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Comment: You don't know how money works do you? (Score 1) 157

For a person owning a single workstation power consumptions means little.

Even if you are an intel fanboi, look at the single core performance, in a comparable test.

I don't thing the newer chips will be much faster at multi-core raytracing either.

Comment: Wow! .6 GHz Faster Than 3 Year Old 2600k! (Score 0) 157

I better pry my chip out right after I finish this!

BTW, my 2600k will overclock to 4.2GHz on air, but I don't do it--because that speed difference is so incremental, and so is Intel's progress.

The problem is: many program usually are largely single threaded, such as CAD and meshing operations for many other 3D applications.

Comment: Wish Android Applications Were Better (Score 1) 121

by BrendaEM (#47146349) Attached to: HP (Re-)Announces a 14" Android Laptop

The question is: why make a better Android machine, when the applications are so needlessly weak?

The only word processor on Android that can make facing quotes, isn't even really native: Androoffice.
I am growing tired of seeing blurry text at the bottom of the page form while I surf.

No, I want to use SD cards for storing data. It's not application data, it's mine!!!

With 2GB of memory, you should be able to paint/edit images that are 3x4 feet @300dpi, but with most paint programs and editors, you couldn't edit an image from a $500 Nikon D3200. Most editors are limited to 2048 or 4096 images because the use the GPU for rendering. The only large image editor I have seen is Cloverpaint, and well, it's not quite the user interface I want.

Blah-blah application needs to read your penis or breast size.

Comment: Re:You lose this war... (Score 1) 185

by DaMattster (#47141985) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Taking a New Tack On Net Neutrality?
Social media will quickly be your company's undoing as no one will want to live in place where they are forced to pay for a crippled internet as a condition of living in one of your properties. There will quickly be expensive lawsuits essentially forcing your company to decouple your internet service from the rent and making it optional. I would simply waggle my middle finger at your company and find a different place to live.

Comment: Questionable at best (Score 0, Troll) 138

by DaMattster (#47130087) Attached to: The Light Might Make You Heavy
The causes of obesity are a multitude of factors. This article makes an overly simplistic suggestion that sleeping in a darker room will magically help one shed weight. As someone that has lost over a hundred pounds, I'll tell you this: it is making good food choices, counting calories, and getting physical activity. Certainly adequate rest is helpful but there is no credible study to suggest that someone that is doing these things yet doesn't get enough sleep is obese.

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