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Comment Re:fair competition (Score 5, Insightful) 173

The main problem which i have with uber (and why i dont use it - remark: i live in Germany) is that normally the licenses which you have to have to operate a taxi service work in two directions: you are allowed to do business in a give narea, but you also have to, even if certain times are not profitable for you.

And yes i appreciate that if i missed the last possible train connection at 1am in a town with 20000 people living there, still there usually will be a taxi at the station within 15 minutes, which takes me the last 20km for the same price.

In a world where we allow uber to cut away the ham (e.g. daytime trips to hotels/business) for taxi businesses, tey would clsoe down operation in such areas, and the price for this ride probably would rocket in the sky, and uber would say "oh we just enable communication between customer and provider", and the driver would say "oh, i am a business, and it did cost me 100 Euros to get here".

The point is simple: in areas whit a lower density of cars driving at night, the customer is at a systematic disadvantage (since he can not choose the provider, but the provider can easily choose the customer because 20km by car over an nearly empty road may be very fast).

So be careful what you wish for.

Comment Funny Story. (Score 2) 54

I lived in Japan for some years. In 2008 Mobiles with such functions started to appear in Japan. My Boss (Japanese) told me his daugthers (around 12/15 back then) got phones with such functions. I asked him what the function exactly does, if it can be triggered by the children, if it can be triggered by the parents, orr if it logs the position all the time, and how the connection is secured.

He was not interested, but just said that his wife (housewife) decided on the phone and that he did not get into the "details". The funny part is: my boss had a PHD in physics and we worked in a field related to cryptography.

So I wonder: People are so fucking uninterested in what their kids are doing that they donâ(TM)t even go "into the detail" if they actually could; this brings me to the conclusion that the money they spent on these apps is "just to do something about something and feel betetr since it costs money" instead of talking to their kids and making real, respectful decisions.

Give you child a panicbutton - ok. Give you child something which is triggered by specific circumstances - ok. Put your child on an electronic leash - and you will wonder that you child will easily cut the leash at some point, without you noticing.

Comment When did i start ad-blocking activel?: (Score 2) 351

in 2008/2009. I bought a netbook and quickly figured out that rendering the webpages themself (news, technical stuff) was absolutely fine with a single core atom running for 4h on battery, but that playing the flash video in the ad in the background would render the site unusable.

i started ad-blocking and everything was fine.

Just make decent, maybe targeted ads, which are unintrusive and dont slow down my computer too much, and we can discuss that i change my behaviour.

Comment Re:Not really related to Amazon. (Score 2) 106

Definitely as far as I understood some stupid left database dumps on amazon S3 with permissions for the whole world to read.

In my experience, such idiots actually dont need any cloud computing to make clowns of themself. Usually they even try operate own system and find obscure excuses like "but only our customers know our IP" for insecure settings or "we dont need to update, since only one application is running on the machine".

Comment Re:Consensus (Score 1) 370

I worked in experimental QM for quite some time and can tell you that the majority of hte scientists accepted QM quickly. However, there was no "consensus" for a very long time. Even nowadays sometimes scientists show up on conferences claiming that this or that QM effect could also be interpreted classically (usually due to a gross misinfromation on their side....). I cant keep all fellow scientists from being stupid (or brilliant), and i dont want to.

Comment Consensus (Score 1) 370

Science does not need consensus to find the right answer. Would we have waited for consensus about quantum mechanics and SRT before starting to use these theories, then we would just be starting to develop lasers, tunnel diodes and other things.

Sort the publications by the impact factor, and remove everything with impact 1 from your view. The you will remove the biased, paid for shit.

Comment tcl/tk (Score 3, Interesting) 429

Its incredible how many *huge* simulation and engineering systems, adminirtative tools, and other things are still powered by a language the mos important datatype of which is a string.

I for my part discovered tcl/tk as a programming language for everyday use only in 2007, and even if my tcl/tk programs were not that elegant (as e.g. the equivalent python program) they were compact and *extremely* stable (within 4 years of round-the clock data acquisition with sessions of months each, i never observed a crash attributable to the core libraries, no memory leaks etc....)

Comment Re:Pointless article (Score 2) 50

I guess it means:

a) We rent existing but empty channels/fibers from providers (otherwise 5M would be impossible)

b) We dont connect it to the internet; although they sadly dont mention if they have a private internet (not news) or if they use another protocol to avoid the negative side effects of TCP/IP (little news, unless they show the numbers)

c) If I assume they are talking about 10 to 100 Gbit per second, then it would not be so fast) as far as I understand, single channels in fibers go up to 40GBit/s

Comment Re:Why does anyone care? (Score 1) 117

* Because destruction free techniques like laser ablation are base on high local fields

* because a 1ps pulse spreads over 10^12 Hz bandwidth, which may be useful if you want to have "more white" light (but this pulse is actually not very short)

* because pump-probe techniques depend on short pulses. If you additionally need a strong pulse, higher power may come in handy

* I also imagine it could be an advantage for generating plasma.

Comment Tell me (Score 1) 92

how i can disable MMS. In the whole last 9 years when the phones i used supported MMS, i think i used the feature 3 times:
* one time for test
* two times to receive a train ticket (now they switched to internet+app)

I have no clue why i should use MMS. I use SMS a lot (since it works with all phones).

no need for this feature.

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