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by Defenestrar (#47678231) Attached to: Is Remote Instruction the Future of College?
This will still only work for middle class as long as the colleges are tied to video/teleconference systems running with the Polycom tax. There will need to be at least a moderate quality system with high reliability/usability for the lower class to be able to access from public libraries and such. Also, you might want to check you assumptions about entrepreneurs and inventors. In those cases the success of ivy league educations is probably more associated with the ability to afford ivy league education (i.e. initial capital resources) than anything else.

+ - Wikipedia Denies DMCA Take-Down Request Because a Monkey Took the Selfie 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Back in 2011, an English photographer went to Indonesia on a photography shoot and had his camera temporarily stolen by a black macaque monkey. While the camera was in its possession, the monkey took various pictures, including a selfie that went viral and landed on Wikimedia Commons under the public domain. The photographer insisted that he owns the copyright and filed a DMCA take-down request, but Wikimedia denied the request, arguing, "To claim copyright, the photographer would have had to make substantial contributions to the final image, and even then, they'd only have copyright for those alterations, not the underlying image. This means that there was no one on whom to bestow copyright, so the image falls into the public domain." Wikimedia's rejection of the monkey selfie DMCA take-down request is recorded in its first ever transparency report issued on Wednesday."

+ - Mercury levels in surface ocean have tripled-> 1

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit (1205606) writes "seaside town of Minamata, Japan, and caused mental retardation in newborns. Only later did the villagers learn that the fish they ate had been contaminated with toxic mercury dumped by a local chemical plant. Now, new research suggests human activities since the Industrial Revolution have tripled the amount of mercury in shallow parts of the ocean, posing a threat to human health worldwide."
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by Defenestrar (#47557691) Attached to: What percentage of your media consumption is streamed?

Well, on the subject of pedantic, I stream a fair bit of my music over a frequency modulated signal transmitted in the electromagnetic spectrum. Most of my combined audio/visual streaming is on a hard connection between some sort of random access memory to an output device after appropriate signal processing.

Or, stepping the pedantry up a notch, I stream most of my video and text between approximately 400 nm and 650 nm in the EM spectrum and audio via molecular vibrational wave propagation between 50 Hz and 20,000 Hz - both of which use biological systems for final processing.

Definitions could help, but clarity begets pertinence - and who want's that?

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Sorry - I made the mistake of assuming that people knew what lawful search and seizure means (i.e. a warrant except in very specific cases). In most cases judges don't hand out blanket warrants and, like you said, need to have justification more than "fishing expedition" (FISA cases aside).

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No, as the series of court rulings have gone, the Fourth Amendment does not protect you from lawful search and seizure (such as a safe or hard drive). The combination to the safe, or encryption key to the drive, is not incriminating evidence and providing it to allow for lawful search and seizure does not violate your rights. They can admit evidence produced by oneself into court (such as two sets of books in one's own handwriting for a case of fraud) and that is not a violation of the Fourth (or Fifth) - just so with information one puts on a hard drive. What they can not compel one to do is testify against oneself (which is the Fifth by the way) nor assume guilt because you do not take the stand (not that a prosecutor won't toe that line with the jury). So, if one can keep all details of a crime in one's head and manage to destroy all other evidence which could be subject to lawful search and seizure - then you've got a shot at being a criminal mastermind.

I'm not sure I entirely agree with the line of thought - but I can certainly follow the logic as well as the precedence.

What would be interesting is if one's pass-code was material evidence with respect to the case - but a possible way around that would be limited immunity or ruling it as inadmissible evidence...It would make for an interesting case study.

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