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Comment Please don't be petty. (Score 3, Insightful) 57

If I can overlook the choice of words, perhaps you could. "High resolution" would have been a good fitting term.

If we can see well, our daily life treats us with a good amount of eye candy. So, if we couldn't see the texture on a object any better than what was released on that game, we would get glasses, or stronger glasses.

It's projects like this that make good game better.

Comment Re:9 years since last used windows (Score 1) 478

For last 9 years I've been using combination of Mac and Linux (Ubuntu Gnome). When I see people discussing these interesting features of their brand new versions of Windows ... 7 then 8 and now 10, I sometimes wonder if I left Windows behind or is this really the case that Windows has left me behind.

I definitely left Microsoft behind altogether. While it has been only three years for me, the combination of CentOS Linux and my Macbook Pro has been my dynamic duo. The stability and security of UNIX-like operating systems simply cannot be beat.

Comment Hubris (Score 1) 478

In general, Microsoft's hubris is quite amazing. I know this is slightly off-topic but I am completely Microsoft-free and am able to function quite nicely. Say what you want about LibreOffice 4.4 but its come a long way and is effectively a drop-in replacement for MSO. I use a Macbook Pro and NONE of the software I actually use (save for the operating system and its components) are proprietary. LibreOffice for Productivity and Thunderbird for Email/Calendaring work just fine and don't even cost a wooden nickel. Am I one of the few out there that HATES the ribbon interface?

Comment Of Course It's Time for Larger SSDs (Score 1) 195

I am surprised it has taken this long to get to 2TB. Perhaps the price on 1TB will drop a little now, as they are no longer considered a premium drive.

[Personally, I have 750GB of data. When replacing drives, I've always bought twice as much storage as I have had data.
Once you do anything with video, space goes quick, I also have lots of photos, graphic projects, CAD and design projects.]

Comment Converted Shower Into Tub (Score 2) 210

I had a friend who needed a tub for medical reason, but only had a fiberglass shower stall.

Scrounging, I found some scrap aluminum rails. I cut and mitered them to fit in the stall, and screwed them into the stall with stainless sheet metal screws. I put lexan/polycarbonate over the frame, and fixed it with screws and nuts, also stainless. I sealed it with silicone sealer, and...it held!

From time to time, she would let the water run, but it held with about 2 feet of water in it.

Comment Re:I'm spending 60% of my monthly income on rent (Score 1) 940

luxury apartments that charge higher than market rates

If they are renting them, they must not be getting higher than market rent - market rent is what something will rent for.

That just doesn't make any sense. They can charge higher than what the market will ultimately sustain because deman is so high. This is what is known as a bubble and, make no bones about it, this one will burst and make 2008 look like a small bump in the economy by comparison.

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