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Comment: waste of time (Score 1) 94

Should be copying Oregon's Vote-By-Mail system instead.

No lines, no having to get across town after or before work, all resulting in better voter turnout, particularly among those with the most trouble accessing the vote (ie, minorities, poor, and low income workers).

Which is precisely why they'll fight it in every other state.

Comment: OK, you asked ... (Score 4, Interesting) 369

by gstoddart (#49756763) Attached to: 25 Years Today - Windows 3.0

It was a big deal for me, and I still consider Win 3 as *the* most significant Windows' release, and I wonder what other Slashdotters think, looking back on Win 3?

Honestly, the Steaming Heap of IInnovative Technology that was Windows 3 is what led me to Linux and UNIX and much of the rest of my career.

Right when nearing the end of Uni a free UNIX came along in the form of Linux ... because I had witnessed first hand what a steaming pile of crap was Windows 3, and then eventually Windows 3.11 (which sucked somewhat less, but not enough), I knew I wanted UNIX experience. It led to my first jobs.

I will be marked troll by people who weren't there, but Windows 3 was such a steaming pile of shit compared to what Linux (and at some point FreeBSD) could do on the exact same hardware, it's almost impossible to describe.

In 1993 no fewer than 3 other science nerds, to whom I said "hey, if you like Windows, far be it for me to judge ... but if you're asking for my Slackware disks and some install help, no problem -- I'll wipe out your new computer". They all switched to Linux because it was far more usable than Windows was on the same hardware. Even if Linux did occasionally crash, it was more robust than Windows. Because they could actually do several things at once.

On the same hardware, Linux destroyed Windows 3/3.11.

Windows 3 is significant in that it forced me to realize Windows wasn't anywhere NEAR being able to do what I'd learned in operating systems class ... I wrote an instance of pre-emptive multi-tasking before Microsoft made a commercial instance of it.

That doesn't mean that I could write a better OS than Microsoft, but it means when Linux was doing pre-emptive multitasking with proper virtual memory ... Microsoft was doing time-slicing ... it was a hell of a better operating system than Microsoft had written.

It just didn't have Word. It did, however, have LaTex ... yet another bit of awesome for a university student.

So, Kudos to Windows 3 for being such an out-dated pile of crap technology by the time it was released that it wasn't even fully utilizing a 386's inbuilt hardware features for multitasking, and wouldn't until Windows '95 ... which made possible (and preferable) for the widespread popularity of Linux.

If it hadn't sucked, we might not even know who Linus even is.

Comment: Re:Meh... (Score 3, Insightful) 237

by gstoddart (#49756165) Attached to: California Votes To Ban Microbeads

I can't imagine it is really a big water treatment issue since they have a different density than water and you could separate them with settling tanks and skimmers.

I dare you to tell us the cost of fitting tanks and skimmers into every sewer in California. Or every other body of water it flows into .. like apparently 471 million plastic microbeads are released into San Francisco Bay alone every single day.
Filtering the inputs to San Francisco Bay would be ridiculously expensive. Outlawing this plastic crap makes far more sense.

What you describe is theoretically possible, but utterly absurd in reality.

It's not a nothing issue. It's huge amount of crap dumped into waterways which acts like silt, doesn't break down, and otherwise serves to give people whiter teeth (or whatever the hell it's used for).

California has decided that's a dumb idea.

Comment: Re:NOKIA (Score 1) 300

by dywolf (#49755977) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's the Best Dumb Phone?

i think my samsung go phone i bought at Target (SGH-487 something something) has surpassed my old nokia for survability at this point. but even if it breaks tomorow, so what? who needs to upgrade for a "free" phone and 2 year contract, when 10$ for a prepaid phone with a removable sim card is all it takes to replace a phone?

Comment: Re:Meh... (Score 1) 237

by dywolf (#49755915) Attached to: California Votes To Ban Microbeads

They're so small and light that their denisty doesnt really come into play, even in the settling tanks. the lightest of currents can keep them from settling out. the part of the WTP most likely to catch them is the filtration.

the biggest problem is significant amounts manage to still make it through the plant and into wildlife, where they are small enough to collect in tissue and fuck em up.

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