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Comment: Re:Amazing and dreadful, simultaneously (Score 1) 380 380

by cthulhu11 (#49990811) Attached to: Who Owns Your Overtime?

These companies are not dumb. They know that people come to rely on their jobs and that the market is such that they can't just quit the moment they feel undervalued.

My previous employer, for whom I worked diligently and above the call of duty for years, came to treat me that way. They assumed that because I need flexibility because of my family situation I would put up with bullying and stay forever as a mohawked asshole moved in and played empire builder. They were wrong.

That's why they force them to become contractors and offer low pay. The market is broken because of a lack of supply and inflexibility due to, you know, life and family. Libtards imagine that people can be perfect rational actors and will rip their kids out of school and away from their friends at the drop of a hat, but reality isn't like that.

My current company is rife with contractors, more than I've ever seen before. I suspect that there are multiple reasons for this, including 1) The hiring process is massively ossified: people extended FTE positions have often given up and gone elsewhere by the time the company gets around to making the offer. but likely even more 2) Contractors don't get benefits, insurance, bonus. which is a convenient dodge around discriminatory hiring laws, effectively avoiding people with families or souls, those over 25, and citizens. Re expectations of working unpaid overtime: exactly the opposite in my department, contractors work 40 / week, period. Overtime has to be approved by management and is not common. [quote]As a contractor, you get higher pay which more than compensates the additional taxes you need to pay and your health care costs. Unless you are stupid[/quote] ... right after someone noted that this may have once been true, but no longer is. Even back in the 1980's the contracting rates I saw did not compensate for the lack of benefits. Add in the 2+ weeks of vacation you don't get, the cost of non-token healthcare for one's family, no 401k matching, etc. and for most people it doesn't compensate.

Comment: Re: Where did all the money go (Score 1) 227 227

Maybe his bat-shit crazy abusive ex bled him dry. Maybe one of his kids has special needs. Plus he obviously lives in NYC or the Silly Valley where housing leeches $5k/mo or more. You don't don't his situation, you don't know that he doesn't have half a million in a 401k that he can't touch in any viable way until retirement. Think before you judge.

Comment: Re:Traditional or white-box? (Score 1) 94 94

by cthulhu11 (#49802145) Attached to: Cloud Boom Drives Sales Boom For Physical Servers
From organizations that aren't large enough to warrant the dedicated in-house resources necessary for effectively being one's own hardware vendor, and the volumes to warrant a direct relationship with Quanta / Foxconn. Have a problem with iLO? Ask the Google or better yet HP's forums. Have a problem with generic beige-box hardware? Better have in-house resources and a Cantonese phrasebook.

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