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Comment: Re: Dupity dupity dupe dupe dupe (Score 1) 221

by cthulhu11 (#49361973) Attached to: Broadband ISP Betrayal Forces Homeowner To Sell New House
In my experience that's usually futile. There's a good chance the previous owner, if still alive, didn't have service or even know what it is. Having been in a similar position, rural telecommuting, I assert that the guy's both being jerked around with and being a twat. Both cablecos and telcos don't give a shit about sparse customer density areas. Where I lived a few years ago, VZN refused to drop a DSLAMM in the local box. Comcast was a mile away and wouldn't even return calls re extending. What one can do: o Buy another place instead that has demonstrated connectivity available. Trusting the providers or the ludicrous gov site was just plain stupid. o Get ISDN and live with the speed. o XO is hardly the only leased line provider, is Broadwing still around, or Speakeasy? $500/mo would hardly be onerous. Either he could write some of it off, or makes enough $ for that to not be a burden.

Comment: Re:Enlighten me please (Score 1) 450

by cthulhu11 (#49237861) Attached to: Reactions to the New MacBook and Apple Watch
FWIW, a luggable still needs a power adapter, the larger laptops will tend to eat more power, and it's way too easy to forget to top off the battery, deal with unexpected travel delays, etc -- too risky to not carry it. The cables arguably are trivial in size/weight, and a laptop with an RJ45 still would need the RJ45 cable to be carried, never assume there's one at the other end. For this new MB, what I really don't get is the positioning -- I'd expected it to replace the 11/13" Airs, but instead we get refreshes of those *and* the 13" MBPR I think, for *4* laptops in the 11-13" range. I can't make any sense of that at all.

Comment: Re:FFS (Score 1) 450

by cthulhu11 (#49237819) Attached to: Reactions to the New MacBook and Apple Watch

Not with the latest version, Ethernet was gone several revisions ago. Most people really don't need it. I generally only use it at work, and leave the dongle connected to the Ethernet cable, so it's no harder to plug in than connecting the cable itself.

Agreed, I personally find the lack annoying, but it's easy to expense the dongles and leave one on the RJ45. Or to keep the one I expensed at my previous job :-x

you must re-dongle the USB port (and you'd better hope you have some kind of mega-wire-spider so you can feed it power at the same time... and connect your USB stuff... and connect an external HDMI monitor...)

No different than Thunderbolt.

The idea is that you'll just have one cable coming from your monitor, providing power and a USB hub. Currently you can only get that with Thunderbolt from an Apple display, but a number of display manufacturers have signed up to do the same with USB-C. I'd love to be able to have a single cable to connect power, ethernet, display, keyboard and mouse to my laptop.

Agreed, the ability to act as a docking station is really the only remaining appeal of the increasingly-aged Apple TD, which at $900+ still only supplies USB 2.0. Mind you since most of us can't toss existing monitors and repurchase at will, I wouldn't be able to take advantage of USB-C docking in the foreseeable future anyway. It does get annoying at the office to have to plug in 1) power 2) ethernet, since the wireless is flaky 3) DP for monitor and 4) USB for phone charging. But if that were even close to the most annoying part of my work day, compared to eg. dealing with a dumbass who ridicules me for suggesting that wheat contains gluten, I could live with that.

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