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Comment Re:or -effective- against the infidel imperialists (Score 1) 473

I'm just skimming the discussion but I have to make a stop at this:

Terrorism has been effective in what ways, exactly?

It is effective at sucking us dry economically. I heard a news report that the Paris attack required investment of about 7k euro. The response is unfolding and is going to cost tens of billions. If that's not effective, then I don't know what is.

Comment Color me surprised (Score 5, Interesting) 337

Windows 10 is an unfolding disaster in slow motion. I make a living writing code that is used mostly on Windows and I had a bad feeling since the first Technical Preview. Decided to hold off the upgrade until the end of the free upgrade period hoping that the problems will be hammered out and the control will be (at least for most part) returned to the user. But instead it started bad and goes downhill from there.

Comment Re:Go Work for the Competition (Score 1) 192

Your customers hate your product because of the bad UI. The business is at extreme risk.

I work in a company that has products based on code that is twice so old as the one in TFA. The products started on HP-UX in '90-ties and was ported to run on current Windows. This brings a ton of legacy including things such as our own implementation of menus and buttons, arcane shortcuts and outright illogical and counter-intuitive behavior. I, as a developer, can't comprehend how this survives and I would love to bring in such progressive technologies such as context menu or a toolbar.

The problem is, that there is unbelievably huge inertia in the industry. We, the developers, are not the problem. We suggest a change and everybody, who talks to customer, from support, through training to sales screams: "you can't change this, the customers are used to this shitty way for decades and they would reject the change".

Comment Re:Reading between the lines here... (Score 1) 393

A fresh engineer gets a job in a factory. On first day the foreman hands him a broomstick and asks him: "Sweep the floor, from here to the other side of the hall." "But, ... but, ... I'm an engineer!" says the young man. The foreman sighs, and says: "Ok, give it here. I'll show you."

That's is what "overqualified" means.

Comment Re:SHILLS MOD DOWN FACTS EH (Score 1) 181

If you buy a motherboard with SecureBoot, you can check to see whether it will allow it to be turned off or not, and not purchase it. This means you can still dual boot to Mint.

If I'm reading your post correctly, then it can happen in future that the choice of motherboards, where you can dual-boot, may be severely limited. Sort of like currently choice of notebooks with some Linux pre-installed is severely limited (mostly to low-end models). Did I understand you correctly? If yes, then it isn't really comforting.

Comment Re:Amazing we didn't kill ourselves (Score 1) 289

Nuclear weapons have done more for peace than any other invention in the history of the human race. No-one can risk fighting a major war any more.

Nobody rational can risk fighting a major war anymore.

But watching the news lately, there is plenty of people out there that do not fall in that category and are happy to destroy the world just because the ${DIETY} told them.

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