fact the 2 was their first model and their second model was the 3. Sue me.

If you were not so busy looking for trolls, perhaps you could have inferred what I meant since I was writing from memory about something quite a while ago. My words still stand.

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It seems like there is a simple solution to this sort of problem: don't use advanced warrant-less surveillance technology for matters other than serious national security threats.

BINGO! We have a winner here folks. Chuck, tell our contestant what he has won...

A night in luxurious GITMO near to relaxing beaches and refreshing Caribbean air. Back to you strikethree...

I got nothing.

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Lazy sarcasm:

There are 7 billion people on the planet with more popping in all the time. Fuck 'em. Let them be unemployable forever if they got a speeding ticket once. There are plenty of other people who need the job.

The scary part is: Some ministers actually seem to think this way.

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by strikethree (#47543257) Attached to: Bose Sues New Apple Acquisition Beats Over Patent Violations

Beats (and by extension, apple) is overpriced, overhyped shit. Bose is overpriced, overhyped shit.

I disagree. I have owned both sets of their "high end" noise cancelling headphones. Neither one is shit. Both are definitely over-hyped and overpriced, but they are not shit.

When you claim something is shit, you are claiming that it does not do what it says it will do. Both pairs of headphones reproduce the sounds that were intended in a reliable manner. That is a measure of quality. Both pairs of headphones provide some level of consistent noise cancellation. That is a measure of quality.

The Bose are better than the Beats at noise cancellation. The Beats are better than the Bose at convincing you that you are hearing bass, and slightly better at convincing you that you are hearing treble. Both are 3 times more expensive than a pair of Sennheiser (SP?) headphones that I have that reproduce sounds more like the original sound than the Bose or the Beats. Both pairs (Bose/Beats) sound like... I don't know: Cardboard? The only negative to the Sennheisers is that they do not do noise cancellation and they do not have batteries in them so they eat the battery of my phone. But play a FLAC file through them and OMG, they sound like sex compared to Bose or Beats.

Comment: Re:No need for a conspiracy (Score 2) 281

So in other words, what you are saying is that Apple released a new version of iOS and intentionally did not test it against older models because, well, fuck you, that's why.

So explain to me how this is different than intentionally slowing down older models? Yeah...

I had a iPhone 2. It went to shit (not just under optimised) once the 3 came out. I bought a 3GS. It went to shit when the 4 came out (but haha! I only upgraded my friends phones, not my own, so my 3GS was still useful for a few more years).

Once I saw the writing on the wall concerning the upgrade treadmill, I stopped buying Apple products. I had still purchased an iPad 2 and a Macbook Pro 15 inch, but I am done with Apple. I will not be upgrading the iOS on my iPad and I am still on Snow Leopard for my Macbook. I am done. I just do not wish to dedicate so much of my resources just to "stay in the same place". There is nothing any of their newer devices or operating systems offer to me that I want... and certainly nothing worth my money. But then, I would still be on XP64 if I could. Grrrrr.

This is one of the features of a capitalist society that I hate. Every business thinks they need to suck as much revenue out of you as possible regardless of whether or not it even makes sense from your own point of view. That leads to this kind of shit: Perfectly good phones needing be thrown out.

Oh, one other thing, once I tossed out iPhones, I went to Android. You certainly do not have to worry about updates rendering your phones useless in America. The carriers actively block all updates whatsoever because they refuse to update their own "control" software that they built into the original Android software that they shipped in your phone. That means unless you are running Cyanogenmod or some other custom "ROM", you will never see an update... which means that the updates do not actually slow down your phone because their is no economic incentive to do so!

But meh. Capitalism is infinitely better than Communism but the warts really show in these situations. Is there anything better?

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by strikethree (#47540539) Attached to: Verizon Now Throttling Top 'Unlimited' Subscribers On 4G LTE

Who is Verizon not fucking over? I'm not even their customer and I feel like I need some lube, just from hearing about these things. I would never, ever buy any service from Verizon. Every business they're in, they seem to take pleasure in punishing their customers just for using what they tried to purchase.

Look, Verizon is clearly evil and it seems almost everything they do only compounds their evil factor... but this is not one of those things. This is perfectly reasonable on the surface: Overloaded tower, less intensive customers line up first in the queue. Utterly fair. If I were a Verizon customer, I would be happy with this; especially if I were not on an unlimited plan. Even if I were on an unlimited plan, if I had already downloaded 4GB of data, I would be cool with sharing the limited resources with others.

Of course, knowing Verizon, they will pull cell towers down to ensure that the top 5% are being throttled at all times... but on the surface, this announcement is a good thing.

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by strikethree (#47538803) Attached to: SLS Project Coming Up $400 Million Short

If Elon was really smart he'd start a church given how much people on slashdot worship him.

I do not worship him. I "like" him though. He became a billionaire and decided to build rockets and electric cars amongst other things. Every other billionaire is boring as hell, just trying to collect more money: Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the Walton family, etc etc. What the fuck are they doing? Reveling in luxury and power. What is Elon Musk doing?

Yeah, there is a reason Elon Musk is talked about more than most other billionaires... well, talked about positively anyways. Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer have probably had more words thrown about in here than poor little Elon, but the words used for that dynamic duo are of a much more disparaging nature.

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