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Comment: Re:Unsupported obsolete OS (Score 1) 368

by rastos1 (#49543569) Attached to: iTunes Stops Working For Windows XP Users

The problem is that you should not need someone to support a _datafile_ Though it is reasonable to expect that support for application is required in the OS/libraries/framework/...

So are you able to access (and interpret) your datafile after Apple dropped support for iTunes in XP? If yes, then there is little room for complaints. If no, then it's a bummer. If your data are remote and you did not get a chance to grab them before the remote location became inaccessible, then blame the service.

+ - 2 Weeks Later: Reddit's April Fools Day Content is Still Going Strong

Submitted by Jhyrryl
Jhyrryl writes: On April 1st, Reddit released their April Fools Day joke alongside the rest of the Internet. Unlike all the others, /r/thebutton is still going strong. What happens when you push The Button? Within that subreddit only, your account acquires a piece of flair; a colored dot that displays the number of seconds that had passed between your pushing, and the previous push. Over 756,000 accounts have participated in the joke / social experiment by pressing The Button, while countless others refuse to press it or wait patiently to acquire a flair color of their choosing. The Button has spawned almost 2 dozen religious subreddits and continues to make the news in mainstream media outlets. Numerous sources of raw data have allowed for a variety of analytical tools that monitor the button, including mobile apps and browser extensions.

Comment: Re:Happened to me at EWR (Score 2) 294

by rastos1 (#49476355) Attached to: Denver TSA Screeners Manipulated System In Order To Grope Men's Genitals

... and I even considered complaining - but I was running short on time ...

You are under pressure. Running out of time. In danger of missing your flight and blowing up the subsequent schedule ... in another words: you hold the short end of the stick. It obviously works as designed.

Comment: Re:Pretty safe bet this happens everywhere. (Score 1) 294

by rastos1 (#49476339) Attached to: Denver TSA Screeners Manipulated System In Order To Grope Men's Genitals

Well... are the number of murdering TSA agents greater than other professions?

Doesn't have the sampling process be random in order to maintain the ratio of trait T in the overall population and in the sample? If yes, does it meant that TSA agents are picked at random from overall population? I sincerely hope they aren't.

Comment: Just don't chase him away (Score 1) 315

by rastos1 (#49444499) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Introduce a 7-Year-Old To Programming?
As others said, don't force your hobby on him. But a child always mimics its parents. If you are coding at home and your son sees you and sits next to you and watches you, just don't tell him to leave you alone because he disrupts your focus. Answer his questions, try to explain what you are doing, ask what would he like to make, do a first few projects for him and with him. It may take time until he shows the initiative but it should be up to him how fast and how far he wants to go. Your role is to support him.

+ - Does NSA have a "Dick Pic Program" ?->

Submitted by rastos1
rastos1 writes: Did you ever had a problem explaining pervasiveness off government surveillance to other people? Edward Snowden agrees:

It's real challenge to figure out how do we communicate things that required sort of years and years of technical understanding and compress that into seconds of speech. I'm so sympathetic to the problem.

Fortunately John Oliver helps him out and interviews E. Snowden. Also about the Dick Picture Program in the Last Week Tonight

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