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Comment Take it. (Score 1) 735

Seriously, take it. You aren't as important to your current employer as you think you are.

Oh, they will cajole and complain. But you will kick yourself for the years to come because you will wonder what would've happened if you had taken the job.

And, if you say, the management are really your friends, they'll understand eventually. Good management understands the value of keeping even leaving people happy - because after all, the employees might want to come back some day.

Comment Re:NFC (Score 1) 87

Nokia and Samsung have had NFC-compatible models years ago. They're in active use in countries like Austria and Germany. Also, Japan has had its own NFC-based infra in place for years, and most cell phone manufacturers offer payment-capable phones in there. Have done so for the past few years.

Google is hardly the first.

Comment Re:Moral authority (Score 1) 547

Kind of. But it still wouldn't demolish the connection between church and state - a power which is given by the fact that 80% of the population belongs to the same church.

Also, the more hardliners there are, the faster the exodus of the moderates will be.

Also, you can leave the church by submitting a form on the internet. Voting requires that you actually go somewhere and figure out who to vote for. Too much trouble.

Comment 10K broken (Score 3, Informative) 547

As of 14.00 EEST today, 10,000 persons (~0.2% of the population) have left the state church in three days. The pace seems to be somewhat accelerating even.

As far as PR catastrophes go, this is a fairly major one. The average tax paid by a church member is 300€/year, so this means annual losses of at least 3 M€.

Comment Re:A question for fellow Finns (please mod up!) (Score 1) 547

It is possible they were from a sect like the Jehova's witnesses or some such. I get regular visits too. If you tell them firmly you never want to see them again, they write your address down and never bother you again (until you move, they keep track of addresses, not people). If you chat amicably with them, they'll pop by for another visit in a few months or so.

Most of them are quite nice and fun to chat with, but some of them can be downright rude.

Comment Re:Moral authority (Score 4, Informative) 547

Yes. This particular incident comes from the fact that the majority of people (according to polls) do agree that equality is a good thing and that gay people should be allowed to marry and adopt children.

However, the church disagrees, and because they have a government-given monopoly on defining marriage, there's a bit of a crisis now.

(You can kind of get a marriage-like thing from the government, but it's legally not the same thing.)

Comment Re:It's True. (Score 1) 239

Do not forget the EHB - Extra Halfbrite Mode, in which you have 32 colors (5 bitplanes) and then a sixth bit which halves the colour intensity, so that you get 64 colors, though you can only choose freely 32 of them.

I wrote an image processing program which had fairly good RGB -> HAM & HAM8 conversion routines. If someone's curious to see how that is managed in practice, the code is here (GPL):

Histogram conversion:

Palette mapping:

Comment Re:Useless (Score 1) 76

But once you learn Qt, you can use the same skillset and nearly the same toolchain to target Mac, Windows, Linux DESKTOPS in addition to Symbian, Meego/Maemo and Windows Mobile. So you can release a few slots from your memory like Carbon or Microsoft classes to learn Qt ;-)

Comment Re:... for a given antenna and receiver sensitivit (Score 3, Informative) 35

Yes, but e.g. ISO 14443 RFID passive responses (e.g. the ones used in ICAO-specified RFID passports and paypass cards) very quickly go below ambient background noise, in effect limiting even the theoretical range to 1-2 m for all but most exotic radio-noise free environments.

Passive RFID is only half-radio, really. ;-)

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