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Comment Re: What? (Score 2) 268

If you build something critical, you don't just replace a pat by another just because you may be a few days late.

In controlled areas (airospace, pharma, medical devices, automotice suppliers) replacing some part by something cheaper without the suppliers of the parts (in this case the driver) certifying that this change is ok will bring you directly to jail. In others, it could also happen that the court considers such a development method to be criminal, if somebody was killed.

Comment What? (Score 1) 268

> Let's hope that nobody dies in an industrial accident when a tech connects their cheap USB-to-serial cable to a piece of machinery and the controller misinterprets the garbage data.

Lets hope that no dumb idiot would connect anything critical to a "cheap USB-to-serial cable".

Comment Re:Yes i like to discuss creation vs. evolution (Score 1) 509

The prediction of evolution is that species evolve, based on a post-selection of randomly modified genome. As such, the prediction of the theory of evolution is, that, given access to all generations of a species, new features appear randomly, and are only developed consecutively by this post-selection. Thus one of evolutions hard predictions (and this is not tested very often, since sampling complete genomes is not around for a long time) is that the mutation rate must be consistent, for features selected by the environment and for features not selected (of even for mutation not generating new features).

So it's a very testable prediction about what we will observe if we have access to the complete ancestry lines.

I was actually not saying that evolution is proven, because all scientific theories can only be disproved. Since creation can not be disproved it does not fall in the class of "scientific theory". (Small reminder: even if evolution is assumed correct, creation still is not disproved).

Comment Re:Yes i like to discuss creation vs. evolution (Score 1) 509

You are plainly wrong. There are hard tests for the falsification of evolution.

* Would we ever observe that genes magically appear beyond the expected mutation rates, then evolution would be disproved

* would we ever observe that the genome adapts previously to an applied change in environmental conditions e.g. in bacterial cultures, then evolution would be disproved

* would we ever observe that an unfavorable gene under current conditions is appearing more in a species, the evolution would be disproved.

These three definitive ways to prove evolution wrong have been tested by various observations, up to now without results contradicting evolution.

Comment Re:Yes i like to discuss creation vs. evolution (Score 1) 509

My comment was not whether evolution actually will not be falsified one day. (Up to now all hard tests of evolution have not produced any falsification). -> science

My comment was only that, when assuming that an arbitrary will was at work, there are no predictions to test. -> religion

A reformulation in Poppers famous example: Evolution actually corresponds to claiming that all swans are white. if you observe a black one, you know evolution is wrong. Creationists says: Oh, swans are as they are. If you observe a black swan obviously he was not meant to created white.

Comment Yes i like to discuss creation vs. evolution (Score 4, Informative) 509

Creation: does not make falsifiable predictions (since for every lack of evidence you can always claim that "the creator decided not to do it that way" -> is no scientific theory

Evolution: makes falsifiable predictions -> is a scientific theory.

Discussion over.

Comment So much for smart TVs (Score 1) 90

I want my next TV not to do anything on it's own. I only need a switch between the 4-5HDMI inputs it needs.

Putting OSes which wont be supported in a few years and apps which are there just for advertising the current generation of TVs into a device which easily lasts 5-10 years in nothing but planned obsolescence.

Comment Bullshit article (Score 1) 329

If we import Chinese tools en masse because these can be cheaper, then these will be cheaper. Making tools is highly automated. A minimum investment in a better factory line, and you get better quality.

Many tools by European or us companies are made in China with the same quality as in Europe or US. There is no incentive of the "Made in China" no name tool makers to invest to make better tools, since buying European or western brands, but made in China with good quality is ok for the Chinese.

I remember such shit being said about China a decade ago "only the cheap electronics comes from there", but in reality this is not about competence, motivation or skill, but about market segments and trade.

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