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Comment Bubonic Plague (Score 3, Informative) 127

I used to live in Tahoe.
Occasionally during the summer months, someone would contract bubonic plague after their house cats were outside and near ground squirrel burrows.
It is transmitted by fleas of the common ground squirrel in the area. Don't remember the species.

The infestation of infected fleas usually gets worse in drought years.

Plague fleas are found all over the sierras, Yosemite as well.

Comment Re:Aging Out (Score 1) 263

We have the same system in Alaska.
Unfortunately there seems to be a bug of some sort, in the functioning of the pencil component, as we still get a lot of already-corrupted republicans voted in.

Although we DID vote in legalized cannibus last go-round so the universe does seem to self-correct from time to time.

Comment Re:Mostly dupe article (Score 1) 30

There are many more real and working ancient remedies than you know.
The main problem limiting your access to, or knowledge of them, depends on whether the Multi-National-Pharma giants can own and profit from something anyone can get for free. All you have to do is know where to look, what to pick, and how to prepare.

For example, I've been using golden seal root for years and have killed off intestinal parasites and pretty much any bug that makes me ill, all in very short order.
You can buy the stuff at any health store but your Big Uncle Pharma can't own and patent it. No advertising, no marketing, something that works well but few know about.

Imagine a news break about a common plant or a common sense lifestyle that could put the multi-billion dollar flu shot industry out of business. Oh the horror!!!
Nope, that wouldn't fly ..

Comment Whats the point? (Score 0) 130

Alas, Debian once was the standard that other Linux distributions were measured by.
Fast, stable, dependable, reliable, secure, usable.

Not so today, since they decided to pour bucket loads of experimental garbage code into their base, that the distribution can give the Gnome Desktop user a more Windows like experience.
Note: Nobody uses Gnome anymore. Move on ..

To be fair, a Linux distribution with training wheels (systemd) could be helpful to those wishing to migrate away from M$ addiction, and have a system to learn the linux desktop on. But changing the entire Linux ecosystem for this experimental bloat was suicide.

Thankfully, FreeBSD has reached a maturity that Debian/Linux purists can migrate to, and can still have a safe and secure, modern, state of the art, desktop system, their way, without the squirrelly flashy wizbang bloated garbage that has now infested the Linux world.

Comment Re:an amazing OS (Score 3, Insightful) 284

I started computing with Dos5/Win 3.0. Loved Dos 6.2 + WFW 3.11. Then M$ threw out their solid, stable, bought, code base and defecated out Win 95, and the world changed.

My memories of win95 were equally warm and fuzzy, until the the BSODs began.
Oh the horror of working on a CS project for hours, with a upcoming deadline, and watching a good chunk of code and hours of work vanish upon File -> Save -> BSOD -> "NOOOOOOOOYYOOOUUUUFUUCCC..."
M$-Anything is the only product brand that made me want to throw my computer out the window and go back to pencil and paper for tasks, where applicable

As soon as I found Redhat 9, and it was what M$ should have been, I jumped ship from the M$ line of crapware entirely.
Today it's FreeBSD all the way
Fast, rock solid stable, bleeding edge software, safe and secure. This is what computing SHOULD be all about. Not the flashy, squirrely, dumbed down, garbage the marketing depts think people want today.

Comment Re:Do people really take this risk seriously? (Score 2) 236

As typical of most /. articles and comments being mind-numbingly asinine, your post gets close to the mark.
It's not a matter of IF, it's a matter of WHEN.

Our solar system still has billions of objects hurling about the sun. Nothing is static. Everything is dynamic. It's only a matter of time before the earth gets hit again by a space rock the size of a mountain, more or less, .. doesn't really matter.

As many comments previous & following involve the "buried head in the sand" approach, which is just fine, there's no need to "worry" about an asteroid impact. It'll happen when anyone least expects it.

The skies are very big and our eyes on the sky are very limited.

Comment Re:Virus Name (Score 1) 275

Can we just agree that all the news stations are incredibly retarded?

No, there are varying degrees of retardation.

Degrees of Retardation:
(1)"That is ONE stupid son-of-a-bitch"
(10)Moron in the corner drooling on himself and blaming Obama for everything wrong in this world since the beginning of time

Fox News and those that watch it, are below the bottom degree of Stupid
Somewhere around 11 or 12

Hope that helps ..

Comment Re:The Golden Turd Principal (Score 0) 711

On the contrary
I also use M$ systems in my place of work and have for many years. My preferred OS is superior in every way to any proprietary system I've ever used, contrary to your M$ fanboi drivel.

The advantage to running Linux and BSD is they are somewhat niche systems, therefore not necessarily dumbed down for dolts like you, and therefore much less desirable for malware authors to target, although no OS is perfectly unbreakable. Your M$-xx and iOS-xx are easy targets for malware, and that is a fact, not so much on my side of the fence.

You're free to go with the majority like sheep, whatever floats you boat .. asshat!

Comment The Golden Turd Principal (Score 0) 711

Yep, I got an iPhone 5 when it was offered to me for no-charge with a 2 year contract. Been using it for 6 months now & in my opinion, it's the biggest POS out there. Will never have another iCrap device again & getting this thing was a mistake. I was duped

For example, It features a note pad app that deletes my notes at random intervals, usually in less time than it takes to follow up on said memo. In the settings app, everything is removed and/or locked down and/or obfuscated to the point that nothing is usable for the average intelligent human being, this coming from a Linux/KDE user that is accustomed to and expects to having access to system settings.

This thing is truly a Golden Turd. Mr Cook's take on the smart phone scene reminds me of Doris the Bowler hat & being pwned by an iPhone is like being assimilated to the Borg.

I know full well Android isn't perfect, but even a dumb phone is better than this damn thing.

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