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Comment: Re:The Existence of a "United States of America" (Score 1) 136

by DoofusOfDeath (#47444631) Attached to: NSA Says Snowden Emails Exempt From Public Disclosure

You are a citizen who cares more about your children's survival than the survival of Freedom and the well being of millions. In other words you aren't merely part of the problem, you are the problem.

You could happily sit in the company of many of history's great men. The too were willing to sacrifice countless lives for some lofty goal.

Is there any benefit too small, in your mind, for my kids to die supporting it?

Comment: Re:Sure It's The Original? (Score 1) 124

by Reziac (#47439025) Attached to: Child Thought To Be Cured of HIV Relapses, Tests Positive Again

I had the thought that yeah, since mom is infected it could be a re-infection, but not necessarily through what I suspect you're thinking. Any accidental exchange of bodily fluids can suffice. Did mom have a cold sore and kiss the child on the lips? (Remember kids have potential breaks in the mouth due to new teeth) Might be enough.

Comment: Re:Haven't done T-SQL in years (Score 1) 8

by Marxist Hacker 42 (#47437797) Attached to: Fun with SQL Server 2012

I didn't explain the behavior adequately.

SELECT * FROM dbo.GetReferencedModelPointsByJobID(@JobID)

Returns someplace between 2-56 rows, depending on JobID

The second query does NOT error out, but is not returning a comma delimited string of all rows, but instead, in some cases, is returning only ONE row.

Since I'm using this to build a temp table, it doesn't error out until I attempt to fill columns in the temp table that do not exist.

Comment: Re:Provide money and guidance (Score 1) 53

Provide money and guidance to the local school systems then let them buy the approved technology they need rather than what is dictated to them

I've got a different take on the matter. As far as I know, the federal government exerts control over public education by taking money away from the states via taxation, and then only returning it if the states will teach in the manner seen fit by the Dept. of Education.

I.e., they use the ability of the federal government to tax anything and everything to circumvent the limitations on the powers of the federal government.

So in contrast to your solution, I'd suggest the federal government just taxes the states' citizens less, and let the states figure it out if they want to. Problem solved.

Comment: Re:Not just iPhone (Score 4, Interesting) 140

Anything coming out of the U.S. is a threat to everybody else's national security.

Actually, anything with practically opaque internals is a potential security hole, including processors, compiled software, network equipment. Also anything involving telecommunications.

If China is picking on only Apple, I'd wager it's to drum up business for some company that's owned by a state or an official.

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Journal: Fun with SQL Server 2012 8

Journal by Marxist Hacker 42

I have a Table Valued Function that returns a simple parameterized view. I want to turn that view into a string.

Can anybody tell me why the first query works and the second one doesn't?


SET @JobID=2861

For large values of one, one equals two, for small values of two.