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Sorry - I made the mistake of assuming that people knew what lawful search and seizure means (i.e. a warrant except in very specific cases). In most cases judges don't hand out blanket warrants and, like you said, need to have justification more than "fishing expedition" (FISA cases aside).

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No, as the series of court rulings have gone, the Fourth Amendment does not protect you from lawful search and seizure (such as a safe or hard drive). The combination to the safe, or encryption key to the drive, is not incriminating evidence and providing it to allow for lawful search and seizure does not violate your rights. They can admit evidence produced by oneself into court (such as two sets of books in one's own handwriting for a case of fraud) and that is not a violation of the Fourth (or Fifth) - just so with information one puts on a hard drive. What they can not compel one to do is testify against oneself (which is the Fifth by the way) nor assume guilt because you do not take the stand (not that a prosecutor won't toe that line with the jury). So, if one can keep all details of a crime in one's head and manage to destroy all other evidence which could be subject to lawful search and seizure - then you've got a shot at being a criminal mastermind.

I'm not sure I entirely agree with the line of thought - but I can certainly follow the logic as well as the precedence.

What would be interesting is if one's pass-code was material evidence with respect to the case - but a possible way around that would be limited immunity or ruling it as inadmissible evidence...It would make for an interesting case study.

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Good point. Also - without knowing how many flights? There are hundreds of thousands of car crashes every year - but there are millions upon millions of miles traveled by car every year, so crashes are relatively rare. If there were 1000 drone flights and 400 crashes the article would have a point, but there were probable hundreds of thousands of military drone flights in the last 10 years.

Also, Military aircraft do tend to crash very often around the world. see Wikipedia List of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft (2010–present). Note the string of fatalities caused by those crashes.

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You realize that the case in which "falsely shouting fire in a crowded theater" came up in the justice's opinion was overturned almost fifty years ago?

I don't mind you bringing up the rest of your opinion, especially as there seems to be an objective trend of chilling free speech in the US, but please try not to further your argument by invoking invalidated information.

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The European presence can be seen as victory acquisitions which allow for a more global reach of the US military force projection.

On the other hand, the cease fire in Korea was signed without notifying the South Koreans first - UN has itself to blame for a non-decisive conclusion there. Of course the flip side would have been a commitment to victory which had the potential for cost and escalation beyond anything anyone other than the South Koreans were willing to pay (discussing the possible ways of deterring the Chinese from sending three soldiers for every gun into North Korea is what got MacArthur canned).

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No no no! What you really need for good coffee will be the mechanic or tech from trade school. The engineer won't listen to him/her and will put the lever on the wrong side due to a misplaced concept of efficiency. The scientist will complain that the engineer isn't doing it with appropriate reverence with the theoretical underpinnings (to which the engineer has comments on what the scientist can do with the real world non-ideological coffee processing device's lever) and the artist will be secretly wondering why they listened to their school's recruiter about there "not really" being any difference between schools which offer a BA versus the schools which offer a BS in the same field - all while nodding along with the scientist trying to promulgate that myth to his/her current employer. Then one of the non-techs will be promoted into management and then the inferno-roast will break free as he/she suspects that the previously derided business major might have known how to keep spreadsheets from biting back.

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