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Comment Re:There is no cure for absolute fucking stupidity (Score 1) 232 232

However - I don't think that there is any profession which is unsuitable for women or minorities. And, sometimes, the woman, or the minority really is the best qualified.

What sort of degree qualifies a woman to be a sperm donor?

Comment Re:$805M budget (Score 1) 231 231

I have a buddy who served and was wounded in the Gulf. The VA mostly gives him runaround, like only scheduling appointments on the other side of the regional large city, 100 miles from where he lives. Because his grandmother lived there 25 years ago. He's been fighting for two years to get his disability percentage raged. In the meantime he can't work and has been camping out in my garage. There are advocates in theory to help with the VA process, but they're uniformly worthless.

Comment Re:Google Fiber TOS? (Score 1) 84 84

Were you running those ISP's with residential-class uplinks? All providers have terms like this for residential-class service, which is designed and priced for casual household use, not the substantially higher usage presented by commercial or shared users. Business-class services exist for those purposes, because nobody is in business to provide you service below their own cost. The rural WISP question, though, is moot because GF will never be deployed to such an area.

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