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Comment Re:Extra battery? (Score 1) 223

I even have a battery that includes a wi-fi hub for sharing data (unfortunately, it doesn't include a network jack and the wireless network it creates is local and only useful for file sharing).....but those batteries are really easy to find. Most of them will even fully charge a phone two or three times.

Comment Let's cut to the important bits (Score 2) 32

Always-on copy protection that keeps the honest player from playing for the first month or two while it doesn't bother those copying it illegally again? Or something sane for a change.

Cut to the important parts that decide whether or not someone with half a brain even ponders looking at what the game is like before he dismisses it as "do not want".

Comment A few seconds? (Score 2) 48

I do my best to avoid places with earthquakes, but if I ever go to an earthquake zone, what the fuck am I gonna do with those "few seconds" warning that this app would provide me? Unless I can somehow use those seconds to board a hot air balloon, what can I possibly do with a few seconds if the earth is about to open up, besides take the opportunity to plant a big wet goodbye kiss on my own ass?

I admit that I've been fortifying myself with spirits in order to work up the courage to go out into the cold to walk the dog, so maybe I'm missing something.

Comment Re:Butthurt I & others made you eat your words (Score 1) 102

APK, the things that you do or say to me (or, for that matter, what any bipolar sociopath has to say) don't affect me, other than as a source of entertainment and possibly pity. Go ahead, let's hear again how nothing that I can do will affect you, because from what I hear you're about to see the effects. Slashdot is about to speak in a loud voice that your trollish shit is not welcome. It's a long time coming, and I will have zero sympathy for you when you're gone. You contribute nothing of value to this site, regardless of what you want to believe. In the past you had the opportunity to actually form some sort of small following here, but you completely squandered that opportunity by shitting all over the site at every available opportunity. There's no one who constantly says that you're a bad programmer, your ideas are wrong, etc, everyone always talks shit about your ridiculous behavior. Trying to bitch and moan about people wanting to silence your ideas is complete bullshit, the only thing that needs silencing is your constant flood of crap that contributes nothing. You're not being persecuted like some martyr, you're being blocked for being an abuser. That's what you are, an abuser. You're not some sympathetic persecuted martyr figure, you're just a troll, and you're about to add Slashdot to the long list of technical discussion sites where you are persona non grata. Think about what that says, is it more likely that there are all of these websites out there that have it wrong, or is it more likely that you're just an asshole? What's the simplest explanation for the fact that you are banned from so many discussion sites? You had an opportunity to gain a following with the substance of your posts, but that ship has sailed. At this point you are nothing but a minor nuisance just waiting to get squished by the inevitable shoe. Good riddance, I'll admit that I'll miss the entertainment value of the absurdity of some of your insults and claims, but I'm really not going to miss you. I'll be happy to continue to contact the site owners to let them know how I believe they can improve their service by way of removing you from it. You are determined to be a pain in the ass, so don't be surprised when you're treated like one. And don't try to pull the victim card either like a little bitch, you made your bed and now you get to lie in it. And I know you understand what it means to lie. What's the first rule when dealing with a spammer?

Adios, trollchacho.

Comment Re:"It's unclear what exactly causes the issue..." (Score 1) 137

But Apple never signed the Temporal Convention of 2237. Their CEO Steve21 even laughed at the threat the he'd be confined to the limits of his own mainframe, citing something along the lines of "that's 90% of all virtual space anyway, dorks!"

Why would they even bother with something like that?

Comment Re:IRS = ObamaCare (Score 1) 102

Well, I'm not going to be sorry to see him go. He's been trolling me for months after I called him out to stop with all of the spam he posts. I've emailed Slashdot about it asking if they can add some more filters specifically to block his post content (which it sounds like they're going to do), I've been emailing the people he cites as those who recommend his software to let them know how he's using their reputations in his spam, etc. He's been taunting me non-stop about how no one can affect him, etc. I don't know if my specific efforts influenced anything, but I'm glad that he's being treated the way he deserves. If he's going to gloat about defeating the various systems that Slashdot uses to protect against spam, about defeating the moderation system, etc, then he deserves to have additional roadblocks put up in front of him to try and step his crap-flood. Now he's whining about possibly being banned, as if blocking his spam is in any way unjust. He should have thought about that before gloating about defeating the anti-spam and moderation system.

Comment Re:IRS = ObamaCare (Score 1) 102

I haven't had the good fortune to read through that thread responding to John Carmack, that's awful. That's one of those things that makes you cringe for the person who doesn't get it. He posts a question to Carmack, and then the next day some AC replies kind of trolling him. 4 days after that the crapflood hits. He posts at (my times) 11:47am, 11:55, 11:58, 12:04, 12:10, 12:25, 12:39, all anonymous replies appearing to come from a third person (not APK), all saying the same crap as if all of a sudden 4 days later a bunch of people reading that at the same time all decided to post responses within an hour of each other, and he's going to assume that people don't know that it's him. It seriously makes me cringe. He feels the need to repeatedly defend his overclocking skills apparently. He follows that flood up with another 3 posts over the next 2 days still saying the same crap just for good measure. And here we are, nearly 14 years later, and his behavior hasn't changed at all. Think about that, zero personal growth over 14 years. I'd love to know what had to happen in childhood to damage a person like that, Im genuinely curious about what makes him tick. It's like encountering some bizarre animal that shouldn't be able to survive for more than a few years, but here's one 50 years later and you just want to know how that happened.

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