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Comment: Re:Awful. Insulted my intelligence. (Score 1) 98

by Pope (#48850649) Attached to: Silicon Valley Security Experts Give 'Blackhat' a Thumbs-Up; Do You?

There are two reasons I would like to see "Blackhat": The cinematography and Tang Wei. I'm curious to see how Tang Wei is in an American movie after she was blacklisted in China. She seems likes a capable actor so I would like to see her get new opportunities.

For the cinematography, it was decent for the most part. There's still something weird in both Blackhat and Public Enemies where there are a couple of hand-held shots that look like they were shot on cheap camcorders, and it's such a terrible contrast to how the rest of the movie looks. Also there are a few foot chase scenes that are hand-held and the picture just shakes too damn much.

Tang Wei does a decent job in a pretty thankless role, IMO.

Comment: Re: Easy solution (Score 1) 218

by Pope (#48828931) Attached to: Study: Belief That Some Fields Require "Brilliance" May Keep Women Out

Toronto outsourced half the garbage collection, crew size stayed the same, except the private company doing it now demands the wheelie bins be positioned in one exact certain way as they sit on the curb. The unionized workers never demanded any such thing. Oh, and it didn't save nearly the money that our former outsourcing-crazed mayor claimed it would. I'm sure he got a nice kickback from the company though.

Comment: Start with a simpler ballot (Score 1) 480

by Pope (#48794623) Attached to: How Bitcoin Could Be Key To Online Voting

One of the big things I see with respect to U.S. elections is that there are far too many thing crammed onto the ballot every two years. Simplify it! Every 4 years you get your presidential vote, along with senate and house, and the off 2 years you get senate and house. Put anything else on other days. Federal elections could have a standardized ballot across the entire country, no dimpled cards or hanging chads.

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