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Comment Re:Open Source (Score 2) 167

You realise that if you try to install something that would be blocked by not having this checked, the dialog box that pops up actually links to the place in the settings to change it, right?

If you can't find it then, you have no placed operating any piece of technology built in the past 30 years

Comment Re:interesting (Score 1) 63

Absolutely! Why on earth would the EFF tell you that you should blindly trust sites that claim they honour DNT? We all know that basically everyone has their browser set to DNT, basically all malicious advertisers claim to honour it, and in reality nobody does. Why would I intentionally disable my tracking blocking for someone who lies and says to trust them? Shame on you EFF!

Comment Re:iBore 6.0 (Score 1) 508

The note series has zero latency on the stylus. And same deal with touch screens. The iphone was popular because it had amazing marketing. It has absolutely nothing to do with the product they offered as they have never had the best product, only the most advertised.

Comment Telephony switches from the early 80s (Score 1) 620

At my main job we still have tens of thousands of customers connected to GTD-5 switches that were installed in the early to mid 1980s, there is a plan to migrate away, but it sure isn't going fast.

At my side job, we just had brand new data terminals installed in our vehicles last month, they run XP, I understand wanting to keep it around, but installing it new this long after EOL?

Comment Re:Wrong problem. (Score 1) 654

And yet, maintenance increases as depreciation decreases with age. There have been many studies on this, people feel like it's cheap to drive these old cars, and it can be, but still not as cheap as they think.

People almost always calculate the cost of driving as cost of fuel. I am not aware of any vehicle out there where the cost of fuel accounts for the majority of the cost of driving, it's simply the most visible one. everything else adds up and transit is always cheaper.

That said, I never take transit, I'm just honest with myself that it's not a cost decision, but a comfort and convenience one.

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