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Comment: Re:"the Phoebus cartel still casts a shadow today" (Score 1) 595

by cthulhu11 (#48030595) Attached to: The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy
For sure there are many crappy CFL's out there. When you buy a twisty CFL for 25 cents at a drug store, you get what you pay for. My Cree-manufactured recessed retrofit LED's are doing great, they were like $25/each at Home Despot courtesy local utility subsidy. Unfortunately that only covered the 2700K models, but my wife insists on yellow light anyway.

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Wish I had mod points to give, this echos my feelings too. I have a 4s now and have felt that my wife's 5 was already too big. And now we're seeing reports of 6's being bent up because they're too damned thin. I'll be delaying an update of my 4s indefinitely, maybe when the 7 comes out there will be an iPhone Mini that returns to the size of a phone. And I'm neither skinny nor a candidate for tight jeans.

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I'm having issues with Toshiba 3TB drives right now that best I can tell are vibration-related. 20%+ of these drives report medium errors within the first few months of deployment. Seagates in the same chassis don't fail at nearly that rate. Toshiba and LSI swear that this is normal. They're on bad crack.

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Plenty is broken with "Linux", but systemd vs antique SYSV init vs upstart is the least of our problems. Let's first get a usable filesystem with integrated volume management and transparent compression. You know, like Solaris had 10 years ago. But if we're going to talk about systemd ... The sequential SysV init system has been a bottleneck for years. If systemd is too pervasive, why not port SMF to replace it? Yep, another place that Solaris solved the problem years ago, but Linux NIH syndrome and solipsism prevail.

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Agreed, though this view is often unpopular. Clarence Thomas got blasted a while back for (rightly) thinking that affirmative action is insulting. If any ethnic/racial/gender group is getting discriminated for/against in hiring, that's one thing -- and a thing that shouldn't ever happen. If there are educational / opportunity barriers to ethnic / racial / gender groups getting getting educated, that's where the focus should be, equal opportunities. I worked for a tech company back around 1991 or so. The VP of engineering left and there was speculation as to who would replace him. A co-worker asserted that a certain software doc manager should get the job, but that she wouldn't because she was a woman. The idea that maybe a tech writer with *any* set of chromosomes might not be the right choice to lead a hardware / OS engineering department fell on deaf ears. That said, when I read this article on MacRumors, my first thought was "Are all the Indians considered White???".

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It is well established (through most of history) that direct contacts and personal networks are the most likely way to get jobs.

And what is one to do if there is no available GOBN to troll for a job? In my last search, pestering everyone I know about job openings got me nowhere. What did get me hired was applying for a position via a company's online job site. A well-designed LinkedIn profile is also valuable, though it does result in being spammed by offers for worthless contract jobs.

This means that while it is still important to apply through the web because they pull many workers through there, it is far more effective to get an employee referral.

And whose butt are those employee referrals supposed to be pulled from? I did once get a job this way, in 1989, though that was a bit of an anomaly. It's a different world now and a different market.

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