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Comment State of Education (Score 3, Informative) 337

This is just one more indication of the sorry state of education in our country. Why should we present accurate, fair, and objective material to our students? It seems to me that this is an effort to protect the teaching of creationism, something that has no scientific grounding and is pure religious mythology.

Comment Job Growth (Score 1) 607

The job growth, sadly, is in retail and service sector jobs. I gave up on IT altogether after being effected by another layoff. I went ahead and got a CDL and now I drive for a living. Ironically, the joy of tinkering and experimenting with technology has returned.

Comment No they should not (Score 1) 568

An engineer actually designs and builds something in the real world to solve a real world problem. My concern is the overuse of the word engineer. I'm also against the terms network engineer, server engineer, and storage engineer. I'm fine calling them designers but my idea of an engineer is someone that develops a cleaner diesel engine or finds a way to make a product safer or more effective.

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