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Comment Re:What NYPD is doing is part of a larger trend .. (Score 1) 135

Pretty sure it's the same America that put all of its Japanese citizens into camps, destroyed the lives of scientists because they had left-leaning friends, tested experimental drugs on the poor, incarcerated and military without their knowing, and practiced eugenics on "undesirables."

The America you remember never existed except in propaganda.

Comment Re:Difficult to reconcile with SN 1987A (Score 1) 142

Without doing much actual math, based on the energy of the neutrinos detected from SN1987A (~20 MeV or so) and the mass he measures and the distance to SN1987A (168,000 ly), you're looking at superluminal neutrinos arriving on the order of a second fast.

Comment Re:Why is the White House involved? (Score 1) 227

Because hosting the film entails risks, and talking to the government is a reasonable idea when the entity making threats might be another nation. If you heard the speech last week, Obama specifically said that he wished Sony had contacted his administration before canceling the movie's opening.

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