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Comment Re:Cool! (Score 1) 328

What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

I was bothered about the AC slamming angel'o'sphere for no reason, as if a person being a programmer prevents them from having any knowledge of science. It was a silly comment of the AC. I am not sure where you come from with goobers and sock puppets, or why you think FTL and causality have anything to do with Quantum Mechanics or Relativity in reference to Thermodynamics?

If you are under the impression that I am a sock puppet, I assure you, this is my only /. account.

Comment Re:Coren22: Proud to stand behind a fake name (Score 1) 422

Nope, the cool thing is, you have to actually get something correct that I failed to get correct before you can "make me eat my words", since you never seem to even understand the mistakes you made, it would be a freaking miracle if you could actually catch me out with something. So, until you actually get something right, I will still stand behind everything I have posted. Keep up the crazy though, it really keeps me entertained.

Comment Re:how about other third-party tracking? (Score 1) 81

You replied to someone discussing this from TFS:

After Mondays decision by the French CNIL (National Center for Computers and Freedom) that Facebook must stop tracking non-users,

The French have an issue with FBs tracking (likely through the Like button used all over the web), they also have issues with the TOS, which likely also apply to have the internet, likely including many French web sites. But it is fashionable to attack American companies right now...

Comment Re:Sorry Assholes (Score 1) 422

Call him all the names you like Coren22!

That is rich, coming from the king of insults. I didn't call you any names, I talled you what you are, a spammer and an advertiser. You thrust your advertisements on Slashdot for your product in response to every mention of Ad Block Plus. You spam Slashdot with your incoherent ramblings in response to everything disagreeing with you, and you spam Slashdot with your AC posts claiming to agree with you while using the exact same words you use.

How do your ramblings taste, since you haven't yet proven anything wrong but your own statements?

Comment Re:Coren22 the no talent menial EATS HIS WORDS (Score 1) 422

Your fake name is Anonymous Coward, you hide behind it all the time because you know no one wants to read your diatribes. I however hide nothing especially not your failures you deem to be successes. You still don't know on a basic level how the TCP stack works, and it is obvious. Everyone can tell you know nothing about the subject by your posting history which is easily found in Google.

You stand for psychiatric illness, it is obvious you have some kind of obsessive condition, yet you try to claim I am the one who is brain damaged. I came out and admitted that I am on the autism spectrum, yet you hide behind the excuse that we don't know you so can't diagnose you. Keep the denial going, it is working so well for your health.

I have one account, I have explained this previously to you. I don't need sockpuppets, or 100 accounts to prove you wrong. People downmod you because you are a troll and most times you are offtopic. If you care so much about hosts files, post a story about it and you can comment all you want on topic.

Keep thinking it is worse to have a pseudonym instead of using proxies to keep posting AC despite being modded into oblivion by the majority of moderators.

At least I don't have to use 100s of proxies to post garbage like yours.

Comment Re:Coren22 the no talent menial EATS HIS WORDS (Score 1) 422

So, Coren22 is a fake name, but you posting AC acting like a third party is totally not fake? You have some odd notions there, have you talked to your psych about them?

I stand behind my name of Coren22, while you post AC so you don't have to face the consequences of your posting. You know if you used an account, whether AlexSterr or APK, or whatever that your negative karma from being downmodded constantly would mean you would shortly not be able to post, while I maintain excellent karma by participating in the community and providing something beneficial to the community. I think that is why you feel the need to insult and try to denigrate me, because deep down you know that I am right, and that people actually accept advice and conversation from me.

Comment Re:Sorry Assholes (Score 1) 422

APK, I find it absolutely awesome that I have you in such a tizzy that you can't even write coherently. You seem to think you are winning some kind of argument here when you haven't even argued anything in a coherent manner. Nobody thinks you are winning anything but you, and it is hilarious.

Please keep it up, you are proving me right about you with every post.

You filthy spammer/advertiser.

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