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Comment: Re:Would it be weird? (Score 4, Insightful) 126

by Pope (#47663851) Attached to: Android Motorcycle Helmet/HUD Gains Funding

And here I thought it was just a death wish.. Driving a motorcycle seems like a dangerous way to get places during rush hour. Driving a car scares me enough, I'd hate to be out there on two wheels trying to doge the stupid people, the gravel, AND the guy behind me who obviously don't pay attention to anything smaller than what they are driving.

So, why does that middle aged woman bring her Harley to work most of the time? I thought she did it for the parking space, because your above theory just doesn't apply to her.

Because they're fun to ride. If you're scared of being in a car already, then a motorcycle isn't for you.

Comment: Re:This is chilling (Score 1) 790

by Pope (#47607637) Attached to: Google Spots Explicit Images of a Child In Man's Email, Tips Off Police

Once read, it is no longer like a letter, it is business correspondence, and a warrant is no longer required.

This is extremely relevant in law. Recently, the former head of the CIA used unsent drafts stored in a drafts folder to communicate with a lover.

It's also how the 9/11 terrorists communicated with each other: one shared web email account, they just saved and edited drafts to write back and forth.

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