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by amicusNYCL (#47585763) Attached to: Comparison: Linux Text Editors

You might find it useful to stick the portable version of ConTEXT on a USB drive:

It hasn't been developed for 6 years, but I still have it installed just for its ability to open text files of several hundred megabytes in seconds. It's great as a lightweight editor for Windows.

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Local elections are the only ones that are important. The national system is so rigged that nothing individuals can do will make a difference.

However, be aware that local elections are the next target of corporate types. In the past two years, the Koch brothers have spent millions on school board elections, and not in the areas in which they live.

If you do get involved locally, be prepared to make a real fuss, and make sure you don't get busted for pot or beat your wife. In fact, don't even allow yourself to get into a situation where you can be framed for a pot bust. People have tried to get involved in local politics and have had their lives destroyed for their trouble.

And if you try to fight what has been cynically referred to as "election reform", be prepared for death threats.

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by amicusNYCL (#47585373) Attached to: Fooling a Mercedes Into Autonomous Driving With a Soda Can

I drove from Baltimore to DC and back with a rear tire flat the whole time (a Goodyear Assurance TripleTred, something actually useful), and then put air in it when I noticed it was flat.

You can drive from Baltimore to DC and back without noticing that you have a flat tire?

I've driven over 800 miles across six months on a tire that was completely flat

You never notice the tires when you're getting into or out of a car? What the hell?

I didn't realize it had exploded

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

As far as I can tell, tires just blow up when they feel like it.

How do you know that? I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that you did not inspect the tire to see what kind of condition it was in before it blew, and probably not at any point for months before that.

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by amicusNYCL (#47585317) Attached to: Fooling a Mercedes Into Autonomous Driving With a Soda Can

Active Lane Assist is where the car corrects the steering to keep it in the lane. In the video in the article he looks like he's just going straight, but if you watch the wheel closely it will turn occasionally to keep the car in the lane. The driver never has his hands on the wheel. The Mercedes will use radar to sense and maintain the distance to the vehicle in front (not the best around motorcycles, or when going around turns), and lane assist will keep the car in the lane as well.

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