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Comment: Re:What's after? (Score 1) 87

by Concerned Onlooker (#47733289) Attached to: What's After Big Data?

I thought the idea of big data was that looking at ALL the data obviated the need to sample the data and all the attendant issues that come with that. Ferreting out bits and pieces of the big data set is a step backward from the idea of big data. Real numbers people can jump in here and set me straight.

However, my biggest hope for what is after big data is no one ever again having the title "Data Scientist."

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If you do actually Google "where does space start" you'll get a popular definition of 100km, so yes, quite a bit short.

I'm also not sure yet about the claim that they had the previous record. If you visit you'll see that in 2006 the late great Steve Fossett has a claim to a little higher than the Perlan claim. The Perlan claim doesn't even show up on the site.

Whenever a system becomes completely defined, some damn fool discovers something which either abolishes the system or expands it beyond recognition.