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Comment Re:Buy an island (Score 1) 713

Hey slashdot. Can we edit/delete our posts please? FFS, this site is almost 20 years old and you still don't have this capability?

I frequent at about 6 sites mainly for discussions and none of them allows to edit posts. Where did you get the idea?? And what about using the Preview button to actually preview your post before hitting Submit? Would that be a sign of inappropriately excessive responsibility or what?

Comment Re:I'm not a panicky guy but... (Score 1) 418

Have a look:

I see there "Microsoft account" - does it indicate that the username/password live in the cloud? The whole thing is Microsoft OS. Why would I assume that it talks about Microsoft corporation and not local Microsoft software? Does it explain that the account will be used to sign in to both the PC and online services? Until now the accounts used to log in into the operating system were stored locally on that PC or in the logon server that is under control of the LAN admin.

I see there "No account? Create one!" - does that indicate whether the new account is local or live in the cloud?

I see there "Skip this step" - does it indicate that I want to create a local account or does it say that I don't want to create account at this time?

Now can you explain how is that imaginary?

Comment Re:MOOCs: my worst education experiences ever. (Score 1) 46

I'm saying that a 3-hour lecture the student needs to sit through is an outmoded concept

Did you lose the stop button?

Video also forces a particular pacing, ...

Use a media player that allows to seek and change playback speed.

Real online courses for credit when I took them (~10-years back, math, science, arts) all used textbook reading and paper.

I took over 10 courses at coursera. And I'm right now enrolled in one where the "lecture" is just 1 minute video introducing some acronyms and 2-3 links to external web pages or pdf going from 5 to 80 pages. I personally find that the worst style of the course I've seen on coursera.

Perhaps the style, that coursera usually does, simply does not fit your needs.

Comment Re:Gedit UI change (Score 1) 207

Fuck vertical space. On my random e-shop when I restrict the size of the monitor to 22"-24" then 90% of models have 1080 vertical pixels. And if I need more, I'll pivot the screen. You think I care about 3 additional lines? Oh, you mean on your netbook or tablet you don't have enough space? Well then get an editor designed for a small screen. And don't fuck up the default plain text editor of the DE. (Alternatively make it configurable).

Comment Re:The wet blanket says .. I missed (Score 1) 254

it has since inception never done any significant changes to the non-basics: Equation Editor

Two years ago I took a few courses that used lot of math. I took notes using LOo and used quotation editor extensively - using the Latex-like syntax. Took a few days to learn the notation for the things I needed it and then it was a breeze. Your comment made me curious. I have no MS Office here, so I looked up "microsoft office equation editor" on youtube. Then restricted the search to "this year" - and the top 5 search results show the technique "similar to Latex" - i.e. basically the same thing that is in LOo. The next result shows using the toolbar always clicking here and back. So ... can you, please, explain what makes MS Office equation editor so superior?

Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1) 254

Um, are you saying that the teacher handing out an assignment "to create a PowerPoint presentation" is a failure of FOSS? The failure of FOSS might be not being able to provide the tons of cliparts. We can dispute about failure of FOSS to handle formatting of document with clipart. But that is not what the GPP was talking about. Presentation as assignment - I can live with that. If the school is preparing future MBAs. God bless them. PowerPoint presentation as assignment is failure of the education system - e.g. the world is fucked up.

Comment Re:The poor UI limits LIbreOffice. (Score 1) 254

I'll throw a wrench in (sorry): did you consider localization? I.e. if the word "bold" has no "B" in the translation. I just checked a localized MS Office and it also uses a letter for all of bold/italic/underline that is unrelated to the translation of those words. Using the same letter avoids the problem. (I'd curious what the icon looks like in CJK for example.) The point is, when you start thinking about it, it is not so clear cut.

Comment Re:Piss off- text of her blog which was taken down (Score 3, Interesting) 229

That actually sounds pretty sensible.

No, it does not. A question "What does Oracle do if there is an actual security vulnerability?" is answered with "you found this because you reverse-engineered our code". That does not have to be true. On the other hand if I perform operation X and the product crashes, then they won't accept a submission unless you "provide a test case to verify that the alleged vulnerability is exploitable"

I read that clearly as "we do not want you to report any problems" and that makes their vulnerability reporting system just a PR thing.

Comment Re:What's the big deal (Score 1) 134

I don't mind so much for myself, but my children, never.

Let me know how it works for you when your kid wins a medal in a state competition.

In my own case - a colleague pointed out that there is a picture of me on Facebook after I went to a small local festival and the organizer of the festival had a professional photographer snapping pictures for the festival's FB page.

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