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Comment Re:Douchebag alert (Score 1) 211

I’ve never worked a single weekend when I didn’t want to. No one tells me to work nights
He's an executive, right? Of course he does as he damned well pleases. What about the people who do the actual work?
I’ve never seen anyone cry.
Either they're too afraid of him to let him see them do it, or you never see him at all.
A former boss of mine is now an exec at Amazon. Treated people like machines back then, so I can see why she succeeded so well there.
My current boss is an interesting contrast, he has explicitly told people to not work nights and weekends unless on-call or there's a truly exceptional situation.

Comment Re:There is no cure for absolute fucking stupidity (Score 1) 232

However - I don't think that there is any profession which is unsuitable for women or minorities. And, sometimes, the woman, or the minority really is the best qualified.

What sort of degree qualifies a woman to be a sperm donor?

The goal of science is to build better mousetraps. The goal of nature is to build better mice.