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Comment: I'd love to see the IP free up.... (Score 2, Insightful) 178

by Durrok (#28277989) Attached to: <em>Dungeons &amp; Dragons Online</em> Goes Free-To-Play
... and to see someone make a niche game that actually caters DnD players VS whatever the heck Turbine tried to do with it. The screwed up on a lot of things. No randomized dungeons. No turn based combat (yes, it has it's issues but DnD is turn based - figure out how to do it right or GTFO). Absolutely terrible grinding with almost no content at launch. How do you take a niche market like MMOs, pick a setting that drills down your niche market even further, and then try to make it for anyone but these people?

Comment: Re:Four Gods wait on the windowsill... (Score 1) 49

by Durrok (#24324507) Attached to: Penny Arcade Adventures To Appear On PS3
Tycho and Gabe don't talk during it. Picking a voice actor for the parts would really be impossible as everyone has different opinions as to how they should sound. It also adds another expense to the project. I don't mind the text based dialog, there isn't an excessive amount of reading required and most of the dialog is very funny (at least the first time through).

For fun, go click on all the crabs on the dock. Yes, they all have different descriptions. :)
Linux Business

+ - Which Linux distribution makes the best register?

Submitted by
Durrok writes "I work for a rapidly growing company that is experiencing some growing pains in terms of financial capital. When looking for ways to cut costs the company decided to task the small group of Linux users at my work to determine if it would be feasible to get away from Windows and convert over to a Linux shop. We have had very little difficulty getting the programs we use on the registers to work under Wine but we cannot settle on which distribution to use. Which would you use if you were in our shoes?"

+ - Ration of support staff vs PCs?

Submitted by
Durrok writes "At the company you work at how many tier 1 techs, such as helpdesk, do you have? The company I am working for has been opening up at least 10 stores a year since 2003 and we still have the same 4 techs doing our tier 1 support. We are trying to convince our boss that we need to hire an additional tech but so far showing the percentage of ticket increase (240%), number of stores (41), and numbers of distribution centers (4) has not been enough to persuade him. I'm hoping that being able to show him real life examples will be more effective. In addition, is anyone aware of any industry standards for the number of PCs vs the number of support staff you should have?"

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