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Comment My 0.02 (Score 4, Informative) 59

I use OpenBSD both as a desktop and server operating system precisely because they will never bend to the likes of government. Cloud and software companies will gladly bend to the will of government. Say what you want about Theo de Raadt but the guy sticks to his principles like glue. After accusations of backdoors surfaced, the OpenBSD project did a comprehensive audit which revealed no secret backdoor and ended up correcting some bugs and other issues. I trust OpenBSD for all of my computing needs.

Comment My Argument (Score 4, Interesting) 125

If salaries did really indeed go up, then the amount of productivity expected by the employee has gone up disproportionately thereby negating the value of any salary increase. Looking at dollar figures alone tells only half of the story. You have to look at the average hours per week that an employee puts in. 95,000 a year sounds amazing until you realize you have to put in 80-90 hours a week to earn that money and maybe be on-call 24/7 too. Then it is out and out slavery. I left a Systems Engineer job that required punishing and brutal hours for 95,000 a year. I averaged 75 hours per week over 50 weeks. Now, that 95,000 dollars a year is really around 64,752.00 per year when you estimate taxes. Let's break that down further: it is about 17.33 dollars per hour that you actually net. That's a paltry sum of money considering I gave up my life. Now, I work as a bus driver for gross 17.00 per hour and I net about 15.00 per hour. Suddenly, that 95K a year salary looks like slavery.

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