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Comment Re: Even if practical technology was 10-20 years o (Score 1) 323

Maybe. My thought has always been that if fusion is close enough to get ballpark figures, we can build the necessary infrastructure and much of the housing in parallel with fusion development. Because the energy distribution will impose novel demands on the grid, it's going to require a major rethink on communications protocols, over-generation procedures, action plans on what to do if lines are taken out.

With fusion, especially, it's expensive at best to learn after the fact. Much better to get all the learning done in the decade until working fusion.

With all that in place, the ramp time until fusion is fully online at a sensible price will be greatly reduced.

Parallelize, don't serialize. Only shredded wheat should be cerealized.

Comment Re:"The word 'genius' gets misused an awful lot," (Score 1, Funny) 46

He'll, of course, be most well known for his celebrated surgery theory on sexifolds, particularly the foundational Sexconker Decomposition Theorem which demonstrates that all sexifolds can be decomposed into basic topological components such as penisifolds, breastifolds, and analfolds. And if the sexifold is not oriented, then it has a peculiar bisexual structure.

Comment Re:Not the holy grail (Score 1) 323

Actually, no. Conservation of energy means that converting solar radiation in electricity simply changes the form of the energy, not the amount.

Energy can be heating up mass on Earth or it can be radiating to deep space. Solar power causes more energy to be contained on Earth, heating it up rather than the latter. Energy is conserved, but it need not be present on Earth. And I already stated the mechanisms by which this would happen.

Comment Re:Not the holy grail (Score 1) 323

1) It's not the holy grail. It's been shown that if our energy consumption continues to grow along its current trajectory, then the temperature at the surface of the earth will reach the boiling point in several hundred years. Now, presumably the growth of our energy consumption will slow down at some point. But what this thought experiment demonstrates is that any power source that generates denovo heat on the earth is part of the problem. Ultimately, the source of our power will have to be the sun.

Solar also generates heat since it is increasing the albedo of a part of Earth and the result electricity produced will generate heat through work or inefficiency.

And physical exponential growth forever is not a serious scenario to consider.

Comment Re:the riskiest thing i do everyday (Score 1) 163

Yes. However, that is something you choose to do.

It's also riskier for people who don't choose to be anywhere near a car. There's probably more people dying from vehicles crashing into buildings or driving through non-road areas. And that's ignoring the effects of air pollution from vehicles.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 192

with currently available digital imaging you still would not need to be below 350 feet for that..

I'm obviously speaking of future digital imaging not present digital imaging.

Plus, if there really is no advantage to lower ceiling flights, then why shouldn't any such flights, no matter how high the ceiling, be subject to the same restrictions?

you also would not be running into any problems with that as it is your OWN property so there is no limits on what you can do

Except when your own property is not very big or the drone can't be launched from inside the property. Flying near someone else's property may trigger the law especially since it won't be obvious in some cases (due to the limits of human sight) whether the drone has crossed a property line or not. It forces very serious constraints on where a drone can fly.

Comment Re:In other words. (Score 1) 270

The argument is ridiculous because it protects IMHO a violation of the electoral process which is just as dangerous. The whole point of having those tapes was to provide a means to verify the legality of the vote. And the point of providing a copy rather than merely access is that access can be blocked or delayed, but once the investigator has a copy, that sort of obstruction can no longer occur.

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