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Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 5, Interesting) 304

Maybe. Unless MS gets to reason and windows 11 gets the next windows for coroporations. I am 100% sure that 8 and 10 will be skipped in the upgrade cycle of big corporations. Most skipped vista, and 8 and 10 have a very short period between.

So when the chances are that MS will produce something which works as well for word, excel and PPT and windows XP and Windows 7 did.

Comment This guy was a CIA *director* (Score 1) 484

Wow. While i understand that one may or may not agree to what Snowden did and how he did it (i personally am more on the side of agreeing), i have to note:

a) there is really no causation between Snowden and the Paris attacks. Some of the terrorists were under surveilance and the measures used by the terrorrists are in the theory of guerrilla warfare a long time (i.e. form small cells), and there is no relation to tapping everybodies phone calls on the planet. The French authorities even were warden by other secret services about these people passing the border an being tracked, and did not react.

b) Is hanging actually a legal way of killing somebody if he was gived a death sentence anywhere in the US? Just asking, since publically demanding a crime towards another citizen is illegal, at least in germany.

c) If anything caused the Terrorism connected to the attacks in Paris to rise then that would have been the large-scale destabilization of the region without a politcal plan, based on the assumption of WMDs, which was supported against better knowledge by the US intelligence services. You know, Mission accomplished etc.....

Comment Flatrates should be forbidden (Score 1) 89

Make a metered access, so that the price is comparable. Forbid exceptions.

I don't want a provider who makes deals where "big service a is nice to me and i am nice to big service a" is the deal, i am paying for it. And yes, i will pay for it, since big service a will have no competition, and provider will "offer" big service a colocations at places suitable for the provider. Good for the provider because the traffic across network boundaries is reduced, and they can reduce their bandwidth (which in turn means that small services will be slower).

Comment Re:Gentle measurement preserves superposition. (Score 1) 152

You are talking about non-demolition measurements, but these are a different issue, since they do actually not leave the state undisturbed, but only do a "pure measurement" i.e. project its own state precisely into one of the conjugate variables of the quantum system, and leave the other one intact.

Comment As somebody who worked on entanglement (Score 3, Insightful) 152

a) entanglement does not transfer information faster than light. Why? if i send entangled pairs of photons from a to b and c, and b and c detect these photons, the photons took time to reach b and c. If b does something to the photon, the entanglement is lost. If b and c measure they will know the state the other one received, however they can not influence what is received in the other place, so sorry guys, no FTL transmission of information

b) What is weird about entanglement is actually not so much it statistical property of the correlation. If a packs a white and black marble in two packages and mixes the packages and sends them out, the result from the viewpoint of b and c will be the same - each one will know which marble the other one received. The weird property is that the state is prepared in a way that the two possibilities are quantum states, which can be subject to phase shift, transitions etc, and are "collective" in that sense that b and c can transfer their state to particles (and possibly create further entanglement) - the basis for Quantum key distribution networks - and that the information which exists exists only in the form of a shared posteriori observation. i.e. the classical marble can be looked at without destroying the correlation, while a quantum entangled photon will be entangled with your measurement apparatus when looking at it.

c) what these guys did-AFAIU (my topic was very far away) is to create a model system of a black whole, which tries to represent a black whole in a way which we assume it is, observed some properties which can be predicted from this model (temperature of emitted radiation), and checked for some others - correlation, where they found correlation which they interpret as entanglment.

d) While did not look into the details, i can say from my own experience that such experiments are tricky, and i find the interpretation a little vague. But i have to look closer. I did use quantum state/operator tomography, which usually is the benchmark measurement when you want to prove entanglement, or properties of the superoperators describing your quantum operations. I understand that this may not be possible in this case, which is why one can go for other phenomenological approaches

e) One should be careful. Proving entanglement is not so simple (Look for entanglement measures), and proving that is actually *survives* the event horizon, instead of being created there, may be very nontrivial. It could very well be that non-entangled state are transformed in entangled states to some degree.

Comment What? (Score 1) 131

A trivial calculation (really, I figured that out a long time ago), with a non-trivial solution.

*Ideally* you would not use the GPS signal with a Kalman filter in the input, but for distance calculations en the end of the trip you should use a variant of the filter which can "look into the future" for each point.

While the best estimate for the position at any given point in time can only be based the past data (and Kalman filters are ideal for estimating this under this condition), the estimation of a point where you have been can be based on all information which you have obtained until the time when you want to know the location in the past.

To be more specific, if i measure points 1,2,3 and at the time of acquiring point 2 i want know my location, i can only use current data and point 1. However if i want to know it later, the information i got when i measures 3 will make i possible to draw a straight (or curved) line from 1 to 3 and estimate the most likelt position of point 2 under the condition that 1,2,3 need to fulfill some physical properties (like *not accelerating wildly*).

Also, one could use DGPS to correct the trajectory.

Comment Re:China and US spending priorities (Score 1) 65

I think Japan realizes that

a) The US owes them exactly nothing

b) on the long term a strong hegemonial power center around China will be much better for the US than supporting their vasalle states an polarizing the region - China has not sent any troups to any regions not directly bordering China in the last 100 years, and these wars were usually provoked by external forces (indeed it took Europe and the US significanly smaller things to invade countries at the other end of the world)

Instead of trying to get along with China they live in their own reality (Disclainer: i lived in Jp for 4 years and am married to a chinese wife)....

Comment Re:China and US spending priorities (Score 1) 65


If US pulled out of Japan and S. Korea, exactly nothing would happen. besides everybody there recognizing that thet have to get along somehow.

That the NATO let the Baltic Nations join was a mistake of historic proportions. They should have established a neutral zone.

Comment subversion (Score 1) 325

For my personal use i am a fan of git, but if you have a team with the possibility for a constant server, and all team members have a decent network connection to it (and that is a big if), go for subversion server and buy supported client tools for the applications where tortoiseSVN does not seem fit.

My reasoning (favoring subversion over git is as follows):
* in a beginner team, the reduced choices and the standard layout of a project in subversion are an advantage
* Migrating to git can happen at any time when you decide that these limits are not ok for you (typically they are)
* Subversion tools are typically better integrated on all platforms
* Intregration in eclipse is better

But seriously, get a consultant who analyzes your actual requirements and sets up the system in the most productive way for you (believe me, the $1000 which this may cost are well invested money, if you avoid stupidly restricted or deformed workflows in your team)

Comment Ahm? Favour Robocars? (Score 1) 106

If you have a autonomous car, the most important change will be that

a) The inconvenience of driving to maintenance is a non-issue (imagine your car going to the workshop without you) - and thus the central issue about the scandal (that adblue would need to be refilled more often than acceptable for the convenience of the customers) is a non-issue.

b) For most of the driving the car can go fuel/emission optimized (i.e. it may go as slow as its reasonable) , since it's very likely that there will be non one onboard (i.e. picking up the kids school). I would imagine that if could even go directly by solar cells in the car without much battery.

c) as every scandal, the rules for SW development in cars will be tightened, and the suppliers may put more attention on not delivering SW which "accidentally" could be abused.

Comment Re:fair competition (Score 5, Insightful) 239

The main problem which i have with uber (and why i dont use it - remark: i live in Germany) is that normally the licenses which you have to have to operate a taxi service work in two directions: you are allowed to do business in a give narea, but you also have to, even if certain times are not profitable for you.

And yes i appreciate that if i missed the last possible train connection at 1am in a town with 20000 people living there, still there usually will be a taxi at the station within 15 minutes, which takes me the last 20km for the same price.

In a world where we allow uber to cut away the ham (e.g. daytime trips to hotels/business) for taxi businesses, tey would clsoe down operation in such areas, and the price for this ride probably would rocket in the sky, and uber would say "oh we just enable communication between customer and provider", and the driver would say "oh, i am a business, and it did cost me 100 Euros to get here".

The point is simple: in areas whit a lower density of cars driving at night, the customer is at a systematic disadvantage (since he can not choose the provider, but the provider can easily choose the customer because 20km by car over an nearly empty road may be very fast).

So be careful what you wish for.

Comment Funny Story. (Score 2) 54

I lived in Japan for some years. In 2008 Mobiles with such functions started to appear in Japan. My Boss (Japanese) told me his daugthers (around 12/15 back then) got phones with such functions. I asked him what the function exactly does, if it can be triggered by the children, if it can be triggered by the parents, orr if it logs the position all the time, and how the connection is secured.

He was not interested, but just said that his wife (housewife) decided on the phone and that he did not get into the "details". The funny part is: my boss had a PHD in physics and we worked in a field related to cryptography.

So I wonder: People are so fucking uninterested in what their kids are doing that they donâ(TM)t even go "into the detail" if they actually could; this brings me to the conclusion that the money they spent on these apps is "just to do something about something and feel betetr since it costs money" instead of talking to their kids and making real, respectful decisions.

Give you child a panicbutton - ok. Give you child something which is triggered by specific circumstances - ok. Put your child on an electronic leash - and you will wonder that you child will easily cut the leash at some point, without you noticing.

Comment When did i start ad-blocking activel?: (Score 2) 351

in 2008/2009. I bought a netbook and quickly figured out that rendering the webpages themself (news, technical stuff) was absolutely fine with a single core atom running for 4h on battery, but that playing the flash video in the ad in the background would render the site unusable.

i started ad-blocking and everything was fine.

Just make decent, maybe targeted ads, which are unintrusive and dont slow down my computer too much, and we can discuss that i change my behaviour.

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