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Comment: Re:I wish my PS3 would play DLNA (Score 1) 112

by DirePickle (#47660961) Attached to: Xbox One Will Play Media from USB Devices, DLNA Servers
There are a few transcoding DLNA servers that make things much nicer (though far from perfect) on the PS3. The benchmark is PS3 Media Server. (it'll work with other clients, too, but it was designed for transcoding and streaming to the PS3).

Comment: Re:summary is misleading (Score 1) 347

I doubt he's tech-savvy enough to even mean that. He probably is using 'screen size' as a proxy for 'device type,' thinking he can arbitrarily decide whether you are allowed play a video on a TV, computer, phone, or what have you. New phones have the same resolution as an HDTV, anyway.

Comment: Re:I thought current consoles were like current PC (Score 2) 117

You're right, total brainfart on my part. I knew they were Jaguars (hence anemic), but I was thinking jags were put together the same way as the Bulldozers. Still--my point was that it's an Athlon 5150 with more cores (same speed, architecture), which really isn't enough to feed modern games at 1080p.

Comment: Re:Why single out Whole Foods? (Score 1) 794

by DirePickle (#46373103) Attached to: Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience
Whole Foods has some very attractive looking produce, but it's 3x more expensive than any other store in my area, even comparing organic to organic. Their bulk granola was a good price for a while, but then it shot up, and now it's more expensive *and* has more sugar than the organic boxed stuff from the normal grocery stores. They do have a nice wine-tasting thing on Fridays, though.

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