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Comment: Re:My concerns (Score 1) 306 306

A centralised generating station is much more efficient than lots of gas engines that are about 30% efficient.

Hmm, looking on the (US government) Energy Information Administration website, I find that in 2013, a coal fired power plant averaged about 33.8% efficient. A little better than a gas engine, but nothing to get all that excited about.

Now, if you were getting your electricity from nuclear, we'd be, if you'll pardon the expression, cooking with gas....

Comment: Re:Road trips. (Score 1) 306 306

and today around 85% of all USians live and work within urban/suburban/exurban agglomerations

I live in a suburban town. I commute 40 miles each way to work. My wife commutes 30 or so each way. In the opposite direction.

So, two EV's, one with 100 mile range, one with 150. Or so. I like to have enough cushion that a sidetrip to lunch doesn't leave me unable to reach home....

Comment: Re:The reason is more simple (Score 0) 306 306

Internal combustion folks (heh!) will NEVER ever like EVs. You can say EVs are three times more efficient, or that the byproducts are easily dealt with -- it doesn't matter. The guys have a Mechanical Engineering diploma... in their minds, fsck electricity!

When I can make a 500+ mile trip in a single day in an electric, I'll replace my gas cars.

When I can buy a decent electric (100 or so mile range, room for three people in reasonable comfort, can manage interstate speeds reliably) for 20K or so, I'll replace all but one of my gas cars.

That price point means a used electric. With a good battery still. Not too many of those available just yet.

Note that my current vehicles are all paid for. Only thing I'm spending on cars is gas, insurance, and maintenance. So, the "car payment+gas" is more than "car payment+electricity" argument is a waste of breath....

Comment: Re:Competent Authorities (Score 1) 128 128

The only reason he's not in jail in Sweden already is because Ecuador feels like trying to be a dick to the US.

So you agree that it's the US, not Swedish law, that wants him imprisoned and made an example of? Because your assertion doesn't really make sense otherwise.

Nope. But Ecuador believes that. Or did, I expect. They (Ecuador) think they're thumbing their noses at the US. Too bad for them that we hardly care about what they're doing.

Comment: Re:Huh (Score 1) 200 200

Use "someone, instead of "you", and I would have just ignored it. Simple.

Not a native speaker of (American variant) English, I take it? That use of "you" to represent an indeterminate "other person (you or him or her or them)" is pretty much standard usage....

Comment: Re:Security (Score 1) 242 242

Given how "security questions" have been handled in the past, i.e. to be anything but, my response to that sort of thing is to type in random text and usually a lot of it. I also don't see how it increases the security. If the email address of the user has been compromised, it is likely that the intruder would have an easy time finding the correct answers to the questions.

Use a password manager.

For secret questions, make up an answer, note the answer in your password manager.

Good luck with monitoring email to figure out the answers....

Comment: Re:Back Door (Score 1) 56 56

You mean, thanks to the USA embargo, where force and threat of force to keep the smaller nation down harmed the smaller nation, and stunted its growth?

What, you somehow believe that the USA is the ONLY country that could possibly have traded with Cuba over the last half century? Let me give you a hint: everyone in the world except the USA could still trade with Cuba.

Yes, they could still sell their tobacco. And run their resort hotels and casinos. And their 14-year-old hookers....

Comment: Re:Profit over safety (Score 1) 127 127

I am GM of a nuclear power plan and my bonus is based on the total production of my power plant. My engineering tells me I have to take an outage to fix a pump but if I do that I am going to mix my goal

Somehow I have a hard time believing that the GM of a nuclear power plant can't spell "plant" and "miss".

I also can't think of a nuclear power plant design that has a single pump that requires the plant to shut down to repair. All the ones I know of have backup pumps that allow repairs to offline units without having to shutdown....

Comment: Re:Once Again (Score 3, Insightful) 138 138

Fund the government at zero cost through the Fed. Inflation is eliminated by indexation of all incomes: if your income to prices ratio is 3/2 today and 6/4 tomorrow and 12/8 the day after, it still reduces to a constant 3/2. Purchasing power does not change. Simple math.

Wow, someone who still believes in magic! And fairies. And probably ponies.

That peculiar notion of yours works right up until someone decides to save a bit of money. Because last year's dollars are worth much less than this year's dollars.

Which means saving up for a down-payment on a house becomes pretty much impossible. And setting money aside for retirement is a waste of the time filling out the paperwork.

So, proper behaviour becomes "as the end of the fiscal year approaches (and your new raise comes due), spend every penny you have, because prices are going to jump to match the new payscales".

Comment: Re: Above Congress? (Score 1) 161 161

CIA people have been in the Whitehouse since 1980, out in the open (it's debatable before then).

Debatable? The CIA works directly for the President. Always has, even when it was the OSS (run by a personal friend of the then-President, in case you were unaware).

If the President didn't want them doing something, they wouldn't do it.

Comment: So, what was the nature of this agreement? (Score 1) 122 122

TFA didn't describe it as a contract. No mention was made of money changing hands.

But, somehow, I can't see Verizon (or anyone else) spending the money to put fibre even kind of near everywhere in NYC without being paid.

So, where's the contract, and what was the fee paid for this?

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