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Comment: Re:Automated digesting (Score 1) 143

by Defenestrar (#48206981) Attached to: Google Announces Inbox, a New Take On Email Organization
Still doesn't solve the vendor infotisements. No way they're going to rely on your subscription to an RSS when they can shoot you a direct email. Some of their communication wouldn't be useful without a very vast array of RSS servers on their end either (i.e. notifying you of a sales rep change, etc...). RSS is good, but I don't think it'd get all of the topics nine-times mentioned.

Comment: Re:Another dorky one? (Score 1) 36

If they're using light field tech it should be of variable focus (i.e. what you look at is what gets into focus). If they can do the computation fast enough (again a big if) your eyes would never notice (again assuming appropriate displays - which don't exist yet). Even if they get variable focus (and parallax and other imaging tricks), I think "indistinguishable" augmented reality will still be limited by two major factors which I don't see any tech ready to touch in the near future: full visible spectrum color space (can't be done with just RGB), and more importantly - total brightness and contrast ratio (i.e. match the output of the sun (as perceived by the eye) and the dynamic contrast range of the human eye).

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It seems as if an always on OLED display would be the major source of battery drain - and so I don't get why watch makers haven't used e-ink. Come into the market as Timex and not a Rolex. A simplistic device which displayed time and push notifications at a $50 price point seems like it'd quickly dominate the market. Heck, you could even make it an e-ink background to a nice analog watch for that matter (although that'd probably up the total price). This sort of thing wouldn't need the processing power (i.e. more battery drain) as the current giant glossy types either. Perhaps I'm being naive, but I don't get the high-end luxury approach.

Open API would be natural too; especially given a low price point this type of watch could quickly be a community favorite.

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by Defenestrar (#48142897) Attached to: Password Security: Why the Horse Battery Staple Is Not Correct
And if your passwords support Unicode 7, all you got to do is throw in that one to give your opinion to the brute forcers. With respect to passwords, it seems to me that software/touchscreen (non Windows) keyboards have led to the greatest decrease in available password security in recent times on an entropy basis. (i.e. it's no longer trivial to include extended ASCII or unicode characters).

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Well put a bunch of Firsters on one side of the room and a bunch of Seconders on the other side and then let them do battle with their respective speech and arms and see who wins.

There's probably a lesson or three in there. Figuring it out is above my paygrade though; that's why I'm so appreciative that this country has an independent judiciary making sure that the people with the arms aren't able to just simply apply force majeure to prevent free speech...

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