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Nowhere that the temperature regularly exceeds 100 degrees could possibly be considered a "great place to live" IMNSHO. (Which is also a strike against Detroit.) And anywhere that you can stand on the roof of a three story building and see 20 miles in every direction is just plain depressing to contemplate. Give me mountains, give me rain, give me trees, give me frost in winter and warmth in summer. When people actually go stay at a hotel because their air conditioning is broken that should be a sign that the place is inherently unlivable.

You have a point, it does get hot in Texas in late summer, but Air Conditioning is everywhere and you get used to it where all but the hottest days are not that bad. We also only get 1 or 2 days of snow in the winter, so there are advantages to being south. I'm pretty sure you'd like the topology in Austin, it's pretty hilly to the west and north of town. Nothing like the Rockies in Colorado, but quite picturesque in places. Dallas? Huston? Yea, it's about as flat as the rest of the Midwest.

OTOH, there are people who for some reason think that Des Moines, Iowa is a wonderful place to live.

I've met people that though Ceder Rapids Iowa was the bomb... It was OK during the hot months of summer, but it was horrible in winter, which seemed to be when I had to go up there the most. Not that Ceder Rapids is some kind of high tech hot spot, only really one employer there that I swear I'll never work for again..

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Detroit actually has less crime than Oakland.

Because NOBODY lives there who has the option to move so there is nobody to have a crime committed on, except during the day when...

OR is it because the last real police officer they had in Detroit was named Axel Foley so there is nobody there to report crimes to, much less investigate them?

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it's not the bigotry, its the fact they have no zoning laws and some megacorp can build a fertilizer plant next to residential housing and kill people when it explodes or build some oil refinery next to someone's home and poison their air and water

Shesh... How uninformed can YOU be? Care to source your critique of Texas or is this just an uninformed opinion by somebody who doesn't know better?

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That said, what the heck is the "natural average" of job growth?

It's a number ploy by a marketing firm... Detroit is showing the best *improvement* in jobs... Which really means last year they created 10 jobs, this year it's 20, for a 100% improvement.. Nobody else comes close....

Trust me, you DON'T want to live anywhere near there..

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Nobody dealin' with that winter, for rent.

The winters are not *that* bad, a bit cold and snowy, but you can get used to that.

What makes ME laugh about such articles is that Detroit is in the midst of some *serious* financial issues. Anybody recall that it is in the midst of a huge and nasty bankruptcy? The city is struggling to keep services up to minimal levels and is considering just bulldozing hundreds of thousand abandoned houses rather than keep supplying police, fire, utilities and other city services.

Who would want to live anyplace near such a situation? It's like a third world country in decline, with the crime, blight and debt in abundance.

Nope, articles like this are just the dying gasps of the marketing company hired to try and attract new business to a sinking ship. They desperately need tax payers and at this point are willing to do ANYTHING (including outright lying) to attract them. DON'T go, it's a trap.

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I would die first before moving to texas. most of my friend also feel the same.

You obviously haven't actually BEEN in Texas have you? There are parts of Texas I wouldn't give you a plug nickle for, but the techie parts of it are nice places to live. Dallas, Austin, Huston (less so) are great places to live. I've lived in Austin and Dallas and where both are unique, both are good places to live.

in all my life, I have never heard anyone EXCITED about moving to texas, at least for tech. sure, there is tech there but only for those that can stomach the texas lifestyle and redneck attitudes.

Yea, you've definitely NOT been here... Austin is ANYTHING but redneck in it's attitude. Dallas is a bit "cowboy" but that's NOT redneck either. Your preconceived notions about Texas are totally wrong. I got moved by my job, out of Texas, and I couldn't wait to get back. So you've now you have heard from somebody who was grateful to get transferred to Texas.

the outright racism and bible-belt feel just is not compatible with many techies' view of what a good living area should offer.

Again, you are so wrong. So very wrong... Texas is the most integrated culture I've lived in, if you measure it by looking at the diversity at various income levels. Yea, there are the poor, but your charge of racism is totally baseless, at least in the urban areas I've lived in. (cannot speak for what goes on out in the poorer country areas)

I would bet that Austin would come as a huge surprise to you. They may ware cowboy boots and hats, but don't let their looks fool you. It's obviously NOT what you think it is. I suggest you not knock it until you've tried it... But if you really have that bad of an attitude about Texas, go ahead and die so you won't have to risk moving here and ruining the place with your attitudes.

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We have been discussing a cyber attack on the power grid Just so it's clear..

There are likely not many people that have any interest in taking out the power grid.

We part ways on that statement. There are *countries* where you would be hailed as a hero if you did this. Countries where they would gladly pay great sums to anybody who could actually *do* this at their bidding. So I hope you see how wrong you seem to me on your above statement.

Full stop now... Don't think we are getting anywhere now..

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Half the posters automatically assume that snowden is working for the other side and that he's part of a negative propaganda campaign against the US.

How scary is the world you live in? It's like the brains can't process the possibility of something not having an ulterior motive.

So, are you saying it's *possible* that all this wasn't just a setup by Putin? Yea, and it's *possible* for the sun to rise in the west...

If you think Putin would willingly subject himself to questioning by Snowden, when he didn't have a really good idea what he was going to be asked and how he was going to answer, and that Snowden was free to ask any question that crossed his mind, you need to get your tinfoil hat back on...

Comment: In Mother Russa... (Score 4, Insightful) 377

Even the questions you can ask are provided by the state..

OF COURSE it was scripted and likely highly edited. This is 100% propaganda aimed squarely at the west by Putin. Snowden is just being used to attract attention and shape the message. He's just a pawn in a much larger game.

Reading between the lines though, I wonder what Putin is up to. Why bother with this?