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Comment Re: Don't we (the US) already have that... (Score 1) 1291

You can be working a full-time job or two to pay rent and gas, but have very little left over to feed the kids every night.

Hmm..perhaps they, they shouldn't be having kids they can't afford?

Also - abortions are expensive and increasingly hard to find. Condoms also cost money. And, no, "don't have sex" is not reasonable advice for anyone to give with any expectation that anyone anywhere will take it.

Comment Re: Don't we (the US) already have that... (Score 1) 1291

If you're unwilling to dedicate twenty years of your life constantly watching the job market, your employer's economic outlook, and your own health, then yes, you should NOT have children. You are, quite frankly, too lazy to be raising children.

There are folks that manage to do this quite successfully. I'm sorry you lost the genetic lottery, but you're not entitled to a damned thing.

See this guy - this is the guy that's surprised when the crowds bring back the guillotines. "Wait - you're not entitled to my head." "Entitled" is an interesting word in the face of social disruption. People are entitled to what they can take. If you want them not to take your life and everything you possess, then maybe give a little before they get that desperate. Any future that involves telling a significant portion of the population to get used to barely scraping by because they "lost the genetic lottery" is a future that is sure to see violent disruption at regular intervals.

Comment Re:Yeah ... but ... it's true. (Score 1) 267

Absolutely, I want a Tesla Model S - I would gladly buy one if I could. I would joyously be part of Telsa's sales - but that doesn't change the numbers. Tesla is a tiny player making big waves - hopefully its just the signs of a new beast rising from the deep - but companies should be evaluated based on their numbers, their vision and their leadership - Tesla has only two of those going for it right now.

Comment Yeah ... but ... it's true. (Score 4, Insightful) 267

Check out the chart at Wikipedia the Model S sold about 40,000 cars this year. Compare that to the significantly less sexy Nissan leaf with its 130,000 sales - or GM's total sales for 2014 January - June of 4.9 Million vehicles. See, GM's sales report for Q2-14.

Tesla is a great car company and likely to be an even bigger deal in the battery market - but compared to GM, it's sales barely register.

On the stock front - GM's market cap is 51.8B, Tesla's is 30B. So, yes, Tesla is probably a bit overpriced right now - people are buying what Tesla will be, not the company it is today.

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