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Comment Re: Already here - it feels unfair to some (Score 1) 412

Then you aren't sacrificing 100 people. I think it was clear that for the OP 1% meant something different, quite a bit more than 77k in assets.
( note, I'm not in favor of such a thing, i'm just pointing something out )

"Welfare moms". Are they coming off an assembly line, all made exactly the same?

Or, what is a welfare mom to you? Is it a definition? If so, then of course that is what welfare moms are.
But then, how many people actually fit that definition?

It is easy to look at someone and decide that "if they only ... all would be peachy." Not as easy to actually do, in their place, with their resources.
I find that at work all over. Work too. Everything is easy when the job is someone else's.

Comment Re:Already here - it feels unfair to some (Score 1) 412

The Doctor nor the 60 year old couple are in the 1%.

And that welfare mom, how to you know she doesn't want to work?
There are some that don't want to work.
There are many many more who do want to work, but cant because of infrastructural issues ( too many to list, but could include studied wrong things in school, has lisp, malformed limbs, doesnt interview well ( shy, stutters, etc ), work wont allow time for dropping off/picking up kids at school, no car, and more ).

Comment Re:Except Uber drivers arent registered as anythin (Score 4, Interesting) 113

That is what being an independent contractor means for you.

The reason that Truck Companies, Taxi Companies, some Chicken Farmers are "independent contractors" is to push risk and cost out of the corporation and onto the I/C. And the profit stays with the corporation, it does not follow the risk or cost very well.

With Truck Companies, they dont have to carry the insurance, dont have to worry as much about fluctuations in the cost of diesel, Truck Maintenance, etc.
I recall a news article about how some Truckers were loosing money on loads because diesel costs went up fast,and the corporation the drivers were dealing with just didn't care, "the loads were sold, if you want to continue dealing with us, take it"

I also recall an article about one of the big Chicken sellers, they would have farms, the next group of gullible "we will make millions" people would buy the farm, because the "per chicken" payment was good. And maybe for a while, it would be. But then, they would lower the "per chicken" amount. Again and again, until those owners where soaked and gave up.

I understand that Home Depot will progressively lower the amount they are willing to pay their suppliers year over year, until the supplier goes under or gets smart and stops dealing with them.

Comment Re:Let me get this straight... (Score 1) 127

You are quite right, the makers of the items throwing valuable stuff around unsecured are doing wrong.

But, someone taking advantage of this problem is still doing wrong.
I don't think you are arguing that it is ethical to take that which is thrown at you, but that the owner had no intention of you having.
I understand that this is a "technicality", that it isn't expected to stop this wrong.

And someone publishing a directory ( or web site ) with directions on how to get to such ill secured items, especially to encourage, even allow viewing something like sleeping kids is doing wrong, verging on evil.
Chorus of above.

Comment Re:Israel won't like it (Score 1) 229

A, it may not be direct, but it is the intent
B, if there is no benefit, at least most of the time, why do they do it? if there is no profit, why do it?

Advocacy groups, etc, yes, quite. But corporate money should not be involved, at the very least. For any.

Impairment, I hear you, but if I and a hundred thousand of my closest friends were all to write my senator or congressperson and say "we are opposed/favor legistation 'x'" but company blah is on the opposing side, but contributed to that politicians campaign, who is he/she/it going to regard?
Observe, DCMA, SOPA, PIPA, copyright extensions, foreign trade agreements, bankruptcy law changes, etc. Who got "relief" when the economy tanked ( large corporations did, which then turned around and tossed people out of their houses ). Who's interests are regarded and protected?
( yes, SOPA didnt get enacted, but it took a huge outcry, and it was a narrow thing, and I am sure parts of it will have enactment attempts performed )

Comment Re:Israel won't like it (Score 1) 229

"Influencing elections by urging people to vote one way or another isn't buying votes"
"Influencing legislation isn't buying votes either; it's helpful to their interests"

Using money to get a desired outcome is not purchasing. Hmmm. Well, if you say so. I don't buy it. ( pun intended )

"any group of people should be able to tell a legislator what they think should be changed about legislation, proposed or otherwise"

Very true.
Currently, *my* ability to tell a legislator what *I* think ( for each my/I in the non-corporate audience ) is severely impaired,
as I don't have enough money to be interesting enough to listen to.
According to your analysis, corporate money isn't a good thing.

Comment Re:What am I? (Score 1) 349

"Do you even MBA bro?!

HR: So, what do you do?
Job Seeker: I MBA

HR: How long have you been doing it?
Job Seeker: I've been MBA-ing for several years now.

HR: Are you certified to code and develop?
Job Seeker: My MBA-ing allows me to certify an anything you need me too. So if I don't got it, I can get it!

HR: YOUR PERFECT!!! Can you start...yesterday?!!!"

Job Seeker: I started last month, where is my check?

Comment Re:END THE FED! I saw this coming 30 years ago. (Score 1) 349

We are too expensive.....

No. We are more expensive, sure, but not too expensive.

It is really stupid to allow ( and I'm not talking govt intervention ) all these jobs to flow out and be replaced by "grey market, low wage" jobs.
Who will be the buyers when all these jobs and the wages thereto have been shipped elsewhere?

American Corporations, you are selling your future. You, personally, wont be welcome in the countries you are sending the jobs to, and they will eventually exclude you ( as corporations and people ) from participating, once things hit a certain point.

In the long run, wages will equalize. The countries we are sending the jobs to will gain economic power, political power, and will bring back more authoritarian dealings with people, there will be less personal liberty, less freedom, less happiness.


Comment Re:That he may be (Score 1) 543

The H1B program in it's entirety is a market distortion.

The reality is that if companies want workers with good skills, they should have some good wages to offer in return.
Ordinary should not cut it. But, because they have the reins of government, they can now force lower wages.

Comment Re:Cruz can't be trusted (Score 1) 543

My HR department managed to find qualified American engineers.
And if universities are having a hard time with STEM graduates, tech companies have themselves to blame.
Who wants to follow a profession into the shredding machine?
Tech management keeps having Americans train offshore workers so the offshore workers can replace the American ones.
Even though there are still jobs out there, it's hard to tell someone "get a tech job".
The market clearly works. During the lead-up to the .com bubble, everyone and his dog spot was trying to get "trained for tech".
We had people applying for jobs for open slots where it seemed that recognizing a computer 3 out of 4 times was sufficient for an interview.

I have worked with many H1Bs. The ones I have worked with have been OK. Not the stellar God like creatures business would have you believe.
Ordinary, OK, nothing to write home about, got stuff done. Just like the Americans they worked with.

And on pay, here is an anecdote to match yours.
Tech worker responded to a craigslist ad I had placed for camping cots.
Why? So she and a coworker from India would have something to sleep on.
She got to my house on a bus.
Tied the cots together with rags, so they would not bang the other passengers, and be something she could manage to carry.
Now, tell me she was paid ( Intel or someone contracted to Intel, from her badge ) the prevailing wage that she felt she could not afford a cheap car between the two of them and a pair of second hand real beds. In terms of time and effort, both a car and the buying of real beds would be cheaper....

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