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Comment Re:LISP (Score 1) 297

I've read the manual for LISP which means I know some syntax and understand nothing. You need to actually create something useful in a language to start to grok it. But I've never had a project where I thought "you know what this calls for? LISP!" What kind of projects have you used LISP for? I want to keep an eye out for such a task.

Comment Re:Avoid INTERCAL (Score 1) 297

SAS should be killed with fire. It is the most frustrating piece of garbage I have ever used. SAS is a garbage language, made by garbage people. And when I say that I don't mean to denigrate sanitation workers, for whom I have the utmost respect. I mean the employees of the SAS corporation are humanoids, perhaps sentient, literally made of garbage.

I wept tears of nerd joy when I convinced my workplace to drop SAS and adopt R.

Comment Re:So can I sell my used copy? (Score 1) 156

And what, they should work for free?

I dunno, have EA and friends started paying overtime yet?

Robbers getting scammed isn't going to get much sympathy, especially when they're themselves trying to scam the public out of their resale rights. Let the games industry become respectable if they want to be treated with respect; and if they continue acting like a bunch of evil overlords, they should bloody well expect the public to side with the rogues looting their ill-gotten gains - their very products depict excactly that scenario over and over again.

But I guess no one likes admitting they are the villain in their own story.

Comment Re:So it's not unlimited, then... (Score 1) 260

Making the "Umlimited" plan only actually 100GB (before you get throttled like everybody else who goes over their limit; TMoUS never actually kills your data connection) would be pretty reasonable, I think

You know what would be more reasonable than making your Unlimited plan only actually 100GB?

Making your 100GB plan only actually 100GB, followed by one of either making your unlimited plan unlimited, or making your unlimited plan non-existent.

Comment Re:His first mistake was changing his lifestyle (Score 1) 636

It wouldn't be possible for him to not tell a soul. Everybody knew he made minecraft, everybody knows MS bought it...even if they could keep the exact dollar amount secret (which they probably couldn't because of shareholder reporting requirements) everybody would know it would still be a lot of cash.

Comment Re:First things first. (Score 5, Funny) 636

I'd hire at least two accountants and two lawyers, each to check the others work, and hopefully reduce the risk of being ripped off by either one.

Also, occasionally force them to brutally fight to the death. With themed weapons, like one gets a 3-ring binder, and the other gets one of those staple remover things. Replace the loser with fresh blood. Keeps them lean and on their toes.

I'd be a good rich dude, I think.

Comment Re:Betteridge's law of headlines says ... no (Score 1) 262

Spotted the SJW.

And you're going to spot more and more as the world moves on. You can be bitter about that and reminisce about bad old days when people were forced to pretend bullshit designed to keep everyone in their place wasn't bullshit, or you can let them go and enjoy the good progress brings. Either way they won't return.

Comment Can't stump Trump! (Score 1) 117

And the only one even talking about H1-Bs is the one not taking money from these assholes.

The rest of the candidates are all fat losers. I want an administration with class. And you know the Trump Administration will be the best, most successful administration in history, because Trump doesn't put his name anything that doesn't exude quality and class.

Can't wait until President Trump cleans up this H1-B mess.

Comment Re:couldn't hurt (Score 1) 262

That's stupid or disingenuous bullshit. Emoji makes an expressed thought harder to understand, while the HTML presentation coupled with a web browser makes it easier. It's exactly the opposite.

Smileys make it easier for the people who use them to express their thoughts. That is why they use it. And you know that too, at least based on your comment: "Instead of expecting people to exercise their language skills, we're just enabling stupid people to be more stupid. Their last motivation to learn to speak properly was to communicate with other idiots like themselves, and emoji shits on that."

So it's you who's disingenius here. Or, to put it bluntly, a complete hypocrite. Especially since your own grip on the English language appears to be tenuous at best, as demonstrated below.

I don't expect if I get a polite response, and since you appear to understand English,

Pity you can't write it :-D. Perhaps you should focus more on your own language skills rather than those of others.

Such as when displaying a short message, for example. They are typically displayed in system font sizes, which are usually non-trivial to change for the average user.

So now average user's convenience matters. Of course, they seem to be just fine with smileys since they keep using them... So perhaps it's you who finds changing font size non-trivial?

Why is everything HTML to you? Is that the only technology you "understand"?

HTML is cross-platform, allows embedding images, and is often used to render messages, so your "small-smiley" scenario could theoretically happen with it. Was that really too hard to figure out?

Never mind, rhetorical question. I see little reason to continue this, since it's obvious you have nothing besides playing(?) dumb to add. So long, and the next time you have trouble with technology simply ask for help, rather than coming up with a ridiculous tale about trying to protect "idiots" from too much convenience.

Comment Re:What is UNUSUAL (Score 2) 248

Eh, not everything the GP said has proper context.

1) It didn't "turn nonconsensual." She said "no," fell asleep, and work up with him penetrating her.

2) He didn't leave "with the agreement of the authorities." He asked if they could hold him, and they reluctantly said no, because they couldn't. He then left. "We don't have enough to hold you yet" is not the same as "you're totally fine and won't be hearing from us again." He didn't do anything wrong by leaving, but don't make it out like he was cleared in some way. He wasn't.

3) "Hasn't been charged" fails to understand the nature of the Swedish criminal justice system. In the US, you get charged, then investigated further, then indicted (or information), then arraigned, then tried. In Sweden, "charged" is basically like "arraigned." It comes at the end of the process. So saying "he hasn't even been charged" is misleading. If it were a US court, he would have already been charged and indicted, only needing to be arraigned and tried. He would already be a fugitive from justice.

Sweden hasn't done anything wrong in their pursuit of Assange. What is messed up is the UK spending 15M pounds for a rape suspect. That looks like politics. But Sweden's just following their laws in a way that's completely normal for them. However it looks strange to us because Swedish criminal justice procedure is part inquisitive and part adversarial, unlike the US system which is wholly adversarial.

Comment Re:Rebuilding supply chains = really hard (Score 1) 415

On the other hand as good as the A-10 reportedly is, there is always the danger of trying to fight the last war. Surface to Air missiles have improved substantially and the A10 reportedly isn't much use in contested airspace. The A10 is apparently very good at what it was designed for but it's unclear (to me anyway) how long that will continue to be the case.

That's my concern. The A-10 is great for the wars the US fought for the last few decades. But I think the days of fighting on the ground against goat herders is over. Americans won't stomach another ground war in the desert. Those conflicts will be fought by drones.

I hope there are no more major wars (lol) but if there are, the next is likely to be against Russian backed forces, if not Russia itself. And modern SAMs will knock the A-10 out of the sky.

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